It was a dark day. Reaper felt it was going to be a special day, a day where wars started or people died.
Or it maybe would just rain the entire day.
Whatever it was, it wasn't going to be something good.
He lost himself in his thoughts: 'My men are restless. I haven't let them loose for over 3 months, and why should I? The White Army has split and the remaining army is just a handful. I'm more worried about the rebels. They could be a threat with a leader like him, he's the one who killed Blood and ripped his mask off. One driven by massive power is in most cases not a problem, but this guy has a brain and that is dangerous.'
"Reaper, where are you, man?" A voice from the dark was calling his name. What a drag, can't he just sit here on the roof of his castle without being troubled?
"Lord? Sir? Man, where the fuck are you?"
"Shut up, you stupid." Reaper already figured out it was Grim who was troubling him.
He was one of the head five of In$anity, a circle Reaper recreated about 3 years ago. It was a one year journey; he explored 7 of the 11 dimensions to search for his old companions and Gr!m was the first one he found. Grim and Reaper were partners when Reaper left the Dark Order for a few centuries. They worked together, accepting contracts. They stole and killed for money and became the notorious Grim-Reaper. Nowadays they speak of the Grim-Reaper as one person, a ruthless assassin and one of the best, not knowing he was actually 2 men and not 1. But he is considered a myth and people tell great stories about him - or them. Some perhaps exaggerated, but most completely true or even more gruesome than is told. In$anity, Grim and the other 3 members have more history together but that's a story for a different time.
"What do you need me for Gr!m?" Reaper asked in an annoyed but serious tone. Their bond wasn't as brotherly as before but he still respected his fellow darkling no matter their past fights, one even involving them wiping out an entire planet. "It is a planet nearby. A massive power spike has been recorded about 2 hours ago. We think the rebels might be in this dimension." Grim sounded very serious but excited as well; he was actually happy something was happening again.

"Call the others, I'm going to get my gear. We are moving. Be ready in 20 minutes at the front gate." Reaper headed for his main quarters, feeling a slight burst of excitement as well. Maybe this was finally his chance to end the rebels and help his former enemies grow a bit. He enjoyed it more if he could fight with a purpose. He wasn't a fan of mindless killing. Wait, could it be that this massive power spike was something other than the rebels? Maybe it was a new threat, maybe it was an old one, maybe he was back ? Back from hiding in the shadows. Reaper feared the thought but also took a liking to the idea. It could be. They never confirmed his death...
While looking at his equipment his mind was preoccupied with ideas of what this power spike could be.
He picked up his standard gear; his sword, black as the night sky, ingraved with the insignia of his old master.
His blade was not some standard stainless steel killing machine, no, it was far more than that. It was enchanted with curses: it wouldn't rust, it wouldn't decay, but it could kill or seriously injure the user. Reaper once forged it with his Guide master, but then lost it in the darkness when the White council hanged him. The 1st emperor gifted it to him when he achieved the Shadow Lord status, but after years covered in darkness it became black and enchanted, no one knows by whom. The sword has another function than just incapacitating those who want to do the same to Reaper, when it is in soul banishing mode the user can show his motive to the victim and then the victim is asked a question. 'Do you want to live and join me or do you want to die and wait for your so-called God to save you?'
He also took with him his mask and 4 of the 10 rings. The 4 rings he took each summoned a different being. The 1st would summon his right hand man it could be anyone, because Reaper would change his man when he felt the moment was there. At the moment though, his right hand man was the Fourth Emperor. He is only known by that name and he was the one who ruled over Dark when Reaper was supposedly 2nd ring would summon the Twins. To keep it short - because I could go on about the Twins forever - they are very... fascinating. Years ago Reaper was testing his power and trying to find the perfect body to conceal his power in without destroying it. In the process, he put some of his black blood in a former shadow lord to see if that had any effect. It didn't; the shadow lord wasn't getting any stronger and didn't feel anything. But when the shadow lord activated his shadow form, he went mad. His soul instantly lit on fire and his body was changed into a stream of power just burning up. Reaper tried to stop the mad, soulless stream of power but that almost killed him. In the end, though, he found out he was fighting himself. Thanks to the help of Shade, he stopped the madman and found out the being was just Reaper's blood mixed with the soul of the former shadow lord. They had to split the being and they created two insane brothers they dubbed the Twins. They always fight together and sometimes even fuse together completely but only for short periods of time because it would kill them if they would hold that much power for too long. The third and fourth rings he took with him were simply power sources.
When Reaper came down the stairs he saw his men were ready to leave and he smiled at them, making sure they knew the dangers they might face."I know all of you are excited to go to war or have some action in your lives, but we must be cautious. This power spike could be anything from rebels to an old enemy to a new one." Reaper made sure he sounded confident and powerful, a true leader of an Order. They left through a portal Reaper created;exiting the portal just outside the planets ozon layer. They then made their descent towards the remaining power source. The group - 5 men lead by Reaper and Grim - entered the remains of a city. Ruins of skyscrapers weighing down on each other, rotten trees and burned out buildings, Reaper was sure that this planet had been the victim of a purge a long time ago.
A purge is when a territory is being wiped out completely just so the one on the other end can build up their own city or fortress on top. White or Dark masters (an emperor, sky king, or commander) releases a massive wave of destruction; thereby killing all that previously lived on the planet. It was cruel but necessary in times of war. The Dark Order and the White Army both participated in this cruel way of suppression, but there were rules. Both parties couldn't purge outside wars and they couldn't purge a planet that had been purged before. It wasn't long before both parties started ignoring the rules. In the second great dimension war, when the second dark emperor ruled, times where cruel. He cared about himself and himself alone. He'd rather kill off his own troops than lay down his arms. He purged entire dimensions. Back then, Reaper was only a warrior and had to obey even though he hated the emperor. Reaper was sure this was unholy ground purged by darkness. Was it because of him? Or could it have happened during the time he was supposedly dead? What brought him here? Or rather, who?
"Welcome Reaper-boy! You sure remember what could've happened here, do you not? Haha~" A rather scary intimidating voice echoed trough the ruins of the forgotten city.
"Show yourself, stranger!" Reaper sounded calm but was interested in who or what this entity was that called out his name with such an unrespectful tone and nickname.
It was quiet for a moment. Once in a while a few drops of rain fell down from the sky. Then men in white appeared out of nowhere. One, two, five, ten, twenty. Reaper lost count but after a few seconds a small army had hit the ground below him.
"Lord, we are outnumbered. Who are those men? Guides? Or something else?" A henchman asked while Reaper just stood there watching as the army approached.
"We must fight! Hahahah!" Reaper's neutral stare changed into an almost insane-seeming grin. Finally, he found them. More fools who wanted to die by his hand? He didn't care.
His men stood there, joining him in his maniacal laugh, revealing their weapons, ready to follow their master wherever he wanted to go. Reaper jumped and vanished in a black smoke-like substance, reappearing in the middle of the white men. He waited, but not for long. One of the men tried to chop Reaper's head off but before he even lifted his arm Reaper sliced his kneecaps, making him fall down, screams of pain escaping from his mouth. The other soldiers weren't shocked by the gruesome hit against their colleague, and ran towards Reaper. Then, Reaper's men joined the fight. As Reaper gave the order to kill on sight the group worked their way to the edge of the field. Body parts flew everywhere and the former rotten trees were now drenched in blood and human remains. The White Soldiers didn't feel like a great threat and died easily, the 7 dark beings unharmed next to some minor scratches when the battle seemed over.
"Is that all you can do? Show yourself! Die, next to your loyal men!" Reaper sounded furious. What could the stranger be thinking? Did he know the men were no match to him? Or did he just figure out and ran off pissing his pants?
Suddenly white lightning hit the buildings around them, making them crack and crumble. Lightning hit more and more in front of Reaper and his men. Then, a figure appeared out of the lightning and made himself known. It was a guy with long white hair, short on the front but longer towards the back. His face was clean and a bit feminine. He donned a smile and blue eyes with pupils like a cat's. He wore a long white coat -blue on the edges - with a collar and a sign of a cross sown on its back. His hands where hidden beneath white gloves with the same cross on it.
"Hello Reaper" the stranger said sweetly. Reaper felt as if the guy meant no harm. It felt as if, without even knowing the guy, he knew he was the kindest person he'd ever met.
"I will introduce myself. I am Raphael and it's an honour to meet you." Again the smile, so warm but almost scary.
"Hello. I need not give you my name because it seems you already know, so I shall ask you this, why send out 50 men to be butchered by me and my men, make them try to take my head so I would defend myself?You seem like you know me very well so you knew they where no match for me. So why!? Why did you send those fools straight to hell?" Reaper felt this guy was trouble the moment he heard his voice. It made him mad. He got the feeling the guy was underestimating him like they all did.
"I didn't send them to hell. The guy made his own choice. He wanted you dead so he tried and he died. That is an honourable death, is it not? But you're right, I knew they would be far too weak to even scratch you so I told them the uniforms I gave them would give them more power… I lied hahahaha." A creepy laugh echoed trough the ruins once again.
"So you sacrificed your own men so you could have enjoyment? Typical White. So tell me, are you one of the rebels or a leftover from White City seeking revenge?" Revenge. There where many men who sought revenge against Reaper, he killed entire clans. He was forced to do cruel and gruesome things for his own order to survive. So it wasn't strange someone would challenge him. Even dark beings themselves would seek a fight with him. You could only become Emperor when you killed the one before you. If you hold the title for a week you will become the true successor. This rule doesn't apply as the only one way to become Emperor but it is still a rule. It only had some minor changes. Reaper saw himself in Raphael. He was smart and chaotic yet clearly had a plan. But he toyed with his men, and Reaper only toyed with his enemies.
"I do want to fight you. I am going to kill someone today hehe. But only you, not them, just the two of us." Raphael switched from a casual to a more serious tone now. Reaper waved to Grim and his men and ordered them to back off.
"I accept." In an instant Raphael cast some sort of spell or shield so the others were back on the roof of a building not far from their previous location.
"Like this. I don't want you guys to interfere while I kill off your master." Reaper was distracted by how fast Raphael moved between casting his spell and going in for the kill. He pulled his sword and swiped away the hand going towards his vital points. He teleported a few meters away from the attack and made sure he was ready for the next one. He took a sprint towards Raphael and they both hit each other. Reaper had a cut right above his left eye and Raphael was hit on his shoulder.
"Nice move Reapster, but a little scratch like this wont stop me. How is the blood in your eye?" He was annoying but still right. Reaper's black blood was not really helping his vision so he tried something else.
"I do not like talking while I fight," Reaper said and he made that very clear by activating the shadow form on his eyes. His eyes usually white and red eyes changed to a black and flame-like shade. Reaper had special eyes. A technique taught by an ancient dragon who gave his eyes to Reaper a long time ago. It gave even more sense to his name because he could lock souls in his eyes but he lost the ability to lock the souls after he went insane and burned most of his eyes . The doctor fixed the wounds but his soul lock ability was gone. Maybe never to be retrieved.
"The infamous eyes. Haha, are you going to lock me away forever? A cruel technique and you call me cruel for sending those men to die? Dying is better than being locked away in those eyes of yours." Raphael knew a lot of Reaper and it was clear he did his research but really, who was this guy? Reaper was not planning to wait and hold off. He ran up and pulled his sword trying to detach the enemy's arms from his body, but it failed. He missed, a stupid move. Raphael was waiting for him to make a move and when Reaper did, he in turn, moved closer and sliced Reapers arm clean off. Reaper fell. He was in shock. What made this happen? The power he felt earlier was back. The massive power spike earlier was Raphael.
"Who are you that you carry all this power?" Reaper was sure the guy had not underestimated him. Reaper underestimated Raphael.
"I already told you. I am Raphael, the High Commander of the White Army, the poison's angel." Raphael's tone sounded flat, as if he was bored with Reaper. Raphael pulled his sword and moved closer to Reaper who was still recovering from the terrible blow delivered minutes ago. The blade moving closer, Reaper feared this might be the stupidest move he ever made. He looked up and saw how his men were getting executed. A trap... It was all a trap. While he started battling, men overpowered Grim and the others and subdued them; as far as Reaper knew, they where all dead. Raphael was next to him, saying something Reaper could not hear and then the blade rose, moving closer and closer, then hitting the place where his heart should be and then… nothing. Black everywhere. This time he did not have any plans to cheat death or anyone to bring him back in time. Maybe this was really the end for him... but then he opened his eyes and he saw night sky. Confused, he sat up, shook his head from left to right, coughed up some blood and looked down to the place he felt a blade enter. There clearly was a wound but it was only a few centimetres deep.
"I owed you, so that's why I am here. Now I don't owe you anymore." The man next to him spoke and smiled at him.
"Long time no see. You always know how to make an entrance, do you not, Gabriel?" Gabriel came to rescue Reaper, preventing him from dying at the hands of the White Commander.
"I was nearby anyway. I am tracking this guy and I am here to kill him. Be happy I rescued you in the process." Reaper was still weak and could not even stand up .
"Kill him? You're crazy, right? You saw what he did to me and my men! Do you think you can handle him? Apparently he poisoned me..." Reaper felt dizzy and tried to make sense during the coughing up of blood.
"Do not underestimate two men on the same day; it will be the end of you." Gabriel jumped off towards Raphael before Reaper could say or try to say another word. Gabriel was back after months. Reaper was sort of happy he did not kill Gabriel before, because then he would be the one dying today.
"You say that, Gabriel, but are you not doing the same thing?" Gabriel did not hear the weakened voice of the miserable fallen emperor. He was focused on his target, his supposed succesor. He was sure his blade would end Raphael's life today. Raphael stood there waiting. He knew what had happened, he knew who Gabriel was and why he was here.
"Finally we meet… again." Raphael spoke with a calm and serious voice.
"It has been too long, my brother. It has been far too long. Did you not choose to live your life in White City?" Gabriel knew Raphael and the other way around, calling him brother as if they were friends.
"You are not here for talking or catching up. You interfered in my battle and that is a crime. You're going to pay with your life, Gabe." Raphael switched his tone again to a childish, playful voice. Not long after Raphael finished speaking, Gabriel came rushing in for the kill. He made blood spill on the ground. Raphael was shocked. He stood there, feeling an immense pain spreading from his right side. He looked down and saw Gabriel's blade entering his stomach. When Gabriel pulled back his sword, blood came rushing out. Mere seconds after the first hit, Gabriel made another move, this time slicing his target's neck. Raphael moved but not quickly enough to dodge the move completely. Enough to keep his head attached to his neck though. The slice left another cut and Raphael lost even more blood. He fell to the ground, coughing up blood and staring to the ground, waiting for Gabriel to finish it. But he did not, he stood there watching. Waiting for Raphael to die.
"It is over, you can die now. You do not stand a chance," said Gabriel. He stood there for another 5 minutes then turned around and walked away, not caring how his enemy died. Gabriel felt how it started to rain again. He looked up and saw how Reaper looked down from the building a few blocks away. He grinned to his former archenemy. Victorious he felt, but the feeling did not last very long when he lost all the feeling in his legs and fell down. What was this? Had he overdone it and did his legs just give in? But why? Why did he feel so nauseous suddenly? He looked to the sky and saw how Reaper was banging his arm against an invisible wall, screaming, trying to warn him. He was imprisoned? But by whom? Then Gabriel felt it. A presence approaching his useless body. He got picked up by two figures in white. His vision was blurry but he noticed some white blurs approaching and then he heard someone speak to him.
"You cheated by interfering in my previous battle, so why shouldn't I?" Gabriel felt swords entering his body, blood escaping from every cut. He was losing energy quickly. The two figures let him stand on his own, but not for long as his feeling returned to his legs he also felt how his ankles were cut and it made him fall to the ground.
"Here lies the great Gabriel, a traitor to his kind and a weakling. I am going to end you and my men are going to join me." That was the last thing Gabriel heard, then nothing but pain and then… nothing. Reaper saw how the former white commander got slaughtered by Raphael and 20 other guides.

They stabbed him over and over again, only after half an hour they stopped, leaving Reaper imprisoned.

Gabriel's body - or what was left of it - got burned by the remaining men.

Reaper had to watch it until he lost most of his energy, knocking him unconscious.

The fall of Reaper and the death of Gabriel the archangel...