It had been two and a half weeks since the party, and Ryker and I haven't gotten to talk yet. The next morning Zave found us passed out on my floor and told Holden. Holden ended up dragging Ryker out of my room by his feet, the look on Ryker's face was priceless. I fell back asleep once they left and the boys told me he had gone home. Holden had thrown a fit once he saw the huge knot on my head. He told me I shouldn't have slept because I might have had a concussion, he really didn't like the bruises on my wrist where the guy had been holding me. Time had flown by so quickly, it was now the Thursday, my second to last day of school.

"We are going camping!" Holden yelled through the house as he came sprinting down the stairs.

"What? When?" I asked turning to him.

"We leave bright and early Saturday morning. Its going to be You, Zave, Ryker, Erik, me and then who ever else we decide to invite."

"OK, how long are we going to be gone?" I asked so I'd know how many days to pack for.

"Ten days, so that's why tonight the boys are coming over tonight and we are going to plan out who is getting what. Do you think you can go shopping for stuff tomorrow once you get out of school?"

"Yeah sure, as long as you make me a list."
"Alright, make sure you're here around 6:30 tonight so you can help us plan."

I just nodded at him and walked out the door, he didn't have time to drive me to school today but that was ok, I really didn't mind walking. Especially since we only lived like 10 minutes away.

The school day flew by extremely fast, next thing I knew it was 6:20 and the guys were starting to show up. I put a bunch of snack food on the table in the living room knowing most of them just got off work or back from working out so they were hungry. And was I wrong, they were starving, all the food was gone before Erik even got there. I ended up making an abundant supply of grilled cheese. Finally when everyone was there we sat down and tried to have a civilized adult conversation about all the prep for the camping trip. And when I say we tried, I mean I was attempting to make lists for everyone while they all yelled around what they were getting and then would start arguing about how someone had already said they were getting it Then turn to me and demand who said it first when I didn't even hear anyone say it the first time. This went on for about 45 minutes before I had enough.

"Oh my god, Will you girls just shut the hell up!" I yelled, they all froze and looked at me. "Thank you! Jesus Christ, you guys are worse than gossiping old women, all you do is yell over each other, you aren't getting any where."

They all mumbled in agreement.

"OK we need a new way to do this." Holden said.

"Alright, well Erik is obviously on Alcohol duty, he is the only one of age to buy it. So everyone gets to help pitch in on that since it's most expensive. Ok, food—are we just worrying about the 5 of us or are we getting food for everyone else too?" They looked around at each other, and then the arguing started again. Holden and Ryker agreed that we should only get food for ourselves because even though we invited them they should be responsible for feeding themselves. Zave and Erik thought we should pay for their food because we invited them.

"Shut up," I yelled. "OK no more talking for any of you. Holden and I will do food, anyone want to pitch in?" Ryker said he would help.

"Zave that leaves you with the non-alcoholic drinks — water, pop, juice, whatever." He nodded at me. "Everyone has tents and sleeping bags right?" They all nodded this time.

"Now what foods are we going to want for meals?" I really need to stop asking the four of them questions. You would think I would learn my lesson but I didn't and so the arguing started again. I stood up and walked out of the room.

"Wait, Tylie where are you going?" I heard Erik yell after me.

"I'm leaving, all you guys are doing is arguing. Figure it out yourselves." Zave came barreling into the kitchen, threw me over his shoulder and brought me back into the living room.

"Zave put me down!"

"No, your just going to run off again, I know you better than that."

"SO? I'll just buy my own food and leave you four goons to starve."
"Now that's not very nice."

"Then maybe you guys should stop arguing and I'll help"

"You pinky promise?"

"I pinky promise, now will you put me down already Zave." He wasn't nice about it, he actually threw me. My legs and arms went flying in all directions; I ended up half in Holden's lap, half in Ryker's.

"Really? You couldn't put me down nicely?" I quickly got off Ryker and sat in my original seat on the other side of Holden. "Ok so this is how it's going to work, we are going to go around the circle, starting with Holden, your each going to tell me what you want and we will go from there." That's how the next few hours went, each giving me a few items, once we had a list we categorized it and made a shopping list. By 11:30 everything was seat and ready to, at 6 on Friday Holden, Ryker and I were going to go get food. We would all pack that night and everyone was expected at our house at 6 am on Saturday. Thanks to Mom taking a cab to the airport, we had her Tahoe and Erik was trading his mom his car for her suburban.

Saturday morning was there in a blink of an eye. School was fun, we signed yearbooks and said bye to everyone. Eve dropped me off after, I had invited her on the camping trip but she was going with Matthew and his family to the Oregon coast. Ryker, Holden and I gone shopping yesterday, we wouldn't have spent nearly as much if the boys hadn't kept throwing crap into the cart.

It was now 5:30—I'd already showered and gotten ready. My bags were by the door and I was in the kitchen packing the six coolers we needed to pack all of our food. Knowing the boys we were probably going to stay longer than ten days so I was glad they got extra food. I was so focused on packing the food I hadn't even noticed Ryker walk into the kitchen. I jumped when I felt his hands on my hips. I stood up quickly when and tried to move away but he pulled me up against his chest.

"Hey Tylie," he whispered, his lips right next to my ear. One of his hands was resting on my hip keeping me in place while the other was running up and down my arm, giving me shivers. I just wanted to melt into him and never leave. How is it that every time he touched me I just wanted to give into him even though I know how much I shouldn't? It's like every time he comes to close or touches me I forget about everything.

"Yo Ty, are you almost done with the food? Everyone is going to be here soon," I heard Holden yell from the top of the stairs. I jumped out of Ryker's arms, swatting his hands when he tried to pull me back.

"No," I told Ryker, he laughed at me.

"No? Seriously what's taking you so long?" Holden asked coming into the kitchen.

"I'm sorry your Highness, not everyone is a super packer like you. There's a ton of food." Ryker snickered beside me which received him a smack in the head form Holden.

"Hurry it up," he left the room heading back up stairs. I went back to packing but could feel Ryker's eyes on me.

"Stop checking out my ass."

"But it's such a great view from over here," he said. I turned my butt away from him and he fake pouted.

"Hey look! A butt!" I heard a voice yell behind me. I jumped out of the range of Erik's hand, just missing my butt."

"Ha Ha missed me!" I laughed. Erik started snickering so I went to turn around to see what was up when I felt a giant hand connect with my butt. The impact made my eyes water it hurt so bad.

"Gotcha," Ryker said behind me. I flipped him off with out looking at him and went back to packing. God did my ass hurt, it was still stinging. I was definitely going to have a bruise in the shape of a hand print tomorrow.

"Oooo you pissed her off." Ryker must have given him a nasty look because Erik quickly excused himself to go help Holden upstairs.

"Are you mad now?" Ryker asked I ignored him. "Don't be mad, I was just playing." I continued to ignore him; he deserves it after he hit me so hard.

"You know you can't stay mad at me." What a cocky ass. I turned and gave him a look as if too say you want to bet.

"Do you want me to kiss it better?" he asked trying not to laugh. I gave him a dirty look and walked away, glad to be done packing.