Chapter 7: Sapphire

I woke up and looked outside to find a new blanket of snow covered everything.
"Cold," I muttered to myself.
I put on a jacket from my bag and sat down staying warm in the clothing. I looked around the room and found the dragon nowhere.
"She must have left to get breakfast." I said," I can't get anything for myself, all the animals are probably hibernating by now."
That was when the dragon flew into the room with a deer in each of her hands.
She dropped on into a corner and breathed over it with her fire.
She then pushed the cooked meat to me.
"Thank you!" I said.
She seemed to smile a little and eat into the raw meat of the other 3 deer.
After we both finished I looked back outside.
"Alright can you tell me your name?" I asked the dragon.
She nodded her head and jumped off the tower.
I followed her down using the stairs. The dragon patiently waited there as I walked onto the brand new snow.
"So what's your name?" I asked.
She dipped her talon into the snow and wrote one thing.
"Sapphire," I read aloud," Sapphire, so that's your name."
I smiled at the fact that I was finally able to learn her name. I looked up at her when suddenly she turned around and sprayed snow all over me with her tail.
"Pbbbtthhhh!" I said spitting snow out of my mouth. "What was that for?"
The dragon chuckled at me as I was buried in snow.
"Oh so you want to play like that." I said.
I made a snowball in the ground and through it at the dragon's face.
She blew the small powdery snow out of her snow and smiled a little. She clung to the ground and used her wings to blow snow at me. She created the ultimate blizzard.
"Hey no fa…" I tried to say but snow piled up in my mouth. I ducked down and waited for her to stop.
I was now buried in snow but very lightly. I quickly made a snowball and got up to throw it at her. It her but she used both her arms to bulldoze snow onto me.
"NO FAIR!" I tried to say running the other way.
I grabbed snow on the ground and through it at the dragon.
By the end of the day snow packed itself in my jacket. I had lit a torch and put my coat outside to dry. I put it under a heavy rock to make sure it doesn't get blown away.
"Say Sapphire," I asked thinking of a question." How did you end up here in this fortress."
She shrugged and faced the other way to sneeze.
"I'll collect some fire wood, stay here." I said.
I pulled out my spear and walked around cutting the branches off trees. Then I came back and piled iy up near the dragon and lit them.
"That should keep you warmer." I said as she got closer to the fire." Can I look around inside the fortress?"
That was another thing that peaked my interest, the fortress whos was it and why was it here.
She nodded her head and closed her eyes.
I lit a torch and walked outside. I walked down the stairs and walked up to the large front doors of the fortress. Then one thought arose in my head, had this been a fortress until the Evil King vanquished its occupants. Only one way to find out.
I pushed the door of the fortress doors open which opened up to a big courtyard with a fountain in the center. There were vines and cracks all over the large fountain made out of what seemed like cement. Water no longer flowed out of it. Heavy vegetation grew heavily everywhere all along the walls, the doors, everywhere. I took out my spear and hacked at the vegetation on the front doors of the fortress.
Then when I finally loosened up the vegetation I kicked the doors open. The wooden doors flew open to a dark room.
I took out a torch and lit the area. There were a total of 5 ways I could go from where I stood. There were two doors on either side of me, I could keep walking forward and a flight of stairs went up to another doorway on both sides of the room. If there were to be a room with books and stuff like a library, I would keep it downstairs. I walked forward to open up to another door. I slammed my body against the door.
The door shook but didn't open, I walked back and tried the door on my right which didn't open either. I was left with only three doors. I walked to the door on the left and rammed it. The door flew open and lead downstairs. The corridor was dark and creepy giving me a feeling like I was not alone. Of course this was obviously my imagination. I walked down the stairs the torch in my hand.
I opened up to a room with musical equipment. All of the instruments had either rusted or was just filled with cobwebs and dust, or both. The room felt creepy since it was so empty like I walked into a world where humanity ended.
I kept walking forward and opened another door on the other side of the room. It opened up to a room with books all over the place. I swept my hand along the books until I jumped back at the sight of a skeleton on a chair. The skeleton had completely rotten away but cobwebs hang from it. It seemed to be writing something on a journal. A quill was held in his hand, and he seemed to be writing a few last things.
"Sorry but I want to know who you are." I muttered and took the journal from his hand.
On the page the skeleton was last writing on blood was splashed onto it and made it hard to read. I flipped to the first page and read aloud.
'March 31st
I have decided to keep record of the war that had started between me and King Lycerus the third.'
With that I slammed the book closed. He was fighting the evil king too.'
I opened it I need to know what this man had faced. It was just the right thing to do.
I re-opened the book and skipped around to the end.
'December 28th
It seems my life is at its end. The evil king has brought with him a wizard and cursed us all. A venom or pestilence was sent to rue us all. He turned all of my forces against me, even my wife has turned on me. I was able to escape with Sapphire, and we hid in the library."
I started to cry as I read the last few lines. The king must have been caught at the last moment as he wrote this. The Evil King's wizard, I met him a few times, was named Alf, a man who wasted his time by torturing others. Although he was not the man who tortured me, I was still going to kill him.
Then if Sapphire was the same Sapphire the dragon, then Alf had cursed her. Another sin I must correct that was left by him. I shut the book and wiped my tears on my arm. Knowing Alf's curses there was a source of the curse nearby. Maybe a reason that she lives here, she can't go far.
But finally what is the source of the curse, what is the talisman that plagues her? Alright I'm going to need a map to figure out where I have and haven't visited. Knowing Alf he was the type of person who will not hide things, besides who would think that a person would come here.
Next to break a curse, the curse can be multi-leveled. If I were to break a multi leveled curse then I can be afflicted with a lighter curse. Then another person would have to break my curse. But curses always have a good side effect in the end.
Sapphire had her form changed so the talisman must be a mirror, a common talisman that was used for curses that changes a person's form.
I dropped the book as I heard something move behind me. I spun my spear around and turned around ready to fight whatever was there. From the door way came another skeleton, he had light armor on. This included gauntlets, a helmet, boots and a chest plate. But other than that I could see the moss that had grown over its bones. It's empty skull eye sockets had a red light in them. HE also had a rusty sword and wore a wooden shield.
This wasn't good, the skeleton could most likely see in the dark and if I were to lose my torch it would spell the end of me.
The skeleton charged at me with the sword. I dodged to the right and ran to the music room and kept running up the stairs till I was in the courtyard. The sun had already gone down and the sky was speckled with stars. The skeleton chased me and stood at the doorway, looking like he was waiting for me to go back in.
I had no knowledge on wizardry but it seems that the creature could not leave the domain it was protecting. Wizards had been a rare thing, even close to extinction, the Evil King had somehow gotten his hands on one.
I walked out of the courtyard and up the tower into the room where Sapphire slept. I quietly put down my spear by my bed and went to sleep.

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