A long time ago in a not too distant place, there lived a little blue songbird whose name was Shepell Houtan. Every day when Shepell was young, she would sit on the side of her parents nest and sing, despite her parent's outraged warnings of the possible danger being so exposed to the world.

Her songs were always different and charmed anyone who passed by. They would always stop and listen to her. Sometimes she had a large audience; sometimes only a small one. It never mattered to her how many people came. All that mattered was that she could sing and they would stop to listen to her songs.

One day, along came a poor woodsman who was entranced by Shepell's beauty and her enchanting songs. Today her lone visitor had eyes filled with much sorrow, so Shepell Houtan sang songs of friendship and love and how important they were in life to everyone, big or small.

The poor woodsman's name was Sanrak Huynh. He had been a woodsman all his life, but he had not always been poor. When he was a boy of twelve, he and his father had sold three very large loads of firewood to the Emperor, who gave them a bag full of gold coins in return; as their payment.

On their way home, they came across people who pretended to be beggars. When Sanrak and his father stopped to help them, these people turned on them and beat them and stole all of their money. They stripped them of their clothes and left them for dead. Soon after, his father died from a broken heart as he could no longer work and help his son. Sanrak sadness was very deep with the loss of his father and he could only dream of happiness and love, never believing he would share the joys of life once more.

At twenty, Sanrak worked very hard, but no matter how hard he worked, he was still poor. While Sanrak was working one day, he found Shepell sitting in her family tree. While Shepell was singing, Sanrak began to climb the tree, where her parents nest was sitting; just to be close to her and the wonderful sounds he was hearing.

Sanrak understood the words and the meaning of Shepell's songs, as if he could speak her language. He knew this was impossible for he was a man and she was a tiny bird. If only he could sit with her and listen to her forever, he would be happy until the end of his days.

Suddenly, frightened by Sanrak being so close, Shepell's parents dove from the tree to protect their nest.

Although these creatures were attacking him, he didn't want to hurt them as they were so beautiful and so small. Sanrak tried to gently shoo them away with one hand, while the other hand held tightly to the tree. Because of their fury he swayed, lost his grip and fell.

Shepell stopped in horror, realizing what was happening and all because of her singing. Sanrak had fallen and was lying motionless on the ground. She flew down and quietly rested on his chest and hung her head in despair.

Almost instantly, Sanrak's mind was released into consciousness and he woke to find Shepell there; resting with her eyes closed on his chest – the tiniest tears falling onto his shirt.

Her sadness touched his heart and he moved his hand to gently stroke her. Her eyes opened and her face lit up with joy and she began to sing for him.

From that day forward, Sanrak would return to the tree and sit waiting for Shepell to come and sing for him. Although he was still poor, he was not poor in heart. He found that his dreams of friendship and love had come true with her caring nature and delightful songs. Sanrak knew that he would sit with Shepell and listen to her beautiful songs forever and would be content 'til the end of his days.

Forever more a legend grew of a great woodsman and his love for a little blue songbird and her enchanting songs.