"So, you're writing them stories, and you suddenly feel sad." a man started to say, pretending to look sad.

"It's like your stories have lost that flavour, and your spelling/grammar, some key essentials for writing, have dispersed." another man continued.

"Well, we have just the solution for you!"

"BETAMAX!" Man #2 shouted, showing and waving about a black bottle with the words "BETAMAX" on it sideways.

"Drink some of this, and you'll be kicking those typos right out of your drafts!"

"No more spelling mistakes!"

"No more grammar problems!"

"COMPLETELY positive reviews from all your fans!"

"Always keep your characters in character, everywhere, always!"

"Buy one now, get one free!"

"There's even a guaranteed 0% refund! What a deal!"


Betamax, an energy drink designed to turn you into a skilled beta for your own works. Warning, there's a 99.99999999999998% chance that the drink will have no affect on you, and will be a waste of money. If so, please visit us at one of your local retailers for a 0% refund, and a complementary pat on the back for no hard feelings. Side-effects may vary, intended effects may not activate.