"Well… what do you say Shadow? You gonna get in the water?" Dad asked

"No" "Why not?" "Don't feel like it." My father sighed and turned to Domenic and the others and said "If you get her in the water, I`ll give you fifty bucks."

Thus it began… Veronica dumped all my clothes in the lake, so I paid my brother $25 to get them. Then Anthony thought he could take my kobo. HA! He walked away pinching his nose trying to stop the blood. Domenic still didn't do or say anything; he was still my favourite of the siblings.

Well… until he picked me up and carried me into the lake. Domenic placed his hand over my mouth and walked into the water and when it was mid-chest for him he let go and I fell into shoulder deep water. I was be on mad... I was PISSED. I open my mouth to scream at him, but was cut-off with his lips crushing mine.

Ever so slowly my mental walls came tumbling down as I kissed him back. My blood was like liquid fire under the skin he touched. I grabbed the hair at the nape of his neck with both hands at the same time he wrapped his arms around my waist. But, as they say; all good things must come to an end. Plus we needed to breathe.

"Shadow?" OMG! He spoke! I was so shocked I could barely reply with the stuttering 'yes' I blurted out.

"I really liked you from the begging, and I'm 95% sure that I love you, but I hate attention, so I was wondering if we could be a secret for a will? Please?"

Holy shit. Please, please, PLEASE god! Tell me this is not another joke.

"Domenic… I'm not the easiest person and I have a lot of baggage I lug around, so I need to ask; can you accept my dark side too?" I said it calmly but I was begging him with my eyes to say yes and to mean it.

The dark and mysterious Domenic Chang smiled and kissed me gently, then pulled back a centimeter so he could look me in the eye and ever so softly whisper 'of course' across my lips.

When we go out Domenic asked me again if we could keep our relationship a secret for a while. I told him I was fine with it because it's not like I have anyone to tell. He looked at me sympathetically then nodded. I grabbed his hand and said "Well, now I have you."

Dinner came and went; Dad paid Domenic the cash and gave Anthony and Ronnie ten each.

Midnight was my favourite though. Domenic snuck in and we until 2am about random things. He told me stories about his mom and I told him stories of my aunt who had passed when I was 13. My least favourite part was waking up in a cold, lonely tent. I sighed and got up, hoping I could get him alone again today.

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