Now, at the ripe age of fifteen, I was still in my story book, scanning the crowds for my Prince Charming. My choices were slim. I knew this better than anyone. I was the book worm, the quiet girl who always seemed to fade into the background, a literal wallflower if you may.

"Don't worry," Cole said easily, patting my shoulder, "You'll find him." Easier said than done- Cole had so many girls falling at his feet, that the height was rivaling Mount Everest, with me at the very top. Not like I could do anything about it though.

"But what if I don't?" I said softly, hugging my knees to my chest, taking up as little of the couch cushion as possible.

"You will," he insisted, smoothing my hair back. "And that's kind of what I wanted to talk-" My phone vibrated on the table in front of us, effectively cutting him off. A second later, the name popped up on the screen: Brenna Baker, my cousin in New York.

I threw him an apologetic look as I answered the call. "Hello?"

"Hey, how's my favorite cousin?" She sang, and I laughed at her enthusiasm.

"I'm fine, and you?" Cole was playing with the TV remote, tossing it in the air, trying to see how many times he could flip it before catching it again. It was incredible that he hadn't changed the channel from pressing on the buttons yet.

"Golden, sweet cheeks!" I heard papers rustling, and a thump. I guessed she had flopped back onto her bed; I distantly heard the city in the background behind her, cars honking and people hustling down on the streets below her window. "And what are you up to my little honey bee? Any luck on the guy search?" my literally sweet sixteen year old cousin was as melodramatic as always.

"I'm over at Cole's house," I answered, "And no, no takers yet."

Speaking of melodramatic... "God, what is wrong with guys in Minnesota! They're letting a perfectly good girl go to waste! And what is with you and that boy? You seem to spend every second together. Does he like you or what?" By now, she was loud enough that Cole clearly heard her, and he raised his eyebrows.

My face flushed in embarrassment as she waited for an answer. Surprisingly, he reached for the phone. Too shocked to do anything else, I let him take it out of my limp hand.

"Hey Brenna," He said into my phone which he promptly held away from his ear as she squealed her reply. "And actually, I do like your cousin." He looked me straight in the eye as he said so, and I found myself unable to move. "You just interrupted me trying to tell her when you called. Yep, I'll be sure to tell her to call you after. Uh huh, bye."

He put the phone down on the table and picked up the remote, flipping through the channels as if nothing had happened. Finally, I found my voice. "Are you serious?"

"About calling her? Yeah. She threatened to cut off something I need." He shuddered at the thought, and I fought to not roll my eyes. He somehow knew how to distract me from just about any topic.

I shook my head, trying to get back to the subject at hand. "No, the other thing."

"What other thing?" He said casually, almost looking genuinely confused. Almost.

"You know, the other thing you said to her." I urged, face heating up.

"I really have no idea what you're talking about." He was going to make me say it.


I squirmed uncomfortably. "About you, um- liking me."

"You know I like you." He was just messing with me now.

I decided to get it over with. "As more than a friend." He finally turned away from the screen, blue eyes sparkling like clear water. I wanted nothing more than to get lost in them, to leave this embarrassing moment behind.

"I do." He said seriously. "You're beautiful." I blushed harder, shaking my head so I could hide in my hair. He tucked it behind my ears, and tipped my chin up. "Ever since I saw you on the swings, I knew you were pretty. But you're absolutely beautiful."

The TV blared behind us, a music video popping up on screen. The words still echo in my ears, and I can't believe how ironic I find them now: To her I'm Prince Charming, but to him I'm just some fella. Riding in, and stealing Cinderella. It's not ironic in the way you would think though. He stole who I thought I was with him: Better, happier, more complete. I still haven't gotten that part of me back yet, and I don't know if I ever will.

Yeah, I know, THE confession is kind of rushed, but I was feeling really lazy. Sorry about that and the short chapter. And I'm not sure if I like the ending to this... I started it months and months ago, and haven't looked at it since, so it might be even more terrible than I think it is now. We'll see, and hopefully you guys will give me your honest opinion. *hint hint wink wink*.

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