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Chapter 1: Another miserable day

"Another miserable day" thought Paul Curtis as he prepared to walk into the hell fire of adolescence. Paul was dreading his first day of 8th grade, knowing that he was definitely going to be bullied, ignored and most likely humiliated. On the other hand at least he`d have his friends Carter, Sonja and Richie to help him make it through the day. Also he didn`t have to worry as much as Richie did. Of all his friends, Richie usually got bullied the most, and his life at home wasn`t very great either. Trying to not think of the horrible things he`d face, he attempted to get dressed. He threw on a white and blue striped collared shirt and began his first day at the living apocalypse.

As he got to the kitchen he saw his mom and his older brother Sean ,who was rushing out the back door to his bus. As he went to get breakfast he greeted his mom and got his breakfast. "Are you excited for your first day of middle school?'' his mom asked with and hinted fascination. "Definitely" Paul said in obvious sarcasm."Oh come on it can`t be that bad" she said in a tone Paul had heard many times before. In fact, this is a tone he started to hear often, when she got depressed over his father for deciding to have an affair and then filing for divorce. Even though Paul was 13 and that whole scenario took place 5 years ago, he could remember every detail like the back of his own hand."Well at least have a good day ''she said in a reassuring tone. As soon as she said that he boarding the ferry of hell [bus] and pay the admission [his soul] and hopped on to the highway to hell.

As he went on to the bus he sat next to his best friend Carter Smith and started contemplating his day."I guess it`s time to go to 8th grade, the time of growing up" said Carter. Carter had been Paul`s best friend since 1st grade and both of them shared similar interests. However Carter and Paul had different personalities. Carter is a very confident and level-headed person who never loses his cool. He never lets bullies step over him or push around. He is a very tough person who even entered physical altercations with people and usually won. He is also kind of popular and was a very big rebel. On the other hand he often times spent more time in the principal's office than he spent in the classroom. Sometimes Paul envied Carter, while Paul was a nobody, Carter was quite popular and was attractive.

"I wonder how 8th grade is going to be like" said Carter as he pulled a Hershey chocolate bar out and engulfed it in a second like he hadn`t eaten for 7 days. "I bet it`s going to be like all the other grades" said Paul. " What do you mean? " asked Carter "I mean that no matter what grade we get to ,me Richie and Sonja are always going to pushed around and bullied by the popular kids" said Paul in a rather sorrowful tone. "Come on Paul, stop being a pessimist, and view life on a more positive outlook for once "replied Carter who was trying to be reassuring. "Carter, I don`t think you understand what it means to be inferior to someone or even to be called a name" said Paul. "What does inferior mean" asked Carter. Unfortunately Paul had not remembered the fact that Carter `s intellectual prowess was amazingly low, in other words Carter wasn`t very smart. The moment Paul opened his mouth to answer Carter`s question, they had arrived in the underworld [school]. Carter and Paul walked out of the school bus and headed to the halls. North Lincoln junior high, otherwise known as NLJH [as an abbreviation], was a prison the devil`s lair. It contained children grades 5-8 who were let out of school at the end of 7 grueling hours of torment. In in the middle of Reedley, North Carolina filled with extreme right wing republicans, gay haters and a distinct shortage of minorities. As the door opened Carter and Paul parted ways leaving to find their lockers, which were put on a piece of purple paper and their order of torment [schedules].

Chapter 2: Derelicts and Dweebs

As Paul maneuvered closer to his locker he started turning the dial, he saw a vague, but horrifying figure walking step by step closer to the locker. When he saw, who was going to be his locker buddy for the next 9 months, a familiar twinge of fear overcame his body. It was none other than Reed "Beater" Hickey, the biggest derelict in the entire school. No one knew Reed as Reed he was referred to as Beater by the rest of the school. Beater was quite an imposing figure. He was 5 '7, ripped with muscles, about 140 pounds, with a dark menacing glare to finish it off. Beater was the coldest person in the school, until now Paul had never encountered him. As a matter of fact, almost everyone in the school stayed away from Beater, most kids even the popular ones, and was afraid of him. As Beater walked to the locker, Paul made his efforts to ignore him. Then Beater said "Hey, loser that`s my locker" in a gruff tone. In an attempt to save himself from pain and extreme humiliation, Paul replied "Sorry, Reed "he said in a weak defeated tone. Suddenly, Beater pushed Paul onto the floor, which by the way was made out of hard concrete. Then Beater said "Don`t call me Reed, you fucking dweeb" Paul got off the floor, only to see around the hall was filled with murmurs and stares. Beater then replied "Hoped you learned your lesson, asshole". Then Beater turned around and left, probably to bite some teacher`s head off. The hall was filled with whispers everywhere and sympathetic glares in Paul`s direction. A horrible feeling spread out through Paul as he went to gather his books and walk into homeroom. Humilation. That was the horrible feeling Paul felt when Beater had pushed him. Or when everyone looked at him and didn't intervene or even console him. It was a feeling that he had felt numerous times over the years when people had bullied him and didn`t even treat him like a human being. Then it had transgressed into a new feeling. Anger. His skin started to heat up and adrenaline surged through his body. He felt angry because of all the ignorant people in the world. All the people who merely watched,[ except for Carter of course], all the people who thought they were better because they were taller, stronger, or just better at getting away things than Paul ever could. He was angry because a lot of things like the class system or how popular kids never had to deal with this and pushed everyone else around.

Paul then walked into his homeroom looking to see who was in there. He looked around and saw Carter and Richie sitting at a table. Richie then said "Oh hey Paul '' in a quiet tone. Richie, of all people got bullied way more than Paul did. Richie grew up in the country of Nigeria and left at the age of 3, which got picked because his weird African accent and phrases and being short with no physical abilities, taking all this torment in made Richie an introvert, only engaging in conversation with his friends. Richie became Paul`s, when on the first day of third grade, he showed him and alternate route to evade bullies walking home from school. "Hi Richie "he replied, and then turning around to see who else was in his homeroom.

Chapter 3: Hierarchy sucks

As Paul sat at the table with Carter and Richie he started to wander off and think about many things rather than the conversation that they were having. Paul saw Carter`s slicked back, black hair full of grease and hair gel. Carter had dark brown eyes and a fair complexion; his biceps were big, which was another thing that made him popular. He wore a black sports jacket, with a white t-shirt underneath and he was averagely tall, he had blue baggy jeans and white Michael Jordan shoes. His good looks made him popular and most of the school admired him, especially girls, which is why of all the three he had the best social capital. On the other hand Richie was dressed, very differently. He had a blue and white collared shirt with a tie and he wore brown dress pants with a belt and loafers. Richie had no sense of fashion whatsoever and it gave bullies more ammunition to throw hurtful words at him and even get physical. Richie had a dark complexion; he was 5`0 tall and definitely was not the size of an average 8th grader. One of the only attractive features about Richie was that he had dark brown piercing eyes and dark curly hair and finally he had dimples. Whenever Richie flashed a grin his dimples could almost make you change your mind about him. As Carter, Richie and Paul continued to talk a girl with wavy blond hair flashed a grin at Carter and said" Hi Carter" in an overly cheerful but legitimate way. She then walked away in an elegant manner with her hair swished through the wind. She then returned to her clique of popular girls. That girl was Britney Myers and she had been in every grade with Paul but never noticed him. She was one of the most popular girls in the entire school, say her name anywhere and people would know who she was. At this Paul felt upset, she only looked at Carter as person not even caring to acknowledge Paul or Richie as a person. Paul then said "Why do people never seem to pay any attention to people like me" he said to Carter and Richie. Then Richie said "It`s because of the Hierarchy at our school, people aren`t going to bother with people at the bottom; the proletariats', the misfits, the nerds and sometimes that just how life is". "That was deep, man" said Carter in a state of awestruck as if a deity has just touched him. Just then Paul looked around to see who was in his homeroom. He saw in the back of the room alone Darren Fox. Darren Fox had been a troublemaker since elementary school, pulling fire alarms, vandalizing the school, even cursing right in front of the principal`s face, which got him an expulsion hearing. Paul and most of the school stayed away from him just leaving him be. The only good thing about Darren was that he wasn`t a bully. He never put people down or bullied them at all; he just tried to bad things without harming people. Next whom he saw was Timothy Jackson who was a loner and never talked to anyone. He was an introvert and usually read books while the teacher talked and never associated with anyone. Most people thought he was a huge mystery but no one ever really got the chance to know him. Next, in the front of the room with freckles and orange puffy hair was Arnold Redwood. Arnold was a teacher`s pet and alpha nerd who was into Sci- Fi and star trek and tried to answer almost every question in class. Last, but whom Paul thought the least of was Ace Porter. Ace Porter was the leader of the jock group at school. Ace was also Britney Myers's boyfriend. Ace was the cruelest of the jocks; he was mean and relentlessly bullied Richie and Paul. He went from calling names to actually beating Paul and Richie up. Carter wasn`t there to defend them because Ace and Carter were friends. That was one of things Paul never forgave Carter for. Carter could have intervened, but because he had to save his popularity, Paul and Richie both came back to school the next day with black eyes.