Changes Within

I miss the feeling now
But I don't regret One single thing I said Or one thing I ever felt

It seems we've grown apart
But that's no one's fault
Your voice, your eyes
I still think of them
Not in the way
I had before
But I still care

Piano softly echoes
In my memory
Of what used to be
And what could have been
However, there's nothing
That I could have changed Because life likes to rebel
And say I can't have anything
Even though I have nothing

I have thought for long hours
To the point my brain shuts out
Everything else possible
Those two words, whispered
What if?
What if it had been different?
Let's hope I forget
It's not like I feel the same
It's not like you're the same

Still churning underneath
Is the wonder and confusion
Of another life
The lie I tell myself
Things would be better
If it all had changed