Time is fleeting, love defies, and honestly she thought that he knew better.

He thought truly they'd be fine, never thought she'd want him to forget her.

But he chose to let her go

And she chose not to let it show

He said "Let's be friends" and for the first time in a while he wasn't lying

But going on with someone who destroyed her, now she finds him terrifying

Poor girl she loved him so

And she's doing her best to let go

Jealousy's a funny thing, he can't believe she's really with another

But he gave her up and now she found somebody who believes she's like no other

He tried to keep her close

But he hurt her more than he knows.

Good intentions born from cowardice can't ever lead to salvation

Good intentions always seem to get mixed up, and lost in translation

He wanted her still in his life

But all he caused her was strife