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One hundred years ago…

Pounding footsteps echoed throughout the stony silence. The sky was a dreary grey, reflecting the emotion in a haggard woman's eyes as she darted around the corner of an old building.

They had to keep running.

She fiercely whispered it to the small child continually as she tugged him by his small wrist. He was drug along helplessly, pleading with his mother to slow down; his short legs could not possibly keep up.

But they had to keep running.

"Faster!" the woman hissed as they scurried across the deserted streets. A solitary street lamp illuminated their hurried forms fleetingly, before they vanished back into the shadows. "We have to leave this place, it isn't safe!"

He knew they were not safe. Something was persuing them, and closing in rapidly .It was the same something that killed his father only hours before. He could feel the warm aura of their hunter as they skirted down a narrow alleyway. He was near.

His mother's breathing became ragged; sweat trailing down her delicate brow as she rounded another corner. Their dark cloaks curled behind them like wings, nothing but shady trails fluctuating in and out of the blackness. They were like shadows, crawling from one building to the next, as they approached what would be their sanctuary.

They were almost there, just a little further.

Her fingers on his wrist went rigid, bordering painful, as she gave a particularly solid yank and he felt as if his arm would pop right out it's socket.

"Mommy" he whimpered, but was disregarded. She could see the subway sign now; they would be safe within moments.

"Down the stairs," she ordered her son, and shoved him down the narrow staircase before he could protest. The aura was stronger now, and she could make out a bright light animating the street two blocks down. They had to hurry.

She wasted no time descending the steps herself, scraping her son off the floor where he had landed sprawled and bruised. She rather him be wounded than dead.

"C'mon," she urged the child, and he groaned when he dropped unceremoniously onto the barren tracks below. She leaped down behind him, calling on all the power she possessed to open a portal in the center of the ground.

"Go," she commanded and he stared at the familiar blue patch of light with confusion.

Wasn't she coming with him?

"Now Nathuel," she barked. The pursuer was getting closer, just at the top of the stairs. Yellow light was spilling down the steps, creeping closer as it's owner descended slowly. Tauntingly.

His blue eyes widened in horror.

She was going to stay here? With the hunter?

He could not allow it. He had already lost his father; he refused to lose his mother too.

He squared his shoulders, meeting his mother's brown eyes defiantly.

"No mother." He would be brave, he had to protect her.

She scowled, backhanding him with a sharp flick of her wrist. His head snapped harshly to the side, and he brought an unsteady hand to his stinging cheek in shock.

She had never hit him before.

"You will not disobey me," she stated coldly, "Now go."

His feet moved of their own accord, frightened by the feral look in his mother's eyes, backtracking into the portal and feeling the accustomed pull as it began transporting his body back to his home; the underworld.

"Persephone," an authoritative voice boomed and Nathuel gazed upon the man at the top of the staircase in muted awe. He was glowing all over, body bulky and strong as he stared down at his mother, who was glowering at the man with upmost hatred.

"Hercules," she snarled.

The man's expression did not change, merely flickering to the steadily disappearing boy beside her shrouded in blue light. Persephone cut off his view, stepping in front of her son protectively.

His eyes met hers.

"You shall attain for your sins just like your husband did."

She wanted to flee, her son could see it in the tensing of her fragile shoulders, but she did not budge, spreading her arms out wide and using her body as a shield. Hercules's lip curled at her display.

"Hades was not supposed to have offspring," and he said the word with such revulsion that Nathuel flinched, "That thing is an abomination, an existance that is neither dead or alive, and should be disposed of as soon as possible."

Persephone's eyes blazed with fury.

"That thing," she stressed, "Is my son, and I will not allow you to harm him."

Hercules was getting impatient, the once warm light now turning red as his temper spiked. Nathuel shivered as he felt the presence wash over him, chilling his bones to the very core. This Hercules man was dangerous.

"He did not come from your womb," he stated tersely,"And therefore does not belong to you. If you tell me which god assisted you and my uncle in the creation of that creature I will tell my father to spare your life, I shall take theirs instead."

Persephone laughed. Who did he think she was? Her life as far as she was concerned was disposable as long as her son made it out all right, and Hercules had given him just about all the time he needed.

"He may not have come from my womb," she agreed and the red-head deity's eyes narrowed,"But it was I who clothed him and fed him and held him. It was I who taught him words and raised him like my own, and so he is my son."

She stared into the stunned God's eyes and smiled for what she knew would be her last, standing strong and proud.

'Can you see me Hades?' she wondered, 'I know you would be so smug if you could see your nephew's face.'

"Kill me," she instructed haughtily, "Because I will not tell you who helped us create the child that is so dear to me."

She turned to glance over her shoulder, meeting her son's eyes with a soft smile. He was nearly gone now, eyes wide as he watched Hercules creep upon the one person he cherished with all his being.

"I love you."

The last time Nathuel saw his mother, she was screaming, head thrown back and mouth agape as her body disintegrated right before his eyes.

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