"So, Gary, we gonna bust up this punk's car tonight, or what?" Goone asked on the phone. He had his hood on, and a very strong baseball bat ready. He was standing outside of a shop near the parking lot.

"Wolfgang, ya gotta be patient. That lot's got cams. We can't be risking our IDs like that. Ya gotta play it slow...like them robotic turtles."

"But Gary, I wanna bust up some cars. Come on, let's do it now."

"NO, I said NO, Wolfgang. We can't risk our IDs. Wait a while."

A car pulled out of the lot, and drove off to a house really far down the road. As it did this, Goone Wolfgang tailed it on his bicycle. He stopped at the house next door, and waited for a man to get out and enter his house.

"OK, Gary. The target has moved down the road. I'll enter in his co-ordinates."

"Nice. I'll be there in a sec."

A tall kid in some cameo crawled through the grass, and slowly and stealthily approached Goone. He poked him, and the kid jumped.

"Don't scare me like that!"

"You need to have your guard up at all times. Remember that." Gary pulled Goone behind a bush, and started to speak again. "Anyway, Baris and Lumps are gonna be here in a couple of minutes. The owner of the target will take a nap, as they have done all week. Then, the four of us will strike. Got that?"


. . .

About half an hour had passed, and the owner of the target had long since fallen asleep. Baris and Lumps approached their accomplices.

"So, ready to do the job?" Gary asked.

"Ya, brahs." Lumps responded, showing his hands with their respective gloves on. One was a metallic looking fist used to punch and smash, and the other looked like a bear claw to rake, slice and dice. Baris silently nodded, sledgehammer ready to devastate. Wolfgang smacked his bat on the grass. Gary pulled out a razor-sharp sword.

"Come on, boys. Let's deal some damage." Gary said, and the group charged at the poor vehicle.