"GET UP TY!" I hear my brother, Holden scream at me from down the hall. I really don't want to get up but I know he has a point, I do need to, I can't be late...again. I pull myself out of bed, thanking God that it is Friday and loving the thought that I can sleep in tomorrow. I quickly get dressed in my favorite low cute, boot leg jeans with a red sweater and my leather jacked and do my hair and makeup. I grab my grey vans and my backpack as I run out my bedroom door. When I get downstairs, Zave is in the kitchen eating all our food—as usual. Zave has been my brother's best friend since elementary school. He is one of those guys everyone gets along with; he's nice to everyone and is always trying to make people laugh. He is like 6'2, with the coolest chocolate colored skin, his green eyes stand out like a sore thumb but that's what catches all the girls' attention. He has a rough home life and my mom has taken him in like another son. My mom always wanted more than two kids but later found out she couldn't have anymore, so she loves having our friends around—the more the better in her opinion.

I grab a bagel with cream cheese and an orange before Holden is pushing Zave and I out the door. School is only like 5 minutes away, but Holden loves working out so he likes to go to the gym right after he drops off at school, even if that means I'm extremely early. My brother is a little over a year older than me; he is an inch shorter than Zave, with dirty blonde hair and the brightest blue eyes. He used to be the best baseball players at our school, along with Zave, until they graduated last year. The girls are always falling over trying to get his attention and he loves every second of it.

Walking out of my second period class I realize that I never made a lunch for myself since I got up late. When I get to the cafeteria I walk straight to my regular table I sit at with my best friend, Eve. We sit with two guys we have known since we were in middle school.

"Try packing a lunch!" Caleb says eyeing me.
"I'm sorry! I forgot! But why do I need to pack one when I can just steal bites of everyone else's?" I tell him jokingly.
"Why don't you buy lunch?" Tanner asks. I give him a look and he just laughs at me until I steal a couple fries from his plate. "Get your own freaking food you fry thief!"
"Fine! Since no one wants to share I will go get my own food." Eve agreed to come with me and we tell the boys to save our spots.
During fourth period I get a text from Holden:
Holden: Hey, can you get a ride home from somebody. I got plans and can't pick you up.
Me: I can see if Eve will drop me off on her way home…What are you doing?
Holden: Thx Sis! Hanging with an old buddy… See you tonight!
Eve dropped me off right after school and then I was left alone. Usually I spend my Friday nights with either Eve or Holden and Zave. But tonight Eve has a date with this guy she has been seeing for a few weeks and the boys are out hanging with an "old buddy".
By nine I was laying in bed reading, I was so into the book I hadn't even realized how loud the music was coming from Holden's room. Getting a little irritated I stormed into Holden's room, "Can you be any louder?" I yell at him as I go to turn the music down.
"Hey!" Holden and Zave complain. "Come on Ty! Turn the music back up! Please?" Zave begs.
"No you baby! It's freaking loud and I'm trying to read!" I try to explain.
"Nerd!" they both comment and look up, I flip them off.
"Just keep it down please?!" I ask as nicely as I can. They just nod in agreement, totally forgetting me and getting back to their videogame. I was shaking my head and laughing at them when I turned around and ran right smack into a brick wall of a body. It made me stumble and lose my footing. Just as I was falling the person caught me before I hit the ground.
"Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!" I say looking up at the person who saved me. As soon as I see his face I freeze.
"Hey Tylie.." He says smiling down at me. The 6'1, Dark brown hair, golden brown eyed guy standing in front of me wasn't possible. He had moved away 2 years ago and we had barely heard from him since he had left.
"Hey Ryker.." I said finally processing who was still holding my elbow after steadying me.
"Well I'm off to bed," I announced to the room after taking my elbow back and quickly moving around Ryker. "See you in the morning! And keep the music down!" The boys said goodnight and just as I was walking out the door I heard Ryker say "Night Ty.."
That night I tossed and turned. I didn't know why Ryker's return bugged me so bad. When he left it was hard because it was hard seeing my brother so sad, but he had been my brother's best friend, not really my friend. I might have had a little crush on him before he had left but I was over it now, it had been two years. Seeing him, how handsome he had become and feel how muscular he was… It kind of made me feel butterflies. But that's wrong… Isn't it? I can't be attracted to Ryker... He has been around for so long he's more like a brother than my brother's best friend. I couldn't take it any longer, tossing and turning was killing me. I made my way down the hall, passing Holden's room, its quiet so everyone is asleep. I went to the kitchen and got a drink of water. I don't really feel like going back up to my room so I put my glass in the dishwasher and went to watch TV in the family room. The way my house is set up, the stairs are right next to the front door and across from the living room. Then you go through the living room into the kitchen and dining room. The family room was originally made as a really big office but mom doesn't like us being in the living room so we changed it into a family room. As I was walking through the doorway to the family room I ran into a hard wall… Again! And the wall had to catch me... Again!
"We really need to stop running into each other this way Tylie!" He practically whispers into my ear, sending chills down my body. How does he have this effect on me… Like seriously?
"Then stop showing up out of nowhere Ryker." I said with a nervous laugh. He just laughs and let's go of me but doesn't moving away. "What are you doing up this late anyways?" I ask him.
"I could be asking you the same thing." he replies.
"Well... I asked first." I said, acting childishly. This just makes him laugh again.
"Well... there isn't much room in Holden's room, especially with Zave sleeping on the floor so I came down to sleep on the couch. I heard someone in the kitchen and got up hoping it was you, you ran off pretty quick after you ran into me upstairs."
"Yeah... well... I was pretty tired." I said, half way turning to go back to the stairs. He grabs my arm, "Where are you going?" he asks.
"Back to bed...?" I say.
"Tylie.. Come visit with me for a while?" he asks cautiously.
"I don't know..." before I finish he cuts me off. "Please?"
"ok..." I give in. We go and sit in the family room and turn on the TV for background noise. I face the TV because it is awkward. Before he left Ryker never wanted to have a sit down conversation, so why now?
"So how have you been Tylie?" he asks right off the bat.
"Um... Fine I guess.." he gives me a funny look. Why does he care? Before I realize it the thought is coming of my mouth, "Why?" I ask him. Now he really gives me a funny look.
"It's a question you ask people when you haven't seen them in a long time..?" he tells me.
"No, why do you want to visit? Your Holden's friend." I state. He looks a little hurt and a lot confused.
"I thought we were friends Tylie?" Ryker exclaims. "We used to talk... and I was always over here, I missed my friends. I just wanted to catch up with an old friend."
"Well maybe we could catch up another time? I'm really tired." I quickly get up and make by way out of the room, not looking back and heading to my room.