"Pass the ball over here!"

I continue to run while kicking the soccer ball and look up to see who's calling for me. Jaylee Striedter, an athletic girl in my grade eight class is standing by the other team's goal post waiting to catch my kick.

I am drenched in sweat, but a small smile still manages to purse between my lips. Grady Corra, and Peregrine Quick; two boys on the other side of our six man game of Soccer are running, trying to catch up from behind me, but there is no way they'll make it in time. As long as Jaylee gets this goal the last point, the one to win the currently tied game, is ours!

"Good luck guys!" James Lueders-Booth yells to us from back at our team's goal post.

James isn't very athletic so it wasn't easy to convince him to play, but we needed a third player on our team so Jaylee and I talked him into playing. We promised that if he plays he can be goalie so that way he didn't have to be running around and scrambling to get the ball.

I find myself smiling back at James, but my lips are too tired to form words. I can't lose my concentration just yet. I pass the ball to Jaylee and she scores the goal.

I run over to high five my best friend, but she goes in for a hug instead. In that moment I feel my cheeks grow hot. I can't even explain why or how it happened, but from that point on Jaylee and my relationship seemed to change.

Phantom130 5 (December 2012)