It came and took you in the dark of night,

It came and took you quietly away,

It came and took you when there was no light,

It's sad I can't see you on this day.

It's a fate that awaits us all,

We know its coming, we just wait,

It waits in the shadows to snatch us all,

We can't escape our sad fate.

There is no escaping him,

He is cause for many fears,

He takes the ones we love so dear,

He is cause for many tears.

But it is a fate we all await,

We must greet him when he comes,

It is every human's fate,

So do not fear for death will come.

I do miss you oh so much,

But I will be there with you soon,

I know, no matter what I do,

I will wait here under the moon,

Until he comes and takes me to.