Chapter 4: Lord Malice

A man came into the classroom, with a yellow dress shirt, and a tie and wrote Mr. Malice in huge letters on the board. He then said "Ladies and gentlemen, I will be your homeroom and social studies teacher for the rest of the year". Right then two popular girls were having a conversation when Mr. Malice screamed "LADIES DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT THAT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THIS?" Then Paul decided to give Mr. Malice a funny nickname, Screaming Lord Malice. Screaming Lord Malice then said "Now I will take role call" with a devilish tone in his voice. Screaming Lord Malice then rattled off a bunch of names that Paul didn`t pay attention to. Screaming Lord Malice then said "Richie Ade abobo, is that it?" he asked possibly to horribly humiliate Richie. Richie then said in a quiet, humiliated tone "It`s Richie Adebayo". Then out of the blue Ace Porter screamed "I bet It`s Richie The Booboo!" loud enough so that everyone in class could hear it. Everyone erupted in laughter, even Timothy Jackson managed to grin. People turned to Richie`s direction and laughed,pointing at him like he pulled a fire alarm. Richie sunk in his seat trying to avoid attention and was clearly humiliated.

After Lord Malice finished doing role call, all students were supposed to go to the auditorium for a first day of school assembly. Carter went and sat with the jocks and the other popular kids, Richie and Paul decided to sit where the peasants were [the unpopular kids]. Then the principal of the school went on stage and spoke into the microphone. The principal of the school`s name was Mr. Shelby, he was a Vietnam veteran who constantly spoke to kids about his war days and always had a cigarette in his hand. "Good morning boys and girls "he said with violent wheezes and then took the cigarette out of his mouth to breathe. Then Mr. Shelby started talking about a school policy or something while almost 95% of the kids in the auditorium delved into their own world or were talking. Then Paul said to Richie "Why are kids in this school so mean, without a legitimate reason" in an angry way. There was a long pause, until Richie looked up and said, "Paul, remember that movie we watched with the humans and the aliens" He said in a quiet voice. "Yeah" said Paul in a completely intrigued way. "The reason the humans forgave the aliens for invading their planet, was because they learned that the aliens got bullied too and their own planet had been destroyed. What I`m trying to say is that the reason bullies do what they do, is probably because they`re getting bullied too". Paul then looked at Ace Porter laughing at a joke, while putting his arm around Britney`s body clearly enjoying himself. "That`s not true" said Paul angrily, "Just look at Ace, having a great time enjoying himself, do you mean that he`s getting bullied by someone !" , while Richie glanced over at Ace. "What you fail to realize is, that we don`t know Ace that well "said Richie. " So you`re taking Ace`s side just like Carter huh!" said Paul in a rude way. "Popular kids go through a lot too! Remember what Sonja told us!" said Richie who was raising his voice, which was rare. "So Carter goes through a lot, huh" said Paul with extreme sarcasm. "You are naïve". "Just logically think about it Paul, Carter risks his popularity and possible bullies just hanging out with us, and every time someone`s threatened us or tried to beat us up, Carter always protected us" said Richie. Before Paul could say something back, Mr. Shelby ended the assembly and dismissed the 8th graders to lunch. Lord malice was busy freaking out because the kids weren't in a single file.

Chapter 5: The Last member

The lunch room in every school was like a city. The poor were separated from the middle class and the rich. In Middle School, the unpopular sat at very different tables than the popular. In almost every school, misfits and jocks never sat side by side. In North Lincoln Junior High, at the bottom of the social ladder were the outcasts and derelicts. Most of the outcasts had little friends and got failing grades. The Derelicts were people like Beater and Darren that did bad things had a few friends who were bad like them, and an infamous reputation. A little higher were the nerds, some of the nerds were friendly and got good grades, the other half of them were extremely flamboyant and looked down on the rest of the school for being unintelligent. Paul and Richie were kind of like nerds, but never hung around them because they were extremely flamboyant and they were unable to tolerate their arrogance. The next up were the class clowns, they usually made jokes in class and had a leader. They were cruel because they picked on nerds and outcasts and if they found an unpopular, easily manipulated person they would try to influence them to do bad things, get them in trouble and then laugh at them. The next groups up were the jocks, who were extremely popular and played sports. A few of the Jocks were smart but most of them weren't. If you weren't a football or baseball player you weren't considered a Jock. Most of the Jocks were popular and tried to push people around and they always got away with it. They rewarded the Jocks because they were well liked by the adults of the school. The highest were the popular kids. They were kids who had more social capital than the jocks. Most of them didn't play sports and gained popularity for different reasons. Sometimes it was because they were funny, other times it was because they had a lot of swagger and were just cool. Most likely it was because they were good looking and had a lot of charisma.

Paul went to sit down at his table filled with unpopular kids and outcasts. Richie and Carter bought school lunch, while Paul packed his lunch. This meant Richie and Carter had to stand in the lunch line while Paul could sit down immediately. As he sat down a brown -haired girl was already sitting there. This was Sonja, who was unpopular like Paul and Richie. She was the last of Paul's friends besides Richie and Carter. Sonja used to live in San Francisco, California until she came to Reedley in 5th grade. Sonja told Paul that she used to be popular in her old school until she moved to Reedley. In 5th grade she was with the popular girls in Reedley, until Britney Myers kicked her out of the group fearing she might become the leader. Then she went to the bottom of the ladder, getting constantly being picked on or ignored. Britney spread rumors about her and left mean notes in her locker, just so that she would never be able to possibly come back to the popular girls. One day Carter helped Sonja take her books to class after they fell on the floor, after that Carter and Sonja became friends. Sonja later joined the group, at first Paul didn`t like her because she was popular before, but later it became clear that she was one of them and Paul soon accepted her. Sonja also had a crush on Carter, but after the Ace Porter incident, she wasn't as fond of him. Sonja was beautiful even though the popular girls tried to down play her looks. She had light brown hair and piercing brown eyes and clear skin. She also wore a pink sweatshirt with white pants. Paul only thought one thing; Carter sure was lucky.

As Paul sat, he greeted Sonja and waited for the others to come as he ate. Richie and Carter finally came and they started to talk about a new movie in town that they all wanted to see. Paul then had to go to the bathroom, and then in front of the door waiting for him was Beater.

Author`s note: That is all for now. This chapter is meant just to leave you at suspense. I will only update if enough people read my story. Also I want to ask you a question. Who is your favorite character, and why? Give me construtive critiscm and praise.