"Geez...him of all people...Ugh!" I tell my BFF Courtney

"He's not that bad...oh wait he's worse" She replies

"Aren't you guys exited about the lab

assignment! I am!" Another friend of mine


"Cami guess who I got." I said in not-so-happy tone

"Ummm...Keith..oh wait Sage!" She said in a enthusiastic tone

"No to both of those, Courts tell her" I said

"Ugghhh...she got Eli" Courts replied

"That jackass he thinks he can bully me all the

way through middle school and then act like we're friends for this one project!" I whispered in a

fiery tone

Most people know this already, but I make a 200

in biology so when it's a biology assignment

everyone wants me and that's it.

"Hey which animal did you get?" Cami asked

"Tray I got the Snow Owl you?" Courts added

"Grey wolf" I said, "Cami you?"

"Red Panda" She replied


"Sorry got class, Cami let's go!"

*In the Hall*

"Crateli-kuuun, wait uuuuuuup!" I said to my good friend Chris

"Hi! You going to the com-icon?" He asks in his usual tone

"Yessssss!", I cheerfully replied, "You?"

"Hell ya! can't wait!" He said excitedly

"Oops got to get to class see ya!" I said

as soon as I sat down I heard the bell for fifth

*Rrrrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnngggggg !*

Now I'm in one of the same classes as the jerk

himself Eli as I'm sitting down into my desk for math and

guess what he sits right next to me! that

jerk! "so lab partner I was wondering when the

paper will be finished, hopefully by next week."

"Go to hell and do it yourself" I said he faked a

look of shock and very sarcasticly replied with,

"Why Tracy how rude of you! Watch that tounge

of yours it'll get you into trouble"

"like you care!"

Everyone around is said

"pay attention or you'll get detention."

"sorry" we both said.

*Rrrrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnngggggg !*

After that class was over onto my writing class

and what your reading now is my paper. Yes

that's right this is my paper *tap tap tap* yah

I'm talking to you

Now I'm crazy talking to you *sigh* well got to get to P.E. now and I can't write in P.E...so... bye!