Okay- this is my first manga story. So please don't be too harsh.

I'm trying to write the style a little like manga style.

Words like this are sort of like dialogue but they are thoughts or explanations- it is not said out loud. (So a little like monologues I think)

Normal words are pictures

Dialogues are just "dialogue" said the author.

prologue, story start

599 years ago

A rustle and black bird like creatures emerged. It was the size of a pigeon but nowhere similar to a pigeon. It has got narrowed white flashing eyes, a furry body and no feet. It is a Netoe.

Netoes used to haunt the earth...

People ran behind the barely finished defences as a Netoe dashed down denting a brick wall.

... making the humans live in fear of the netoes until one day ...

In a crowd of Netoes- one Netoe looked out of place. It's eyes was not narrowed but very sad. Silver tears dripped down free-falling continuously from the odd Netoe's eyes.

...when a netoe felt sorrow for the humans, the Netoe wished to stop human suffering. The Netoe tried to take down the Netoe king- the most powerful netoe who controls all netoes.

On a pile of rubble, was silver ashes the same colour as the tears that had fallen down from the odd Netoe's eyes.

But it was way too weak- the good netoe was reduced to ashes.

A blob formed in the ashes. The ashes that was formerly the good netoe.

But that wasn't the end. With intentions so kind, the netoe was able to rise from the ashes.

But out of the ashes, rose not a netoe but a

A pigeon-sized creature that could be defined as cute rose up. It has wavy ears and wings, big round eyes and light blue and white fur. The creature had a head with a small beak. The creature had no feet and was furry all over.


The phoenix was very powerful

The phoenix was in the sky. It sang a song that scattered the netoes away.

It drove away many of the netoes giving the humans a relatively good life. But there are still problems. The netoe king was still too strong to approach and there are still too much netoes out there. Humans still couldn't live in total peace. netoes still caused a lot of deaths.

Phoenixes fluttered in the sky. Different coloured Phoenixes.

But soon the snowball effect happened. More phoenixes was born from ashes from well-meaning netoes- each having a different power. But it still wasn't enough.

A warm glowing picture of a silhouette of a human holding her hand out to a phoenix.

The phoenixes decided to share its power with the humans. They told the humans to fend for themselves. An organisation named PP (phoenix protection) was formed for humans to work with the phoenix powers to defend against netoes. Anyone could join. Soon netoes were no longer a large cause of death and injury. But the netoe king and a bunch of evil netoes was still there.

Author's note: So that's the prologue: was it okay?

Was it confusing? If it was, just read the bold part first and then read the un-blod part with the bold part. Great if it wasn't confusing and sorry if it was.

P.S. do you think I should continue this weird writing style?