Author's Note: This is the yaoi spin-off of "Inukonjou (Dog Spirit)". It's completely canon, but you don't really need to read the latter to enjoy the spin-off. If you are reading both, this story takes place during Chapters 14 and 15 of Inukonjou (Dog Spirit). There some spoilers for the first three chapters if you decide to read this first and then check out the original story. Oh, yeah. I decided to write the spinoff in the traditional story format as opposed to the script format, since the yoai is mostly action, description, and a lot less dialogue than its shounen counterpart. This is my first yaoi story, so enjoy and please review! If you're into yaoi, m/m, lemons, hot stuff, that is.

Puppy Love

Kana and Mamoru decide to isolate themselves from the rest of the earth-type warriors. The human/canine half-breeds have already enjoyed their share of the deer kill, and desire to spend the rest of the night catching up. The pair travels deep into the woods until they come upon a clearing with a large, lone tree in the center. Kana gives Mamoru a smile as they both make the nonverbal agreement to settle here. Mamoru sits up against the inviting tree and rests his broad back against its trunk. Kana sits across from his childhood friend and allows his long, white hair to flow to the ground.

The light of the full moon gives Kana's silvery-white hair a ghostly shimmer. Using his arms as support, Kana leans back to sniff the crisp, refreshing air. His wide, muscular chest expands as he takes a deep breath. The wind picks up, as if to offer the warrior a better whiff of the captivating scent of the forest. Batting his green eyes, he looks back at Mamoru with a warm smile.

The older warrior smiles back at Kana, feeling satisfied at the nonverbal, but intimate exchanges transpiring between them. Being an earth-type like his friend, he also has emerald-colored eyes. The gentle wind continues and plays with Mamoru's shoulder-length, red hair. Kana leans over and seductively moves a loose strand from his companion's eyes. Mamoru shudders at the friend's close proximity. It seems that his former lover still has that effect on him.

The close view of Kana's soft facial features, cream-colored skin and long lashes gives Mamoru a warm feeling inside. He chuckles inwardly. Before Kana developed a large stature and muscular build, he was constantly confused for a girl. Mamoru is also considered a pretty-boy by his peers, but his broad chin gives him a much more masculine appearance than Kana. Lost in thought, Mamoru had almost forgotten that he should be upset with this friend.

"Why didn't you send word that you were still alive?" Mamoru questions in a somewhat hurt tone. "I thought you were executed."

Kana lets out a sigh, realizing this conversation had to come sooner or later. "Are you going to give me a thrashing like Ryuji?" Kana purposely answers the question with a question.

"You didn't tell Ryuji, either?" Mamoru asks, a bit surprised. "I'm sure he was livid. What did he do?"

"That little runt broke my nose," Kana replies. He lets out a wince as he recollects that moment Ryuji's head met his face.

"Serves you right for pissing off a fire-type," Mamoru laughs. His amusement subsides as he realizes that Kana has a sad look in his eyes. Although he was pardoned and his execution was annulled, Mamoru can tell that his childhood friend is still overwhelmed with guilt. He decides to drop the subject. "I won't give you a thrashing," the redheaded warrior teases. "But you do owe me."

Kana snorts at his friend, "You couldn't beat me if you tried. I just dropped my guard with Ryuji."

He completely missed my suggestive remark, Mamoru thought to himself. He chuckles at Kana's naivety and decides to continue to tease his companion, "I can't bring myself to do harm to a pretty face like that." Mamoru's eyes suddenly narrows as he gives Kana a lustful glare. "But there are some body parts that I have no qualms violating."

Kana's eyes widen as he finally realizes his friend's intentions. "Mamoru, I haven't been a bottom in years! I'm not doing…"

Before Kana could finish his words of protest, Mamoru tackles him to the ground. He swiftly grabs Kana's wrists to keep his prey pinned beneath him. The redheaded warrior gives a victorious smirk at his white-haired friend.

"Bloody-hell, Mamoru! Get off!" Kana shouts angrily, allowing his accent to come to the surface. A warrior of his caliber has no business in such a compromising position.

Mamoru leans into Kana's ear. "You can easily throw me off," he whispers seductively. "Or is the opportunity to feel my lips on your skin too good to pass up?"

Kana turns his head away from his captor, deeply agitated by his friend's overconfidence. Mamoru interprets this as an invitation to kiss his companion on the neck. He starts with gentle, subtle kisses until his partner relaxes. It's a game they had always played when they were lovers. The overly proud Kana always needed some persuading before he surrenders to his friend's seduction. Mamoru listens carefully for any signs of receptiveness. Kana's breathing becomes haggard as he tries to hold back his moans. From the moonlight, Mamoru can see that Kana's once pale face is now flushed with lust. Some things just never change, Mamoru amuses to himself.

"Damn it, Mamoru," Kana manages to say, still looking away from his friend. "Stop. I'm not your plaything."

Mamoru gently cups Kana's cheek and guides his face so their eyes meet. "You say 'stop', but your body states otherwise," he taunts with a captivating grin.

"You don't know what you're talking about," Kana snarls.

"I don't?" Mamoru pretends to act confused. "But the moment I mounted you, you instinctively spread your legs for me."

With a hiss, Kana extends his neck and tries to bite Mamoru on the face. Mamoru uses his quick reflexes and jerks back just in time. It is common for violent moments to erupt during the couple's intimacy. The redheaded warrior just accepts it as a justified risk for mounting quite possibly the strongest and proudest warrior in the Society. A bite is no big deal. The worst he has gotten during their relationship was a pair of broken ribs. But it's worth it; Kana is most attractive when he's angry. Mamoru's teasing is simply part of their foreplay.

Kana lets out a low growl, irritated that he had missed his mark. Mamoru knows that his teasing has probably gone too far, but he takes the risk and comes in for a kiss. The kiss is forceful, aggressive, and demanding. There is neither romance nor grace behind it as Mamoru shoves his tongue into Kana's mouth. It must be that way; Kana will never submit to anyone who shows the slightest sign of hesitance, weakness or fear. To Mamoru's delight, Kana finally responds and wraps his arms around his companion's broad back. He lets a low moan escape as he returns his partner's kiss.

It's time for the next step. Mamoru opens Kana's vest to send his kisses down the middle of his chest. Kana lets out a gasp as the kisses gradually move to his left nipple.

"Oh, god," Kana murmurs with pleasure.

Mamoru immediately stops and gives Kana an intense glare. "God has nothing to do with the pleasure I'm giving you," he snarls. "Say my name. I want to hear it."

Kana finds Mamoru's authoritative tone impossible to defy. "Ma… Mamoru," he stammers as his face turns even redder. Kana puts his arms around his friend's neck and gently pulls him back to his body.

Mamoru rewards Kana with a series of more kisses for his obedience. He goes to work all over his companion's neck and body. The redheaded warrior sneaks in an occasional bite simply to hear Kana's tantalizing whimpers. It's not long before Mamoru reaches his goal. He unties Kana's obi and nearly rips off his hakama. The intoxicating scent of Kana's exposed manhood has sent Mamoru's breathing into a frenzy. It takes every ounce of the older warrior's will power not to ravage his partner. It's imperative that he takes his time with Kana. The white-haired warrior is much more flighty than usual.

With great care, Mamoru gets a hold of Kana's thick shaft and pulls back the foreskin. He slowly and gently takes the head into his mouth. Kana gasps at the initial contact. Mamoru focuses on the tip for a while, relishing the salty, musky taste. The skilled lover soon begins to take as much of Kana into his mouth as possible. He uses the right combination of tongue, suction, and neck movements to pleasure his partner. Mamoru lets out a deep moan, enjoying giving the oral as much as the recipient.

"Mmm… Mamoru," Kana begs. "Please… that's enough." Kana props himself up with his elbows in an attempt make eye contact with his lover.

For a moment, Kana's plea falls on deaf ears as his partner continues the foreplay. Mamoru, with Kana's member still in his mouth, looks at his companion. With their green eyes glowing through the darkness, Mamoru can see that Kana has reached his limit. He decides it's time to free his childhood friend from the confinement of his mouth. Very seductively, he gradually makes his way back to the tip. Mamoru gives a finishing, hard suck on the head before he finally releases. Kana involuntarily lets out a high-pitched yelp.

"You bastard," Kana snarls.

Mamoru can't help but grin at Kana's vulnerable state. "Is that the thanks I get for giving you pleasure?" He asks with his mouth still dangerously close to Kana's erect manhood. "The least you could have done was share your love juices." Mamoru's tone becomes nonchalant, "I would just have to take it myself."

Kana doesn't resist, but bites his lower lip as he braces himself for more torturous pleasure. Having experienced this before, he knows that the next round won't be so gentle. Mamoru goes down on him again. Intent on sending Kana into climax, the older warrior makes aggressive and demanding oral foreplay. The younger warrior struggles to keep the volume of his moans down. However, Kana finally gives in to ecstasy, and throws his head back in a shameless wail. The cries of Kana's fulfillment invade the silence of the peaceful forest. His manhood remains secure in his lover's mouth despite the intense twitching and throbbing as he releases himself multiple times.

Confident that the younger warrior is fully spent, Mamoru positions himself to bring his face just centimeters from Kana's. He gives his exhausted lover a haughty smirk as the love juices run down the corners of his mouth. Mamoru chuckles inwardly at the sounds of Kana's lustful, heavy breathing. He's supposed to be half dog, but he's purring like a kitten, the older warrior muses to himself. Then again, I was like a kitten lapping up cream. Unable to resist Kana's alluring face as his teary eyes glisten in the moonlight, Mamoru give his companion another passionate kiss. Tongues entwined and tasting himself, Kana lets out a deep moan and embraces his lover for the second time. To Kana's disappointment, Mamoru ends the kiss and gets to his feet. The redheaded warrior begins to undress.

"Prepare yourself," Mamoru says in a husky voice. "Or do you want me to lick your ass until you're ready?"

Kana's pale face flushes a deep red yet again. "Stop talking like that," he complains as he shyly averts his eyes.

Mamoru holds in a chuckle, not wanting to irritate Kana. So, it is true that he hasn't been a bottom for a long time. He talks and acts like a virgin.

Mamoru removes his obi and takes off his hakama. Like a cat to a mouse, Kana instinctively pounces his friend's member the moment it becomes exposed. Mamoru winces as his assailant hungrily takes it into his mouth. Although it seems like that it's his turn to receive some torturous foreplay, the older warrior has other plans.

"No… don't," Mamoru pleads. "I don't want to spill before our bodies join."

Kana reluctantly stops and gives a seductive smile to his lover. "Why do you get to have all the fun?" He whines half-jokingly. Mamoru is actually a very patient and generous lover. He knows exactly the right moment to be aggressive or gentle. His touches are irresistible and his kisses are unforgettable. Kana is suddenly overwhelmed with nervousness. Mamoru and he haven't made love with each other in years. What if he's no longer a good lover? It's true that he has had sex many times before, but always as the top. Mamoru is Kana's one and only experience as a bottom. No one else had the confidence (or maybe it's stupidity) to attempt to mount the legendary Kana.

Sensing Kana's sudden insecurity, the nude Mamoru gets to his knees and pulls Kana towards him for an embrace. He wraps his arms around his lover's waist, and Kana welcomes the embrace with one of his own. The younger warrior wraps his arms around his companion's thick, muscular neck and offers his lips for a kiss. Instead of a kiss, however, Mamoru gives Kana two of his fingers. Kana sucks on them eagerly and obediently, making sure that he covers the digits with a good amount of his saliva. Mamoru, turned on by the sight of Kana's erotic performance, lets out a moan of pleasure. Satisfied that his fingers are moistened well, Mamoru removes them from Kana's mouth and gently inserts it into the tight opening below his lover's waist.

"Ugh," Kana lets out a muffled groan. He instinctively struggles but Mamoru uses his other arm to hold him into place.

"Relax," Mamoru whispers coaxingly. "Just focus on your breathing; like how I taught you when we were younger."

Kana buries his face into Mamoru's neck and obeys his now dominate lover. The feel of the young warrior's breath excites the older Mamoru, but he continues to take his time. Although the redheaded warrior is bisexual, this is the main reason why he prefers guys over girls. He would most likely have been done making love to a woman a long time ago. The preparation necessary to have sex with a man, however, gives Mamoru the opportunity to relish every moment and prolong the ecstasy. Specifically with Kana, the struggle for dominance over a much stronger partner is an additional turn-on.

Kana digs his claws into Mamoru's back as he tries to get accustomed to the strange feeling of the penetration. With the blood of a warrior flowing through his veins, Kana can't decide whether to grant his childhood friend access to his body or rip him to shreds for this blatant violation. His moans of pleasure and warning growls soon become indistinguishable. Mamoru sneaks in a third finger, and Kana starts to resist. Before a full-blown fight ensues, Mamoru chastises Kana with a swift bite on the neck. Oddly, Kana accepts his punishment for his disobedience with pleasure. Drunk with ecstasy, Kana moans erotically before his body goes limp.

Mamoru immediately snatches the opportunity. He positions Kana on his hands and knees and slowly mounts the younger warrior. The dominate lover coos into his companion's ear as he gently inserts his manhood inside the receptive Kana. Mamoru makes a great effort to be gentle as he goes deeper, but lets out a warning growl just in case Kana suddenly decides to fight. Mamoru smiles with satisfaction once his member has entered up to the hilt.

"Good boy," the redheaded lover says with a smirk.

Kana does not respond, but digs his claws into the ground as he focus on his breathing. The proud warrior will never admit that he is in pain. He bites on his lower lip, worried that a whimper may escape.

"It will stop hurting soon," Mamoru reassures, in spite of Kana's efforts to hide his discomfort. He begins to make short, careful strokes as he lovingly runs his fingers through Kana's long, white hair.

"Shit," Kana stammers. Although he has never told Mamoru outright, the redheaded warrior seems to know that Kana loves it when he plays with his hair. The submissive lover begins to rock his body in rhythm with Mamoru, making the strokes longer and deeper.

"Yes, let me in," Mamoru whispers provocatively. "Give your lovely body to me."

Kana arches his back in response to Mamoru's encouragement, almost sending his lover into a frenzy. Mamoru decides to continue his love talk. It will distract him from releasing too soon and give pleasure to his partner.

"You're so hot and snug inside," the dominate lover says. "I want to stay in all night."

Kana shamelessly pants for more love words. Kissing his partner's back, Mamoru reaches for his companion's member and discovers that it's erect once again.

"You have more love juices to give?" Mamoru is delighted at Kana's stamina. In response, the white-haired warrior says something inaudible to his lover. Mamoru leans over to hear Kana better.

"You'll have to tell me again, my love," he coaxes.

"Fuck me," Kana manages to say once more.

"But I am," Mamoru sounds confused, but in truth he knows what Kana means. He just wants to hear it for himself.

"No," the submissive lover pleads. "Don't hold back. I… I want it all."

Mamoru smiles at Kana's demands. Who's the dominate partner? He questions to himself. Regardless, he obeys his lover's requests and throws caution into the wind. The redheaded lover's thrusts become forceful and violent, with no regard to the comfort of his recipient. The gentle, courteous lover is now replaced with an aggressive, lustful beast who seeks pleasure only for himself. Kana's intensified moans and grunts seem to suggest that he regrets his request, but his words indicate otherwise.

"Yes," Kana murmurs in between grunts. "Take me. Make me yours."

Mamoru has finally gotten what he set out for – full submission. His pupils dilate at Kana's erotic words, and he takes his lover with even more intensity. Their pants of love are now loud enough to be heard by anyone nearby, but neither lovers care. However, it seems that the experienced Mamoru was a bit overzealous. Kana suddenly reacts with a fit of violence and bucks his lover with a deafening roar. The once submissive partner delivers a hard elbow into Mamoru's ribs, knocking him hard to the ground. Before the redheaded warrior could recover, his assailant mounts him.

Kana appears to be in a trance, but Mamoru does not dare make a move. The younger warrior's long, white hair cascades beautifully on both sides of his lover, giving Mamoru a feeling of entrapment. He stares into his companion's glistening, green eyes and watch the beads of sweat run down his flushed face. Kana lets out a sensual groan and slowly straddles his partner. Mamoru, ignoring the bruise forming on the side of his torso, smiles at his unpredictable lover.

"Come," Mamoru commands in an authoritative tone. "Ride this dick."

Mamoru gently holds Kana's waist, but lets the younger warrior take his time. Kana skillfully guides his lover's manhood to its target, and permits him entry. Mamoru smiles at the luxury of getting to watch Kana's face as he penetrates him yet again. The older lover lies back, allowing himself to be at the mercy of his stronger partner. He strokes Kana's muscular thighs, encouraging him to move his hips. Kana obeys the unspoken requests, and rides Mamoru with wanton eagerness. The redheaded warrior pants his approval, wondering how his face may look to his lover.

Mamoru closes his eyes, relishing the harmonic, love-making rhythm he and Kana have now established. He can feel Kana grabbing his left hand and bringing it to his face. The older companion lets out an uncharacteristic whimper at the shock of feeling a playful bite on the tip of his index finger.

That was the straw that broke the camel's back. It was time to end their self-induced, sexual torment. Mamoru opens his eyes and notices that his lover still has an erection. The Kana's manhood bobs up and down from his movements, hypnotizing Mamoru. The older lover's pride refuses to end the love-making without making sure that Kana is fully spent. Mamoru possessively grabs Kana's hard, hot member and caresses it sensually.

The affectionate touch causes Kana to lose his concentration, but Mamoru uses his free hand to guide his lover back into rhythm. The redheaded warrior is intent on reaching climax with his childhood friend and lover. He stares at Kana, who quickly picks up the message. The white-haired warrior returns a wide-eyed glance, realizing where his love juices would end up if he was to release now. Reading his mind, Mamoru simply responds with a smirk.

"Mamoru," Kana whispers. "I can't… I'm all spent."

"Liar," Mamoru retorts. "You wouldn't be hard if you were all spent."


"Trust your lover. We'll both reach ecstasy together."

Mamoru's words cause Kana to tighten on his companion's manhood. The older warrior delivers and forceful, upward thrusts to prevent himself from being expelled from his lover's warm, tantalizing insides. He continues to massage Kana's member without missing a beat. The pair soon acts as a single entity, giving pleasure as well as receiving it. Anyone, gay or straight, would likely be envious of the pair's erotic indulgence if they happened to come across the couple. Just when Kana was sure that was going to die in an endless whirlpool of bliss…

"Mamoru… I'm cumming."

The sound of Kana's struggled words send Mamoru into climax as well. The lovers wail shamelessly as they finally release themselves. Mamoru cums deep inside his partner while Kana spurts all over him. The submissive lover immediately collapses on top of his dominate companion. They lay together in a silent, peaceful embrace, covered in each other's sweat and love juices.

Mamoru relaxes against the lone tree cradling Kana, who turns out to be unconscious. Thanks to the older companion, both warriors are fully clothed. Mamoru looks skyward, sensing another visitor. A winged warrior flies in for a graceful landing. He gives Mamoru a glance with his cloudy-grey eyes, a characteristic of all wind-types.

"There you are," the visitor says with a playful smile.

"Hey, Seito," Mamoru returns the greeting. He gazes at his friend's alternate form, an ability every warrior has. A wind-type like Seito, however, can also sprout a pair of wings in addition to a set of canine ears and a tail. Mamoru had always had a soft spot of the young warrior, who is still considered a pup by the other Society members. The older warrior was ecstatic when his alpha recruited him into the pack. Seito approaches Mamoru and Kana with curiosity.

"Is that him?" He asks. "The one you've been talking about?" Seito unknowingly wags his golden-brown, bushy tail. Its color matches his hair and feathery wings.

"Yep," Mamoru responds in the affirmative. "This is Kana, The Behemoth."

As if Mamoru is showing off a new pet, Seito leans over the sleeping Kana for a closer look.

"You're right," Seito says with enthusiasm. "He is pretty. Odd hair color, though. I've never seen a young warrior with white hair."

"You think so?" Mamoru says teasingly. "You know, I am the generous type. Maybe the three of us can get together one day."

Seito's face flushes as his eyes widen in horror. He can barely withstand Mamoru on his own. Realizing his friend was only teasing, the little warrior's look of dread turns into a look of annoyance.

"You're such a beast, Mamoru."


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Fun Fact: "Kana" means "powerful" and "Mamoru" means "protector".