Essential, living and necessary, that is what I am and what I will be. Ocean, spring, river, pond; I go by many names, as you can see. My arms have reached out to you, dampened your face and returned to myself. Perhaps, that is why I thought it would be alright to be among you since the beginning.

When rocks arose and clashed in the start of this mess, I was there, cooling the scene with my healing limbs. Soon, a world created inside of me, although against my will. Delighted, I was their home, and will always be. Those who left me are still among me, reaching out to me in thirst, while I gladly replenished them. I felt like a mother, seeing them grow with help of my nurturing limbs.

Selfishly, I must admit, they overgrew. Insignificant greens turned into the massive sequoias, itsy-bitsy apes turned into my greatest fear. To this day, I am not sure why I did not stop it, perhaps the love of a mother.

For as long as I breathe, you will swim among my fingertips and play in my tears with joy. My lovely, deadly apes, how precious you are. I will remember the day a little canoe was first set a float fondly, just as fondly as the day I froze in front of a ships' enormous gloriousness, sinking it in me. How sad it is, you don't think of me as cherished as I do.

I am precious enough to be used in luxuries, but not to be drunk by the ones consumed by the thirst, I see. I am so beloved, to be drained away slowly, and not be noticed. Wastes can only be thrown into your dearest being; that is what I have learned from my deadly apes, since I am only a waste. I am not feared, till I get furious, that is.

I wonder how many crashes to your shores will make me beloved. I wonder how many tears I got to shed to be saved and treasured, since shedding a million thousand seem to not be enough. Will I need to put my swans and ducks against you so you will see?

I am the ocean; I am the trees, gardens and creatures. There is a world inside of me, a world that made a deadly generation of apes bloom. My name is water, and I soon will get out of here.