Jackson leaned back on the couch, holding his phone to his ear. The wind outside was blowing heavily, and the air was beginning to turn cold. The trees had long since lost their leaves and it was getting closer and closer to the lonely season of winter. But Jackson wasn't lonely. Not right now.
"I miss you too," he smiled, feeling her loving words warming his heart. "Celena, I can't wait for this Friday when I can come see you again." Her words and texts warmed him up ten times better than any fire could do, and she was always on his mind.
Despite the cold, lonely weather outside, Jackson wasn't cold, or lonely.
"It's been a li'l too long, Jackson," she answered, in a low southern accent. "I'm terribly lonely waitin' for you to come back home,"
"There's no way I could ever be lonely when I hear your voice," Jackson replied, smiling wider. "But just five more days, and then I'll be home."
"You and that travelin' job," Celena answered, with a sigh. "Seems like we always just damn near miss each other... I'm leavin' to visit my family on Saturday... So I guess we'll just have to make do with Friday and Friday evenin'."
"I'm counting down every second," Jackson answered, looking across the room at the single hotel bed, neatly made, and clothes spread everywhere.
"You're just one big sweetie, aintcha,"
Jackson could hear the smile in her face. "I love you. See you soon."
A long sigh travelled through the phone from what seemed like a thousand miles away. "Love you too, Jackson. See ya soon."
They hung up the phone and Jackson got to his feet, walking over to the mirror. He removed his tie and headed into the bathroom to get ready for bed.

"How'd it go yesterday, Jackson?" he heard her voice, low and happy, excited to hear his voice. The weather outside had gotten even colder, and the forecast called for snow on Friday evening. Jackson didn't mind the snow, as long as it didn't keep him from Celena.
"It's going well. I noticed some problems within their company that I think is gonna save them a lot of time and money. I'm working on the presentation for Friday morning. I have to really dive in and point out all the issues they need to fix so I can be home with you on Friday afternoon," he shifted the phone to the other ear, working on an excel document.
"You better be! I just hope this weather doesn't slow you down!" Celena insisted. "I don't want you to miss spendin' time with me just because of a little snow. I'd hate to have to wait another couple weeks,"
"I think I'd have to chase you down to Arkansas," Jackson teased.
"I'd love for you to be able to meet my family," Celena smiled. "They've all been askin' and I just keep tellin' them that you're a hard workin' man and eventually you'll have time to meet them."
"What about over Christmas? It's coming up, isn't it? I'll take a week off and we can go visit your folks, maybe stay home a few days and curl up by the fireplace with a nice cup of hot chocolate..." Jackson paused, his Excel document forgotten. "I can become newly familiar with every beautiful inch of you..."
"Hey there," Celena said, in a playfully scolding tone. "I want you to harness all them dirty thoughts and bring 'em to me on Friday. I promise there's gonna be a lot of kissin' and explorin', you can bet on it. Until then you've got a project that needs workin' on, and I'm not gonna let you distract yourself."
"Yes, ma'am," Jackson smirked. "Good night, Celena. I love you."
"Mmm-hmm, you better, sweetie," Celena teased. "Night..."
They hung up, Jackson wistfully sighing as he focused his attention back on the Excel document. A few more days.

Friday morning, as soon as Jackson gave his presentation and was all finished up, he was in his car, headed for home. He still had a long ten hour drive there. He loosened his necktie and stopped at the first fast food place he saw to grab a soda to go. A few snowflakes began falling from the sky as he zipped along, headed towards home.

Celena stood at the window, looking up at the sky at the few flakes of snow that were falling. She hoped Jackson made it home before the snow got too bad. She knew he had a long drive ahead of him to get home, and it was supposed to be an intense blizzard that night. Celena wasn't sure if she was going to be able to make it home to see her folks. She just hoped that Jackson was going to be okay on his long drive home. She thought about calling him but she figured she had better not. She didn't want him to get in an accident trying to answer her phone call.
At least the snow wasn't sticking yet.

Five hours later, there was an inch and a half on the ground, and Celena was continuing to be worried about Jackson. The snowfall outside was beginning to get heavier, and Jackson was nowhere near home yet, she was sure.

A few hours after the time he was supposed to be home, Celena was frantic, keeping her eyes on the parking lot in front of their house. The yardstick outside read six inches, and Celena was sure that Jackson couldn't still be driving in it... Her heart nearly stopped when she saw him creeping up the road, three hours late. He pulled slowly into the driveway, and he crunched through the tall snow up to her front door.

"Jackson! I can't believe you continued drivin' in all that!" she scolded, pulling him inside, and shutting the door behind him. "That was dangerous, you could've been killed driving in that blizzard,"

"I just really missed you," Jackson replied, taking his coat off and hanging it in the hall closet. He had missed her so much he couldn't have imagined stopping somewhere to stay before he got to her. He turned and smiled at her, drinking in her features. Her beautiful grey eyes and short brown hair, her curvy body and light freckles dusting her cheeks, all of it, he missed every single inch.

Celena's anger passed, as she sighingly walked up to him, wrapping her arms around his neck. "I missed you a lot too, Jackson. In all this blizzard, I don't think I can go visit my folks just yet. I might haveta wait a few days," she paused, looking up into his face.

"I'm not entirely opposed to that," Jackson wrapped his arms around her waist, lowering his head to kiss her. The kiss was deep and sweet, full of longing and desire.

"Mm, come on back here, Jackson, I've got a long awaited somethin' for you," she grabbed him by the belt, pulling him back towards the bedroom. She pushed the door shut behind him and got to her knees, undoing his belt slowly. Jackson watched her carefully, already getting excited. He watched as Celena removed his belt, holding it in one hand as she got to her feet. She unbuttoned his pants, pushing them, along with his boxers, down to the floor. Jackson jumped when Celena playfully smacked his ass with the belt.

He watched her get to her knees behind him, bringing the belt around him. She lifted his member up with it, rubbing it playfully with the leather belt. He let out a small shuddering breath when she wrapped her mouth around the tip of him, running her tongue over it as she gently rubbed with the belt. "Nn... that's good," Jackson said, breathlessly. "I've really missed this,"

She dropped the belt and moved around the front of him, taking him back into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down. Jackson ran his hands through her hair, making moans of content. She removed her mouth from him, looping the belt around the top of her head and putting the two ends in his hands. She ran her tongue up him, before taking just the tip into her mouth.

Jackson hesitated before slowly pulling the belt down, and she slid down, taking him fully into her mouth. He loosened up and she slid off. He began increasing the speed of her, making her move faster up and down on him until finally she pushed the belt off, shaking her head. She licked him again, top to bottom.

"Not yet, Jackson. I want some too," she said, playfully. She led him over to the bed, taking the belt from his dazed hands. She unbuttoned her own pants, sliding them down to her ankles. She wrapped it around her waist, putting the ends back in his hands. She turned around, leaning over and putting her elbows on the bed.

Jackson studied her a moment, before lining himself up with her, sliding into her easily. He gave a light groan, as he adjusted to being inside of her and he began to move slowly at first, in and out of her.

Celena made tiny sounds as he moved in and out, but when he remembered the belt, that's when she really went crazy. He pulled out of her, realizing the belt was in his hands. He pulled it towards him sharply, bringing her towards him to meet him halfway. The surprise of it got a loud, breathy gasp out of Celena, and she buried her face in the bed as it went on.

She got louder and louder as she approached orgasm, her cries getting louder as she approached climax and then quieted once she passed it. Jackson was a moment or two behind her, finishing silently. He dropped the belt and pulled her into bed with him, wrapping her in his arms.

"Mm, that was worth waitin' for," Celena said, dreamily, trying to get her breath back. "If that's what I have to look forward to instead of visitin' my folks, waitin' for this blizzard to clear up, then I won't be disappointed at all!"

Jackson sat up, leaning over to kiss her deeply again. Celena eagerly met his kiss, pulling away to bury her face in his chest. She didn't care anymore about the snow falling outside, she was just glad to have Jackson there with her. It seemed like a blessing that all the snow had fallen today, when they weren't normally going to get to have more than this evening together.

"Celena, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me," Jackson responded, holding her in his arms.

"You're just sayin' that 'cuz you're hungry, ain't you?" Celena teased. "Well, I have a plate of dinner made for you, if that's what you were looking for."

Jackson half-grinned. "You know it's true, but I am hungry."

"I knew you would be," she got up and put her underwear and pants back on, blowing him a playful kiss as she headed back towards the kitchen.