Joey reached up for a random cabinet. He opened one, and there was a single jar of pickles...except there was only one left. He rummaged through the other cabinets...but there were no other food products in the kitchen. He groaned. It was inevitable for him to have to eat the pickle. Joey picked up the jar, and the stool wobbled. It nearly tipped over, but the wind saved him. The boy carefully made his way back down, and opened the jar.

Remember to wash your hands, young man!

Joey sighed, remembering the words of his mother. Stern, but caring. He pulled up his sleeves, and turned the right tap...the hot one. Water came gushing out, and the second his hand made contact with the water, he yelped and jumped backwards in shock. The water was BOILING HOT! Joey smashed into the table he placed the jar on, and it was flung off, flying towards one of the cabinets and bouncing off of it, then landing in the sink and into the drain. It popped into it like a slot, and he knew there was no way he could remove it. The water couldn't get past the pickle, and it started filling up the sink. Just as Joey was about to turn off the tap, there was a knock on the door. Joey knew he was in big trouble.

It wasn't his mother, it was Ultra.

"Hiya! Wanna go with me, Sally and Andrew for a picnic?" he asked.

Joey shook his head, but welcomed his friend into the house and leading him into the kitchen, where the water was overflowing. They both gasped.

"What happened?" Ultra asked.

"I'm in a bit of a's a pickle jam."