Please believe me.

Believe me mother.

I don't hate you.

I never hated you.

Nobody hates you.

Why won't you talk to me anymore?

Why do you roll your eyes when I speak?

Is it only because I live with father?

Because I hid the money you tried to take from us?

We're poor too.

It's not just you.

We have nothing.

We are living on tips.

You are living on us.

And I admit, sometimes, I resent you.

But sometimes, I resent father too.

I resent myself most.

Why don't you believe me when I say I love you?

How could you believe I didn't?

We've all been hurt in this family civil war.

Not just you.

Don't hate me mother.

Please don't.

I can't stand the thought.

Remembering the way you used to hold me.

And comfort me when I cried.

And raised me as I grew.

And I think of you know.

And how you roll your eyes when I speak.

Believe nothing I say.

Wish to not talk to me.

And I want to cry.

How could you?

How could you just brush me, us, aside like that?

Why do you think I am evil?

Yes, I sometimes am a little mean, but that is to be expected in these circumstances, isn't it?

You've been your fair share of mean.

Don't hate me.

Don't forget me.

Your daughter.

I know this is my fault mommy.

I know my birth led to all this.

I know this.

I deserve for you to hate me.

But please.

Please don't.

Please keep loving me.

I still love you.

I never stopped.