My alarm clock buzzed. I cursed under my breath and reached over to shut the wretched thing up. I'd always hated the sound it made; especially over the duration of time I've had to hear it. I got up and left my bedroom, heading into the kitchen for my morning dose of caffeine. By the way, this is definitely off the record, but whoever created Pepsi is my hero. I have no idea how I would've survived school without that lovely drink. Anyway, I sat down at the dining room table and took a little bit of time to enjoy my soda before I had to get ready for school. I loved school, but I never understood why it had to be so freaking early in the morning? If there was one thing I wasn't, that was definitely a morning person. Once the caffeine helped me awaken a little bit more, I went back into my room and got ready for the day. I dressed in my Doctor Who t-shirt, a pair of blue jeans, my black Converse and my top hat. I was pretty sure I was the only one at my school who wore a top hat, besides my Drama teacher, Mr. Lewis, of course. I brushed my hair out and looked in the mirror. My blue eyes looked back at me with faint dark circles threatening to make a presence under them due to lack of sleep. Usually, I preferred my long, curly and slightly frizzy blonde hair when it was straightened, but this morning, I was far too lazy to do anything but brush it out. After another moment of examination, I decided that I was ready.

I grabbed my backpack and my IPod and my mom took me to school. You see, I didn't have my driver's license or a car yet, so I was forced to get a ride from someone every morning. That someone was almost always my mother. I always tried to avoid as much conversation with her as possible. Don't get me wrong, I loved her because she was my mom, but I could only take so much of her at one time. I suppose that was typical of most teenagers and their parents though. When we got to the school, I said goodbye to my mom and she said 'Have a good day, Jude!' like she always did. I walked inside and sat in the commons area.

My school was pretty normal for the most part. It wasn't hard to find your way around. We had a total of 5 hallways: North Hall, where the home economics and shop classes were, West Hall, which is where classes like band, art and business were held, A hall, where all the younger kids were, B hall, where all the older kids were plus my science class and finally, C hall, where my grade resided as a kind of middle child to everyone else. For the most part, everyone was normal at my school as well. It was certainly easy to tell where everyone was going to go in their life. In my city, Idaho Falls, Idaho, most everyone was going to grow up, get married and have kids. You know, they ended up living the typical 'All-American' dream. I always thought that was stupid. I wanted to move to New York for college and become a journalist because, well, nothing ever happened in my town. Our population of 56,000+ people was completely insignificant, especially in comparison to the rest of the world. It was a good place to grow up though, I suppose.

I listened to music and waited for my companions. The first of my friends to arrive at school were Bobby and Jesse. I said hi to them and they returned the greeting, but then headed off to the cafeteria. I had known Jesse since kindergarten and Bobby since the 6th grade. They were part of the group I considered to be like my brothers. Not long after that, Courtney came in, set her stuff down and sat right next to me. The rest of my friends weren't set to arrive until after we were allowed in our designated hallways. Courtney was a really tall girl with long, straight dirty blonde hair. She, like me, was very strange and an actress. The two of us played a game or two of Sudoku until the bell rang, and then we headed to our lockers. Our lockers weren't far apart, so we could still easily converse. Abigail met up with us there and then we dropped my stuff off at my first hour class which happened to be right next to our lockers. Then we headed to B hall to drop Courtney and Abigail's stuff off at their first hour. Abigail had extremely curly brown hair and she was the shortest of all of my friends that were girls. We often teased her about that fact, but it was all in good fun.

I enjoyed walking with them to B hall for one reason, and that reason was Cyrus Gray. He was in the grade ahead of me, and I had a huge crush on him. He was tall and kind of lanky, with short brown hair and brown eyes to match. He was also one of the smartest people I knew and he was hilarious. I had met him in my Drama class earlier that year, and we quickly became fairly good friends. Cyrus wasn't aware of my feelings for him, but I kind of wanted to tell him, which had never happened to me before. In fact, all of my friends told me that I should ask him out. Anyway, I said hi to Cyrus every morning, and if I didn't, Courtney wouldn't be very happy with me. She would always pester me about greeting him, although even just getting a glimpse of him was fine with me.

After saying hi, we walked back to our hall and I saw the rest of my friends. I waved at Kenny and Shane. Kenny had been my best friend since the very first day of kindergarten. I had only met Shane earlier that year, but we had become the best of friends easily. I interrupted Leslie and Zach's conversation to say hi. Finally, we found Lynn and together we all walked back to B hall. We were hoping to spot her crush, Ryan Hughes, who like Cyrus, was also in the grade ahead. He was tall and muscular with blond hair. Lynn often compared him to a Greek god. Honestly, he was pretty attractive, but I still liked Cyrus more. Lynn had long dark brown hair and green eyes. She was curvy, and about 5' 4, the same height as me.

The bell rang, so I said goodbye to Lynn, Abigail, and Courtney and went to my first hour American History class. The only aforementioned friend I had in that class was Zach. Leslie had a crush on Zach, but he had no idea. Zach was kind of oblivious to feelings and whatnot, but still really smart and he even played clarinet in band. Also in that class was Martin Dixon, who was Abigail's crush. Martin was usually quiet in that class, but he was one of the popular kids and a soccer player. Everyone was chatting amongst themselves, and then a voice came through the intercom, giving us the morning announcements. After that, class went by quickly, probably because I actually enjoy that class quite a bit.

My second hour was P.E. and that was only bearable because I had that class with Lynn and Shane. I got to the locker room and quickly changed into my gym clothes, eager to get the awful class over with.

"Guess what?" Shane said when I got into the gym. We began walking around the gym, talking.

"You know I'm terrible at guessing, so you might as well just tell me." I replied.

"I have a girlfriend!" He announced.

"Well, I'm proud of you Shane! Who's the lucky lady?" I asked, playfully nudging him in the side with my elbow.

"She's a grade younger. Her name is Angela Gray." He explained.

I paused and stopped in my tracks. "Her last name is Gray?"

"Yeah, why?" He responded.

"That's Cyrus's last name." I stated.

"Well, Angela did say she has an older brother." He mentioned.

"Dude, imagine if you married Angela and I married Cyrus. That would make us like…in laws or something." I pointed out.

"Wow, that'd be weird!" He remarked.

Just then, Lynn entered the gym. "Hi Shmude! Hello Shmane!" She greeted. Those were the lovely nicknames she gave us.

"Hello Shmynn." I replied. That was, of course, my nickname for her.

"Ryan looked amazing this morning, didn't he?" She asked, grinning dreamily.

"Okay, I'm going to walk away now." Shane said. He went over and talked to somebody else.

I laughed at Shane's actions. "Yes, he did. I'd even say he looked godlike."

"He is a Greek god." She mentioned.

"Yes, I agree." I said.

Well, I didn't really agree with her on Ryan's godliness because he seemed rather normal to me, but I definitely wasn't going to tell her that. We talked about our crushes for pretty much the rest of class, and then shuffled off to third hour. Finally! It was time for Drama, which meant I got to see the wonderfully amazing Cyrus Gray.

Mr. Lewis told everybody to sit down in the auditorium chairs once class started. I sat next to Cyrus, but he didn't say a word to me. Mr. Lewis asked the class how far we were on our production. We were producing a scene from Into the Woods, and we were ready for a dress rehearsal. Courtney played Little Red's hilarious and violent Granny in the scene, and then behind the scenes, I was prop master, and an epic one at that. I loved my prop job, and actually, Cyrus had been the one that put me there. Cyrus was the boss of all the tech crew and he was working up in the box on the light and sound board. After a couple moments of discussion, Mr. Lewis excused us to set up for the scene. I was setting up for the first part of the scene when Cyrus spoke to me using the god microphone from the box.

"Jude, will you look for a wolf costume for me in the prop room please?" He asked.

I smiled, although I doubt he could see it from all the way up there. "Yeah, sure."

Whenever he did something like this (or anything at all for that matter in interaction with me) my brain would freak out and I would feel quite elated. These feelings were all new to me, so I didn't even really know exactly why I felt this way. In case you were wondering, I did not a find a wolf costume, which kind of sucked.

Third hour also went by quickly and I deliberated whether or not I should make this the day that I asked Cyrus out. I started to feel sick to my stomach and my hands started to shake. Again. That happened every time I tried to ask him. I decided that today would definitely not be the day and instead hoped for tomorrow, even though it was doubtful I would make it happen then either. I don't know why it was so difficult for me to ask him, but it frustrated me to no end. I mean, talking to guys was easy for me, so why was it so hard to ask one out? Of course, this whole dating business had always been sort of scary to me, so I suppose that could've been part of it.

I walked with Courtney to the cafeteria for lunch. I never ate lunch due to the fact that school food is just generally really gross. I bought a bag of Goldfish crackers from the vending machine and then found Kenny. Together, we walked outside to talk to Bobby and Jesse who we assumed were already out there. Kenny and I turned the corner to find Bobby and Jesse…and a girl. Bobby was hugging the girl. I looked at Kenny and then we walked closer to get a better look at her. We knew the girl as Myrtle Ray, Kenny's ex-girlfriend, and evidently she was Bobby's current girlfriend.

"Oh no. She's got Bobby." I said.

Myrtle wasn't a pretty girl, and yet she managed to get a million boyfriends. Then again, she would give them consent to do what all teenage boys want, if you know what I mean. Not only did she always have a boyfriend, but she usually had multiple at one time. Myrtle had dirty blonde hair (at that moment, she dyed it often) and she wore so much eye makeup I had no idea what color her eyes were, and she always wore revealing clothing and high heels. One way or another, I knew that Bobby was probably going to end up getting hurt by her, which worried me. In my mind, Bobby was like an innocent little kid and I often felt like I should protect him, but how could I stop Myrtle? Truth be told, I had never really talked to her, but I knew she wasn't particularly nice either. Kenny and I steered clear of them because Kenny couldn't stand being within 10 feet of Myrtle. We ended up going back into the cafeteria and discussing what we just saw with the rest of our friends. All of them were shocked, slightly disgusted and worried about poor Bobby along with me.

I tried to forget about it by the time the bell rang and I had to head to my fourth hour class. I walked with Leslie to Earth Science, my only class in B hall, talking about whatever random thing had popped into her head, which could be anything from tacos to jellyfish. I hated Earth Science with a passion, so I only kind of paid attention. It was the only class I let my mind wander in. Most of the time, I just imagined a scenario in which Cyrus saved me from the terrible class and professed his love for me. I knew that would never happen, but it was nicer to think about that than of the phases of the moon or about glaciers or whatever we were learning about. Actually, it would be fairly easy for him to do something like that. His fourth hour was just down the hall. Still, it wasn't very likely. Shane was practically my tutor in this class, and I swear he was the only reason I was passing.

After Earth Science was Algebra, where the teacher was one that everybody in the school hated. If she wouldn't get arrested for it, I'm sure she would beat all of us with a yardstick like a nun at a Catholic school would. Well, rather the metal baseball bat she had in her closet. I rarely spoke in that class for fear that if I did, she would yell. Then again, I don't think she ever went a day without yelling at someone. I paid attention and took notes in this class so as not to get my head bitten off or something, but I glanced at the clock often, hoping for the time to escape.

Then, my last hour of the day was English, my favorite class. That class was amazing for multiple reasons. A) I loved English, writing and reading. B) Lynn, Courtney and Abigail were all in that class with me. C) The teacher was Ms. Blanc and she was awesome. I often thought that Ms. Blanc and Mr. Lewis would make a great couple because they were pretty similar. Neither one was married so it could work out perfectly. Would they actually get together? I had no idea, but I was hoping for it. Anyway, it was definitely the best class, but Drama was a close second.

Once that class was over, it was time to head back home. I didn't usually have any extracurricular activities, so I basically just went home, did my homework if I had any, and surfed the internet before I had to go to bed. I was not an eventful person whatsoever, and little did I know, but that was about to change.