I wandered along the path woven by two pairs of feet, ducking under branches that had grown slowly over the years. Leaves and twigs crunched under my beyond worn out converse. I could have just used the necklace Lucifer gave me all those years ago to teleport or just flown (I still have not gotten used to the idea of having two wings), but it was our tradition to make the trek without the aid of magic. Using magic to actually get on the island was fine, but we had to walk to the location.

Of course, he just had to have our meeting place be in the middle of a forest instead of on top of a hill overlooking the ocean like a normal person. Then again he never was normal, if he were I never would have met him.

We first came here on my 266th birthday. He was busy with college and I had my own duties in both Hell and the mortal world so we didn't have much time to see each other. Plus, he had recently started dating Farrah, so our time was even more limited, not that I resented Farrah, she was amazingly nice, too nice in my opinion, but it was almost impossible to hate her.

The only reason I hold the tiniest bit of anger towards her is because she left Matt when Nyxelle was about 12. It was a mutual divorce and they remained close friends, but I'm still fiercely loyal to Matt and I knew he did love her at a time. Pity how humans change so quickly but I guess they can't be blamed for their limited lifespans.

Anyway, the main cause of Matt and I coming to the island then was Lucifer forcing me to take the day off. Matt had cancelled all his plans and decided we had to go hiking on some godforsaken island in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle as a Nyx-Matt only adventure, or as he called it, a Myxventure. Since then, on both of our birthdays, we would come here no matter what for at least an hour or two.

I finally reached our personal spot and smiled in response as soon as I saw him. He was surrounded by shrubbery at the base of the largest tree almost at the exact center of the island.

"Hey Matt. Just went to see your granddaughter's wedding. She was beautiful and her eyes were bright like yours when you married Farrah. I think David was tempted to kill Mel's fiancé, well husband now, and lock Mel up in a tower, but Nyxelle's bawling held him back. It's amazing how much my goddaughter looks like you two and I still can't believe you named her after me. Seriously, how did you rope Farrah into naming your first child Nyxelle?" I laughed lowly, looking down, "You always were a weird one."

"Your grandson's been doing pretty good and is in his final year of high school if you can believe it. Tyler's lessons have been coming on well and he's been kicking your ass at learning to control his powers. I guess he has an advantage though since he's been learning since we found out he got a little bit more of your genes that were dormant in Nyxelle. It was kind of forced on you and you had to temporarily die to get it, so I guess that evens it out. I still hate you for scaring the shit out of me back then, though."

I looked back up at the sky, blue peaking through tree foliage, and sighed musingly, "It's been 5 years now. Lucifer's been complaining ceaselessly but its obvious he's excited to raise Lucius even if indirectly for now. He's settling for being a mysterious midnight imaginary friend, but I know he can't wait until Lucius is sixteen to be able to show him everything. I only hope he doesn't go overboard, but it's Lucifer. I doubt he'll be able to control himself for another 11 years."

I crouched down and smiled sadly, "I wish you could've met Lucius. I've met him a few times and he's definitely the spawn of Satan. Being ridiculously adorable makes up for his familial trait to cause and attract trouble though. He calls me his 'pretty stranger-girl'." I let out a few somber chuckles, "He's going to have to learn to think before he speaks soon. I've heard him blurt out not so nice things once in awhile that'll get him into a lot of trouble in the future, more than he already gets into. I wonder when he's going to notice his 'pretty stranger-girl' barely ages. I've been 22 for 10 years already, only change is a haircut that you made fun of but it's grown since then. Finding out I'm his half-sister might be quite the surprise as well. Lucifer was ecstatic when you finally tricked me into telling him."

"People are still getting used to mingling with supernaturals, they're less afraid and there haven't been many fights in the past few years. There's still some who think supernaturals are monsters and the same can be said for supernaturals who think humans are inferior but it's not as bad as the Council thought it would be. Last year, the Council created a new seat for humans, but they still haven't decided on a set two representatives because of your vast population. You humans multiply like rabbits. It'll take time, but what we did is making a difference. The Prophecy came true, just not how anyone expected it to."

My phone buzzed in my pocket and I knew my time was up for today. Tigerlily roped me into attending Supernatural School's graduation ceremony and somehow tricked me into being one of the speakers. It was too late to back out and she's the headmistress, so I was stuck making a motivational speech to a bunch of teenaged supernaturals, never mind that I was barely 4 years older than them human wise. I think I'll be the first speaker person (not sure what they're called and don't really care) who showed up in shoes that were about to fall off paired with shabby jeans and a ratty, oversized hoodie with forest bits in their hair. Oh well, they knew it was me so they only have themselves to blame, or Tigerlily.

Getting up, I dusted off said jeans and laid the flowers down on the polished stone protected by magic. Black roses naturally grown in Hell.

"Happy 97th birthday, boy."


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