Crocodile tears

You think you know how each step in your life will go, mentally planning out in your head, thinking you know best. You believe you are invincible, indestructible, on top of the world. You feel like nothing can touch you, like nothing will ever touch you. Don't you think sometimes you're just living in your own little world?

Expect the unexpected they say, you say 'I always know what to expect'; fine nothing wrong with a bit of confidence but when it turns to arrogance that's when there problem lies. But you have this habit of not listening and want things to be done on your own account. Fine, don't say you weren't warned.

You make up your own rules, live your life the way you want, without a care in the world about anyone or anything. And that's how you find yourself in trouble now. Lost, deserted, trapped in the middle of the forest. It's cold, so cold that you're shivering, feeling like you may lose consciousness any second soon. You take deep breathes in and out but with every breath, you feel like all the all the oxygen is being dragged out of you, almost suffocating you like crazy. You try to keep your eyes open but the surrounding is starting to get kind of hazy. You come to a conclusion that you don't have much time left to escape. You want to almost accept defeat but you're curious to find what you came out for.

Once you have regained full compose, you re-start your trek deeper into the forest. The deeper you go, the darker it gets until it has got to the point that it is now pitch black. You see, the thing is, you're scared of the dark because you don't know what lurks behind the shadows but due to the fact you're lost, you try to put on a brave face and act like nothing is wrong. Big error there.

Before you can comprehend anything else, you hear a faint vibrating growl coming up from behind you, getting louder and louder until it become an ear piercing hiss almost busting you ear drums. You try to run but all you do is find a dead end and soon you are face to face with this creature. You can almost taste the stale breath on your body and you start gagging heavily trying not to throw up your lunch. This creature now surrounds you, tickling you with its sharp scaley body, the spikes making small scathes on your leg. The menacing black eyes bore into your vulnerable ones whilst its mouth opens, showing milk white razor sharp teeth, which slowly but surely stroke the side of your body.

You close your eyes, praying this nightmare will end but you are wrong as it goes from bad to worse. The next thing you are aware of is the damp that has blasted out of nowhere, so you slowly open your eyes, left first then right and once again your eyes meet with this creature. Where the teeth once where, have now been filled with clear liquid, which slowly starts spurting out almost looking like a beautiful waterfall. For a moment you feel at peace and pray for your safety but then you notice the menacing look is still there and you know your time has come. You gulp, grit your teeth ever so hard that you can almost hear the crack as it starts to break. The bitter taste of red leaves a nasty taste on your mouth even after you have spat it all out.

The creature now has its tail wrapped around your right leg, that you feel your blood circulation has stopped. It then places its razor sharp teeth on your left leg, gnawing at your fresh flesh. You try not to think about the pain but it is getting unbearable now. The red is starting to gush out but still you are able to see how your limbs are being torn apart. The next thing that gets attacked is your left arm, aggressively being pulled out of its socket. You scream so loud, praying for help, but what's the point you're alone now, all alone, with no-one to hear you. The metallic stench is making you go so dizzy that you just drop to the floor. Well haven't you now made this easier?

The creature sniffs at you, licking the blood off with its moist wet tongue till it plunges at your chest, aiming for your heart which is grabs with great force cutting through the vein and arteries. Your eyes then slowly roll out of its sockets which the creature demolishes within a split second. It then slashes its teeth across the soft smoothness of your lips, gulping the bottom lip down so you are left with a large gap on the bottom of your face with big empty holes where your eyes once were.

See this is what you get for trying to be too clever, never underestimate what could happen...