I truly do love you

I told you that I loved you,

You said you didn't care,

I told you that I really do,

But still you didn't dare,

Because of one that broke your heart,

How could she do something like that?

She ripped all of your love apart,

She ruined it just like that.

I told you, "But it's true!"

But you just turned away,

I said I really love you,

But you just said no way,

And all because of one,

How could she,

Did she think it would be fun?

Look, she ruined love for me.

How could someone like her,

Do something cruel as this?

She only thought of her,

It's really hard to believe it.

It's really awfully sad,

I love you so much,

It makes me so mad,

That you won't think of such.

I really do love you,

I will wait for you forever,

I swear, I really do,

Someday we'll be together.

That girl she doesn't know,

What love can truly be,

So, I will stand here in the snow,

And dream of you with me.