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As a Christmas special, although still early, I'M GONNA WRITE SOMETHING VERY SERIOUS. VERY. This is my first and last gift to Nagira, my slave. Hopefully someone finds something funny within all those stuff. Merry Christmas peeps~ And leave a review, whether a Christmas greeting or a good luck or something like that ;)

My parents never celebrated Christmas - our family doesn't celebrate Christmas.

We aren't Christians and my parents don't believe that celebrating Christmas would do any difference in our lives. So as I go to school, listen to people brag about their Christmas holidays, the gifts and time they spent with their parents, I felt jealous. As most humans, I craved for what I didn't have, Christmas.

It was an average day for me, but a joyous festival for others. As I walked along the streets seeing groups of people window-shopping, singing Christmas songs and some even giving out free candies. All getting into the mood of Christmas, which was tomorrow.

I sighed and tried to ignore all the noise surrounding me. That was when my phone rang.

Yet, I had not expected that that one phone call could change my whole life.

"Greetings! Merry Christmas… EVE!" my friends joked over the line.

"What is it?" I replied.

"Well, we know you never celebrate Christmas. So, wanna celebrate with us?" the cheerfully asked over the line.

My heart skipped a beat. Celebrating Christmas? 'YES!' would have been what I wanted to say. But I hesitated, what about my parents and their thoughts about Christmas?

"I don't think I can… for tomorrow…" that was my reply, throwing away my once-in-a-lifetime chance of celebrating Christmas. There was silence over the phone for a while, and they seemed to be discussing about something.

"Then today?" they asked over the phone, just as I was about to hang up. I rejected their offer again but they kept on persuading me to join them in their little "Christmas Eve Adventure" so finally, I said 'yes'.

I met up with them at the usual place.

"Monica! Nicole! Lucy!" I called out to them immediately when I saw them. They ran over me the moment they heard their names being called.

"Hey! What's up?" Monica asked and everyone answered "sky". We all laughed at the joke we said.

It was my first Christmas Eve, celebrating it with friends, so I did not know what to expect. It didn't snow here either. I had pretty much expected them to have already planned out our celebration.

"So… What are we gonna do?" Nicole asked, just when I thought they had planned something already. All of us shook our heads, not knowing what to do.

"My house's nearby, let's go there and tell Christmas stories!" Lucy suggested, thinking it's a pretty good idea, we all agreed. We'd do that, until we found something better to do.

We all quickly made her way to her house, greeted her parents and went to her room. We looked at each other for a while, hoping someone would get the ball rolling and tell us a story. Then Lucy's mother came in and gave us hot chocolate.

As I took in a sip, I fell in love with the warm and sweet drink.

The four of us started discussing on what story we should tell, then we agreed to make up our own story, together.

"I'll go first. Once there was a boy named… CHRIST!" Monica started off. And we went in a clockwise direction, meaning Lucy was next.

"His grandma was sick, and in the hospital." After Lucy was Nicole.

"So she couldn't celebrate Christmas, even though she really wanted to," Nicole said. Then everyone looked at me wondering what I would say to continue the story. I opened my mouth but no words came. What if I accidently insulted Christmas? I didn't know anything about it at all!

I told the girls I couldn't continue but they told me to just say anything otherwise, the story will never end.

"So Christ went to the hospital instead of his own home on Christmas?" I said softly.

"Because he got into a car accident," Monica joked, "Just kidding. He wanted to make his grandma happy,"

"His grandma was touched by his kindness," Lucy smiled.

"And she gave him a present, a knitted scarf," Nicole laughed.

"It… Was her favourite, she always wore it," I continued.

"Christ didn't like it,"

"But he accepted it,"

"Because it was a gift from the heart,"

"The End," I ended the story.

The whole room was struck with silence until Monica yawned and Nicole exclaimed what a sweet and touching story it was. Then we started another story, agreeing to attempt to make it rhyme.

"There was once a young boy,"

"Who always lived in joy,"

"But he wanted to be free,"

"From friends and family,"

"So he ran from home,"

Lucy froze, stuck at how to make it rhyme.

"And… he found a comb,"

"What?... Nevermind. He ran from day to night,"

"When it was dark, when it was bright,"

"From farms to cities,"

"With dogs and kitties," we all stared at Lucy again. Guess she wasn't good at rhymes.

"Then on Christmas he suddenly felt cold,"

"Not the wind and she wasn't getting old,"

"He realized he needed his family,"

"And his hamster Emily," we laughed at Lucy's bad rhyming system.

"He went home,"

"Where he won't be alone,"

I learnt this. Christmas was about giving gifts from the heart, it's the thought that counts. It is to enjoy the festival with your family and even friends. It didn't matter if there was no tree in the living room, no turkey on the table or songs to sing til midnight, it was to be with your family, to enjoy it with them.

As I went home, I thought about it, I have been celebrating Christmas all these while.

"Mom! Dad! I'm home!" I shouted as I opened the door, my heart pounding fast as hard, excited to share the story of what I had learnt today, excited to spend tomorrow with them.