One day, Sarah and Amy and their grandparents decided to go for a walk to the park near to their home, to a place where there was a slippery-dip and a swing.

At the park there was also a rain shelter with some seats and some other things to ride on including a see-saw. In front of the park, there was a water bubbler for people to drink from when they were thirsty.

On their way, they walked down a steep embankment, which led to a concrete footpath that went all the way to the park. When they reached the bottom of the bank, Amy, the older of the two little girls spotted a lizard in the grass. He was about thirty centimetres long and looked as though he was a member of the Goanna family.

The younger of the two little girls asked, "Grandad, can lizards talk?" Never having heard of a lizard being able to talk, he said "I don't think so Sarah."

"I'll bet you I can get him to say something Grandad" said Amy.

"Hey lizard, can you talk?" she asked. To everyone's surprize, the lizard replied in a very small lizard's voice, "Yes, I sure can. What would you like to know?"

Amy thought quite seriously for a minute or two and then asked, "Do you have any friends?"

"Yes I do as a matter of fact, lots of them. I also have an uncle who is a Chameleon, an aunty who is a Frill Necked Lizard who lives at Broken Hill, and one of my grandfather's is a Crocodile who lives all the way up in New Guinea. Oh yeh and not forgetting my dad of course, who is a two metre long Goanna! So what do you think about that?"

"Well I am surprised. We may be able to meet them all one day, do you think?" Amy was impressed by how big his family was.

"Anyway, we're on our way to the park for a special picnic right now and maybe you would like to come with us? I am Amy, and my sister's name is Sarah, and the other two people are our nanna and grandad." Amy said quite excitedly. Griffo turned his head to see the others and gave a tiny smile and blink of his eyes when he said "hello".

"That is very polite of you to ask me, and sure, I would love to come with you. By the way, my name is Griffo." the little lizard replied.

So off they all went, wandering along the path to the park with the swings and playground.

Griffo could not keep up with them, so Sarah picked him up gently, and carried him in her jumper, not at all worried about carrying the little fellow, and much to Griffo's relief.

When they arrived at the park, Amy asked if Griffo would like to have a go on the swing.

"Yes, I sure would" Griffo said excitedly. "I have never been on one of those things before."

Amy took him from Sarah's jumper and placed him onto the leather on the bottom part of the swing and gave him a push. Up he went the first time, and back he came. Then up for a second time. On the third push, which was a very high one, and at the highest point, he decided he had had enough, and off he jumped. Griffo went flying through the air and landed right over near the slippery-dip which was about six metres away.

"Wow, that was a ride and a half" said the little lizard. "I don't think I'll have any more swings just now though, thanks Amy!"

Sarah picked Griffo up and dusted him off, checking him for any injury. Finding him unhurt, she took him for a turn on the slippery dip, which he enjoyed much more than the swing.

Sarah, Amy and Griffo played on all the things in the playground for the next half an hour, until their nanna called them for their special picnic.

They had some cola, biscuits, cake and a large bag of lollies each, which they shared with their new friend Griffo.

Griffo didn't like the cola very much, so they carried him to the bubbler, and Sarah held him up, while Amy turned the tap on, and gave him a big drink of water.

When they had had enough to drink and eat, they played together for another half an hour or so, and then it was time to go home.

The two girls took it in turns carrying Griffo back through the park, and when they found the spot where they had picked him up earlier, they placed him gently in the grass.

"It's been very nice meeting you, and we hope next time we get taken to the park, you would like to come with us too." Sarah asked happily.

"I would sure like that!" Griffo said excitedly "…and next time I would like to bring my little brother if that's ok?" said Griffo.

"Sure" the girls agreed, "that it would be a great idea."

"We have a little brother too, so we might be able to bring him too. Wouldn't that be great!" said Amy, as Griffo scampered back into his hiding place in a tall gum tree where he lived.

Amy and Sarah waved goodbye to Griffo and hurried home to tell their Mum and their little brother Timmy what had happened on their trip to the park; and they could hardly wait until their dad got home from work, to tell him of their great adventure and their new found friend as well…