It took the rest of the summer, but I learned to accept Dora's death and finally moved on. In fact, all of us did, especially more so when we graduated high school.

Mr. Lewis put the whole agency on hiatus, hopefully forever, and shortly after that, he and Ms. Blanc got married.

Lynn and Ryan got married right after high school and had 3 kids. Lynn also became a forensic anthropologist and Ryan, a stay at home dad.

Elliot went on to become a Marine sniper and got a purple heart before he returned home and married his spy partner.

Sam became on orthodontist, but he married his best girl friend instead of his spy partner.

Shane and Angela didn't stay together, but Shane became the cardiologist he always wanted to be, and Angela, a professional fencer.

The rest of my friends all grew up to live happy and healthy lives as well, and had families of course.

Finally, after finishing high school, Cyrus and I got married too. I became a travel journalist, and he was a nuclear engineer. As much as my spy experience was probably the most scaring thing in my lifetime, it was all worth it. Also, as much as I hate to end it in the cliché manner, we all lived happily ever after.