The boys packed both the SUVs' in no time and we were on our way. The only bad part was I got stuck with Erik and Ryker, it wasn't really by choice. Erik came out of nowhere, scooped me up and threw me in his car and Ryker volunteered to ride with us. The boys automatically started talking but I put my headphones in and tuned them out, cranking the music up loud. I was really into listening to Sail by AWOLNATION when my headphones were rudely ripped out of my ears. We were stopped at a light; Erik had turned around and taken my iPhone and headphones away from me.

"Hey! I was listening to that," I complained.

"But we want you to talk to us!"

"Maybe I don't want to talk to you though," Erik pretended to be offended.

"But you always want to talk to Ryker," He smiled like he had just won something.

"No I don't," I was being honest—I had been trying not to talk to Ryker for the past two weeks. Erik looked over at Ryker and then at me in the rearview mirror, an evil glint in his eyes. He obviously knew something.

"What are you getting at Erik?" Ryker asked.

"You guys really think I'm stupid?" Erik answered with a question.

"Why would we think that?" Ryker asked back.

"You may have Holden and Zave fooled but not me. I see what's going on." Ryker and I were playing stupid, Erik was obviously trying to say he knew there was stuff going on between the two of us.

"What are we not good at hiding?" Erik gave a look as if to say are you fucking kidding me.

"Dude, you totally have a major hard on for Tylie. It's so obvious," I think my jaw may have hit the floor. I really didn't want to be here talking about this right now, so I was sneaking my way up to my phone and headphones which were on the center console. As my hand was hovering over my phone Ryker's hand slammed down on mine, stopping me. He didn't let go of my hand and turned his attention back to Erik.

"What?" Ryker asked.

"You're always checking her out or watching her. When you talk to her you get really close to her. Whenever she is brought up a smile appears on your face. You've got it bad man." He said laughing now. "And its so obvious Tylie has the hots for you too. I've never seen Tylie so flustered except when she's around you or blush as often." Him saying that made me blush even worse, I lowered my head so my eyes were covered by my hair. I felt Ryker's eyes move to look at me. I pulled my hand back and sat back in my seat—making sure to keep my eyes away from him.

The next hour was eerily quiet. Ryker seemed to be deep in thought while Erik stayed concentrated on the road. We ended up stopping 30 minutes later for a pee break; as soon as the car stopped Ryker was out. I turned my attention to Erik.


"Yeah Tylie?"

"Why did you bring it up?" He sat silently for a second.

"Because I've known Ryker for a long time and I've never once seen him try this hard to be with a girl. It's obvious he likes you a lot; he knows Holden's rule about you but he's willing to risk that friendship for you." He got out and left before I could reply. I sat there in a haze until I noticed the boys coming back, remembering my phone I grabbed it before they saw. They came back with bags of food and drinks. Ryker threw me an Arizona sweet tea. I mumbled thanks and put my attention on my phone. I looked up to see Ryker staring at me, we both quickly looked away.

It took a while to find a camp site because it was the start of summer and everyone was going camping. We found a spot that backed right up to the river. We all got out and looked around, it was so beautiful. I always loved going up in the mountains and camping, if I could I would never leave the woods all summer.

"Ok, well since Ty is the only chick in our group she gets her own tent. Erik and Ryker share and Zave and I will share sound good?" We all nodded and went to unpack and set up. Since all the boys were busy I ended up setting up my own tent. When I came out the campground was empty, not one of the boys in sight. I grabbed my hiking backpack and shoved a couple waters, granola bars, sunscreen, a towel and my ipod into it. I stuck a note on Holden's tent telling him I was going on a walk and an arrow pointing to the left to indicate the way I went. It was refreshing being away from town—No cell service, barely any people around, no parents to worry about, just me and the fresh air. I made my way through the tree's and brush, eventually I found myself on top of a big rock overlooking the river. I set out my towel and put some sunscreen on. I'm not sure how long I sat there but I know I sat there for a long time. Not really thinking, just content to be away from the others and on my own.

I felt a presence behind me; I scooted over knowing exactly who it was without looking. They sat down next to me and bumped their shoulder with mine.

"What are you thinking about?" he asked. I sat quiet for a minute, thinking of how honest I really wanted to be with him.

"You…Me…Us…what Erik said earlier," I decided to go with full honesty.

"I'm sorry about that, he should have worded it differently—"I cut him off.

"Not that, something else he said to me," I laughed at him, when I looked up Ryker seemed to have a bit of a blush.

"What did he say?" he sounded worried.

"Nothing bad, don't worry!" I know he wanted to know more but that's the most he's getting.

"What about me were you thinking about?"

"How I have this big ass crush on you and want to act on it but am afraid of what might happen if I do."

"What would happen?"

"Holden throws a huge fit, makes it so I can't see you—you lose him as a friend, then—"This time he cut me off. He put arm around my shoulder bringing me closer to him and put a finger under my chin, pulling it so I would look up at him.

"What if that doesn't happen though Ty? What if he doesn't get upset? If he does then we just have to prove to him that we really want to be together. You do want to be with me don't you?"

"Of course I do Ryker, I just don't want to be fighting with Holden right now with both of our parents deserting us. He's all I've got right now." He shook his head at me.

"You have me now," He assured me, with that he rearranged himself so he was sitting behind me. His arms were wrapped around my waist and he pulled me close to him, burying his face in my neck. I could feel him giving me little kisses all the way down my neck and shoulder—it gave she shivers it felt so good. He obviously liked the reaction he got because he didn't it to the other side to. I stopped his head with my hand.

"Stop I can't think when you do that," he chuckled in my ear and put his chin on my shoulder.

"How about this, we see how it's like being together for 2 weeks; I'll take you on a legit date when we get back and everything. If you like us being together we will tell Holden together. If not I'll leave you alone, deal?"

"You know very well I won't be able to tell you no at the end of this but deal." We sat in that position and watched the sun set and star watched for a while. We were comfortable not speaking, just enjoying each others company.

"Come on, we better get back before they start freaking out and send a search party." I packed up all my stuff and put the backpack back on, I was starting to walk off when Ryker pulled me back.

"One more thing," He pulled me into him and brought his lips down on mine. I melted into him, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissed him back. I could feel his hands on my waist, holding me close. When he pulled back he had a huge smile on his face that was contagious. We walked hand in hand back to camp.