What I really want
is to fly on my broken and tainted wings,
fly away until I touch the sky
up there
milky white and sapphire blue
the porcelian beauty I want to grab
up there, high
like the grace and valour and innocence I lost
Then it smells like freedom
he said it tastes like the wind is always running in your face
He told me it's like heaven
but I am bound to the earth
with ribbons of black like night
I sneak into the crimson light of life and dawn
I don't want to leave here yet
But it is that ice has formed on my wings
and feathers are breaking off
falling to the swirling land below
I'm falling back to where I started
like some broken missile
But I'm not an angel
I will not return to where I started
I cannot return to where I started
The fires of judgement will swallow me
They judge unworthy
and oblivion ensues a period of profound sleep
to sleep and dream
the concious leaves this broken winged demon
whose dreams extends towards an unmerciless blue sky
The sleep of a million deaths
beneath a field of flowers
naivete frozen in the frost of daylight
but it is when I touch my dream
my fingers burn like so many feathers
I try to fly on
Where is the heavon I look for
Where is my hope and dream of trying to just fly far away
Can I find a place there for me
Is it too late
But yes, I know
fearless ambition will grip me
death does not want to win without a fight
can I try to claim a place in the world after I have left this one
I left behind my life in a desperate search for love and a dream
kiss me once before I die in vain
for nothing
why are dreams the end of a man
maybe when real life is no longer a want
we turn to dreams with hope
for they are the only harbors against a world
of blood and harshness
I have left
will you rejoice my life or weep my death
I left not only me behind but I left
what kept md alive and that is my dream
I want to fly with angels
but I am just one who received wings
by accident and singed them
when I had lived in life.
So what is it you wnat from me
peace is not something life can give to
your or me
try to find something else
in the find of nothing
but I will try to believe
What is it you believe
It isn't me
I tried but this is not me
This is the world that replies.
To what is it the world wants of miracles?
The act of life itself is a miracle,
but we never celebrated such.
Is life such a replacable gift that which you throw
it away in abandment?
Live your life; remeber that you are important
to someone.
So featherlight they drift
the quiet sprinkle of death upon my face
and I begin to smile even though it is the end
I have lived my life the way I wanted it
So accept it
Maybe angels are the ones that close
your eyes when you die
that is the end
I see that the light is fading now
So this is how I will die
All alone and adrift in the dark
like a broken bit of debris tossed into air
I flew in silence
escaping the darkness
is that heaven I see?
I waited my life for this one
last escapade into the land I dreamed of...
I am an angel now.
I am an angel now.
I can fly now.
I am an angel now.