~ Violet Night ~



I twiddled my thumbs. My hands locked firmly against the surface of the table as I stared anxiously towards the front of the classroom to where Mr. Williams sat. His legs thrown up on his front desk, one crossed over the other while silently sipping coffee from his mug that had the words I'm the boss written across in thick black writing. My guess was that Mrs. Williams had bought it for him. And no, I wasn't talking about his wife.

The clock that sat on the wall above him. The hands continued to turn slowly, only seeming to move a millimeter every fifteen seconds. Detention was dragging. No, I mean really dragging. Like so beyond dragging I swear gravity was slowly disintegrating away.

"Ivy Jones." Mr. Williams said sharply, staring at me from the rim of his mug. "If you slouch anymore in that chair I will attach a rope to around your throat, and hold you up myself."

I raised an eyebrow. "Come at me… bro."

A few chuckles escaped the lips of the other students that sat around me, staring in mine and the teachers direction, waiting upon a reaction for who was going to make the next move; Me, or sir?

It was neither of us.

"Typical Ivy…" The boy sat next to me shook his head slowly smiling like some kind of idiot. "So poisoned it bites at the air around her."

A few more laughs were let loose.

I tilted back on my chair, leaning against the wall. "Who the hell are you?"

He moved his head quickly, flicking his light brown hair to the side, revealing the two sky blue eyes that rested inside his eye sockets. Melting at the air around as, as well as the butterflies that had hatched inside my stomach.

"The names Bennett." He quickly moved his hands into a gun position. "Sash Bennett."

Hysteric laughter burst through the room, myself and Mr. Williams included as Sash sat there grinning widely at me. His hands still laced together and pointing at the ceiling. His fringe slowly falling back in front of his eyes again before I had a chance to whisper goodbye.

"Okay, now back to work." Mr. Williams sighed deeply. "You're not here to have fun."

Catching my breath, the room silenced. And my heart was thrown from my chest as I watched the blue eyed boy turn away from me, turning back to face the front, his beautiful face disappearing from my mind like it was something I had never seen.

The melting feeling was replaced by fire, tones and tones of thrashing fire. It burned…

I turned to face the front also, looking back to the clock and watching as the hands were just minutes from reaching four o'clock. When that bell would ring, that's it I was out of there. Home to cookies and Spongebob TV marathon. Yes, I am serious.

A folded square of paper was suddenly thrown in front of me face, floating delicately onto my desk, landing with a silent ruffle as it brushed against the tips of my fingers. I sat there, motionless on the centre of the table, no meaning at all, until I looked beside me.

Sash smiled even wider, pointing his pale finger towards the folded paper that obviously he had just thrown towards me in my guard, and was now asking me to read it as it remained sealed in front of me.

I unfolded it swiftly, scanning my eyes across the quickly scribbled words that were sprung up across the paper in a dark blue pen. The way his writing curled gripped at my heart and squeezed it tightly into a firm fist, veins thumping throughout my body.

Wanna be my poison? ;)

That's how it started.