Morningglory5's POV:

Travis and I continued our chat until my mom told me to get off the computer and do my homework. I sighed. My mom was always like that. Always wanting me to do boring and tedious stuff like Math and, such.

She tells me to make friends and when I do? She tells me to stop talking to them so much and do my homework.

Mary Monroe Quite contrary...

That's the way things work.

Travis PMed me the whole time I was doing my homework.

Finally exasperated I told him to stop and I was doing my homework.

If we'd been talking in real life I know his voice would sound hurt.

I didn't mean to be so mean though.

I'm new at this friend thing, and Travis was awesome.

I didn't want to upset him, but I didn't know WHAT upset him.

Apparently talking in caps (AKA yelling at him) upset him a lot.

I could imagine a scared, forlorn little boy on the other end of the computer.

That's what Travis reminded me of.

A scared little boy.

He'd lost his Memory and everything.

And now... He didn't even know who he was.

Okay. I'm updating. Smiles!