((I met someone at a shelter who claimed to be my friend this is about her the '2nd' person I became obsessed with- the first being Caroline. Now 2nd person no want be my friend because of my obsession problems that I am trying to fix to no avail. Next poem talks about my obsessions as being the darkness of my life and my deepest darkest secret.))


You promised you'd be there,
Forever and always,
Like a mother or a sister,
Where are you now?

You said I made you uncomfortable,
We'll guess what you made me too,
You told me you loved me,
Called me your baby.

Yet, you have a lover, a husband,
And I am not truely bi like you,
I am not in denial,
Except from my obsessions.

Where were you when my world fell,
Where were you when the tears did pour,
Where were you when I called you,
Where were you when I crumbled everything of yours away?

You said you'd always be there,
But you arn't for it was all just broken promises and lies.