A/N: So, normally I don't write smut. In fact, I'm not that interested in it. This is even my first lesbian smut story - ever. But my girlfriend wanted me to write it, so I did. Hope you guys enjoy. Sorry it takes a bit to get to the actual sex scene. I'm so much more used to writing just storylines and fluff... ^^;;

Her feet were weary. They ached from the distance she had traveled in the past few weeks. But this kind of travel was necessary. If she didn't try to move so quickly and cover so much ground in such a short amount of time, she would've been caught - all three of them would have been. She sighed in content as she sat back on the wooden bench, stretching her legs under the table. The smell of alcohol, smoke, wooden walls and floorboards, and humans filled her nose. She could hardly hear the crackling of the fire on the opposite side of the tavern, especially not over the drunken chatter and singing. Thankfully, due to where they chose to sit, she could still hear the bard playing his song. He strummed at the guitar in his lap and sang a song of travel, battle, difficulties, and grand rewards. She wished traveling could be as eventful as that... But it wasn't. Dragons were hardly around anymore; they were truly a dying breed. This, she knew, was mainly due to the misunderstanding brought on by humans and the hunts that sprouted from these misunderstandings. Battles with dragons, encounters with dragons, or even riding dragons wasn't as common as it was a few years ago. Why they continued to be in stories, she had no idea. She supposed it was just for drama and a good story.

Izelle's eyes shifted to the two boys approaching her. One had only a faint hint of a smile; the other, a large grin, as always. These two were her family, the only family she had left. Zekaen was her twin brother, though he acted very much like her younger brother. He was a rather short male - especially for an elf, standing at only 5'7". His hair, a silver color, had always been unruly and dirty. It wasn't that he didn't shower. It was just that he was reckless and refused to keep himself clean after bathing. Even now, she could see a patch of dirt that had smeared itself on his cheek. She would have to lecture him about that again...

Thoronux, on the other hand, was much more cleanly, though definitely not as much as she. He still enjoyed rough housing with the male twin, even in the dirt. His dark gray hair was longer than it should have been, in Izelle's mind, though the low ponytail did make it seem shorter than what it was. It flowed down past hers - nearly to his lower back - and his fringe almost covered one eye. At least he kept it groomed and kept dirt out of it, in contrast to the silver-haired male.

Izelle herself was considered to be a beautiful elf - as most usually were. Her hair flowed down to the middle of her back, her fringe parted to the right and tucked behind her ears. She usually wore the same clothes every day, scrubbing them clean when she bathed; usually in a river or a hot spring. Not that she even had a choice. When they had fled the city, she only had the clothes on her back. These consisted of a very light blue top that showed her shoulders, was held up by thin straps, and flowed to her hips to form elegant folds in the cloth; a thick black ribbon that kept her shirt in place tied just below her breasts; a darker blue cloth tied around her waist to serve as an ankle-length skirt; a pair of baggy blue shorts; and a pair of brown walking boots with a slight heel. It was one of her more dressy types of clothing, but now it was one of her everyday outfits, much to her disapproval.

"Did you get some rooms?" she questioned. Her elbows propped themselves up on the table, her hands folding below her chin.

Thoronux's eyes flicked to the side as Zekaen slipped into the bench across from the female elf. "Well..." he begun. Izelle studied him with violet eyes. He gave an apologetic smile and shook his head. "We got one room. They're completely booked tonight," he admitted. He set an iron key, partially rusting at the handle, down on the table.

Izelle sighed. She should have expected as much... The whole place was lively with people. She should have chosen one deeper into the city, not one right near the gate. But if they went deeper, then there would be much more of a hassle trying to get out. "That should do," she finally spoke. They have been sleeping huddled together in sleeping bags for the past few weeks now. Not having a room to herself wasn't too big of a deal. She sat back once more, her hands falling from her chin and resting on the wooden table. "How many beds are there in a room?"


"What size?"


She ran a hand through her white hair, frowning as she realized she had pulled it out of the clip that held it back. She reached behind and took it out as she spoke, "Then the two of you will have to share a bed, and I will have to sleep in the other. I'd rather have my own bed."

Zekaen nodded with a smirk forming on his lips. "Duh. You're a girl and there's no way I'm sleeping in the same bed as my sister."

Izelle shot him a warning glare. "And who refused to stop taking baths with me until he reached thirteen years old?" she quickly retorted. Her brother's cheeks heated in embarrassment. It was one of the only memories he could recall about the village, and that was only because she had pounded it into his head. She smiled in twisted satisfaction. "That's what I thought." She combed back the sides of her hair with her fingers and once again clasped the light blue hair pin into it. Once she was sure it would stay that way, she lowered her arms and gathered her belongings. She snatched up the metal key from the table.

After their belongings were safely locked into the room, they all agreed that they should relax for the night and just get some drinks. It had been months since they had last just loosened up and had a little fun. Tonight would be the night where that would change. Within a half hour, they all sat around the table with a glass of alcohol each. Izelle merely sipped at a small glass of wine. She could hear the boys speaking excitedly with each other and even sometimes singing along with the bard when they knew the song. But the liveliness of the place did nothing for her. She could only think of the days that were before her.

It wouldn't be long until they were on the road again. They had to leave the country completely. It wouldn't have been so hard if they could just fly out of there, but they had to hide. If they didn't, they would easily be tracked down and killed. They already had the attention of some hunters. They didn't want to attract any more. If they were discovered by any more, escaping to the next country would do them no good. They would have to cross the sea in order to be safe. They certainly did not have the funds to accomplish that.

A stressful sigh released itself through her nose. Her hand reached up to comb through her hair once more, but she forced it to stop before she could ruin her hairstyle again. Instead, she allowed for her fingers to comb through the fringe. Then something did manage to catch her attention.

She could hear rhythmic cheers. They drew her attention to the source with a slight curiosity. A large group crowded around one person - whom she assumed to be male - sitting at the bar. "Go, go, go, go, go!" they chanted over and over. The slam of a glass pint reached her ears and the crowd burst out into happy cheers and drunken chatter. Through the sounds, the words "another one!" rang out. To her surprise, it was a female's voice who had spoken such words.

Confusion took over her. As far as she knew, humans didn't take kindly to any woman who did anything remotely close to what men did. Sure, they were allowed to drink a glass or two, but she had never heard of a woman who chugged down alcohol. And by the sounds of it, that was exactly what was happening. Ever since she could remember, the humans always expected women to just cook, clean, and raise children. They weren't allowed to work, they weren't allowed to read, they weren't allowed to write, and they certainly weren't allowed to down alcohol like a drunken soldier.

She stood from her spot and, taking her glass with her, she strode towards the large group, who had picked up their chanting once more. Using her small stature to her advantage, she weaved her way through the crowd to where she could see through the gaps of the bodies.

What she saw amazed her.

There, sitting on the bar stool, was a rather tall Elven woman. Her ears were only slightly pointed at the top, but noticeably so from this angle due to the locks that fell in front of the ears. The sepia hair - which would have reached the tailbone - was pulled back into a high ponytail. She wore a leather corset and leather armor, from head to toe. A bow with intricate carvings of vines leaned against the bar, with a quiver full of arrows resting just beside it. A sword - the hilt having a curved silver hand guard - was strapped to her waist. Whoever this woman was, she was not one to be messed with. Even through the armor, Izelle could tell just how well-built this woman was. No woman would wander into a tavern dressed fully in armor without being confident that they could win a fight against a drunken man. The woman turned her head to shout something to the crowd behind her. But the words failed to reach Izelle's ears. They had grown deaf upon seeing the features of this woman's face. The shape of her face was long, but elegant, her cheekbones high and her eyebrows thin. Her lips were plush and wet from the alcohol she had just downed. Her bright green eyes - framed in long, dark eyelashes - traveled to each face. The cheeks were hardly flushed, a sign that the alcohol had not quite kicked in yet. Unbeknownst to humans, it took at least five pints for an elf to become drunk - sometimes more, depending on how often they drank and what they decided to drink.


The woman stopped in her quest of searching faces. Her expression instantly morphed into surprise at the sound of her name. Her eyes searched out the one who had said the name before settling on Izelle. A wide grin broke out. "Ah, Izelle! My friend! Let her through, let her through!" she shouted excitedly to the men around her, her words only slightly slurred as they tumbled out. Her hands waved wildly in curving motions.

Izelle felt hands upon her, pushing her forward. She could hear laughs and whistles from the men around her, but she ignored them. She stepped forward on her own terms, taking the bar stool right next to Natara. She was silent for a moment as the other woman shooed off the group around them and ordered another drink of mead for herself. Cautiously, she set her glass of wine on the bar.

Green eyes met violet. "Where've ya been, huh?"

She didn't know how to react. She remained silent, simply staring at the brunette before her. Was this all a dream? This couldn't possibly been real.

As if she were able to read other's thoughts, Natara chuckled and reached forward to pinch Izelle's shoulder. "I'm no illusion and you're not sleepin', I promise. I'm here," she spoke. A drink appeared before her and she took a large gulp of it. She licked her lips and turned her gaze back to Izelle. "I'm happy to see you again. What's it been? Three years?"

Finally, Izelle found the words to speak. "Four," she answered. Her eyes shifted to the glass of wine. "It's been... four years. Since the..." Her voice trailed off as she felt a hand pat her shoulder.

"No need to speak it, hun. I don't like thinking about it, either. Trust me." The hand fell away and returned to the pint. A fond smile tugged at the corners of her lips, her eyes filling to the brim with delight. "I'm happy to see that you've been alive for all these years. I couldn't find anyone else. I was worried they took you from me."

Izelle shook her head. Her body moved as though she were on autopilot. "No... Zekaen, Thoronux, and I all made it out. Zekaen doesn't remember anything."

Natara looked at her in surprise. "Doesn't remember anything? How'd that happen?"

"He fell off a cliff while we were running away. He hit his head on one of the rocks down there. Cracked his skull really good. I had to teach him everything again." Her eyes seemed distant as she remembered the events. It had been a terrifying day for her. She was only sixteen years old when it had happened - quite young for an elf such as herself. She was out, picking berries for dessert that night. When she returned to the small village, it was roaring in flames. Men, women, and children were running through the dirt streets. Bodies were strewn across the ground. Blood stained the wooden walls and burning cloth. Men were running through the village on horseback, using curved swords to slice at any elf who dared to run, even those who decided to surrender. She was lucky enough to run into Thoronux and Zekaen just as the two were leaving the village. They had run so far that day, farther than they had ever run before. The cliff was unstable due to the rains from the night before. Zekaen had placed his foot in the wrong area and it slid away from him, bringing him down the slippery, muddy slope.

She jolted when she felt another hand on her shoulder. Shakily, she let out the breath she realized she had been holding and blinked away the tears that had formed. She gave an apologetic smile. "Sorry. It's... It's been really hard..." she murmured.

Natara nodded in understanding. Her eyes flicked to where Zekaen and Thoronux sat. She smiled gently and looked back to the other female. "You've done a terrific job taking care of them," she commented. She merely nodded at the quiet 'thank you' she received. Her voice lowered and her smile faded as she spoke again, "Have you had any troubles with hunters? I recall you being one of the dragon riders, yeah?"

Izelle found herself hesitating. It was a topic that she had never truly spoke of, even with her own brother. She knew very well that both her and her twin were one; they shared the same dragon. Slowly, she nodded her head. She imitated the quietness of Natara's voice, "We're currently running from some. We need to get to Anahara. We can't stay in Niicarn any longer. It's too dangerous here. Thoronux has to hide himself all the time. He pretends he's an elf."

Natara nodded in understanding. She leaned closer, her eyes locked on Izelle's. Determination blazed through them. "Then allow me to accompany you. Work here is becoming too hectic. There are rumors of civil wars and rebelling circling around here. I can't keep my job if this happens. It'll be too dangerous for me," she whispered.

Izelle's curiosity grew. "What do you do? What can be so dangerous?"

Natara chuckled in amusement. She sat back, her elbow resting on the bar. "You haven't noticed?" she questioned. There was no answer. She took a large gulp of her mead and set it back down. She motioned to the weapon at her hip and the bow by her side. "I'm a mercenary. One of the best. I can put all these damned men to shame, if I wanted to," she boasted.

Izelle looked at Natara in shock. Last she remembered, Natara was a sweet girl who lived only a few houses away from the twins. She always helped the village's healer (who happened to be Natara's grandmother) with medicine and the garden she grew. She could hardly harm even a fly. But apparently, she was hunting animals larger than flies - humans. It took her a moment for this information to sink in. She flipped it over and over in her mind, but could not even think of what she could possibly say.

"Think about it. I could protect you guys if I came along. I've had a lot of fighting experience." That was true... They definitely needed someone to help them. Izelle only knew a few of the lesser spells. The rest of the spells resided in the book, but even then, she needed to write them down before she could even think about using one. She hardly knew how to effectively use the book.

Izelle gave a small sigh and offered a kind smile. "Thank you, Natara. Your offer is happily welcomed."

Natara grinned brightly and finished off her drink, slamming the empty pint on the bar. "Another!" she demanded.


Izelle pulled tighter at the edges of her cloak. She tried to keep the cold rain from hitting her body, though it was hard to do with the wind trying to rip the fabric from her skin. She could only thank her ancestor that she had reinforced it with magic that would protect it from water, as well as a few other conditions. The blue silk shone beautifully at various moments, giving off a silvery-blue glow where it reflected the dim light of the moon peeking through parts of the dark clouds above. The golden lining around the bottom edges and the hood of the cloak glistened every time it caught the light. The lining on the sides of the cloak, however, were remained unnoticed due to Izelle pulling it closer to her body in an attempt to keep it closed. She kept the hood over her head, shielding her face from the drizzle. The bottoms of the cloak billowed behind her as she ran, her hands clenched at the top. She glanced over her shoulder to see the others following, all wearing their own cloaks of different colors. Only one had her hood around her shoulders; Natara. Izelle frowned at this. She was going to make herself sick, she thought to herself.

She turned her gaze away and continued through the cobblestone streets of the city they had come upon. No one stood outside, but the glowing light coming from the windows indicated that there was life here. Finally, they came to an inn, something they hadn't seen since they had entered the stone city. She slowed at the door and threw it open. The sounds of laughter and chatter filled her ears. She quickly strode inside, the other three following after her. Chest heaving, she threw off the hood of her cloak and lead them towards the counter.

A few moments later and they had already rented out two rooms, where they would be staying for only one night. It sure beat sleeping in the forest, especially with such rain. She could sense that the rain would only pour down heavier later in the night. That would have been 'fun' to sleep in... Let alone stand guard in... She doubted that they could even start a fire and there certainly were no caves they could rest in for the night. It would have to be here, or nowhere.

Izelle shrugged off the blue cloak and hung it on one of the screwed-on hangers on the wall of her room. It would have to dry there for tonight. The magic had managed to keep away most of the moisture, but it still felt damp to the touch. She crouched down to examine the bottom of her cloak. As she expected, dirt had caked itself there. She would have to clean that as soon as she could. Straightening, she strode to the bed with two pillows and sat down, removing her boots. Each one thumped against the wooden floorboards as she dropped them. She then threw herself back and landed on the covers. She took in a deep breath and, as she let it out, she let out a moan of satisfaction with it.

A chuckle escaped from Natara. Her own boots clunked against the wood as she strode to the bed, which creaked under her weight as she sat. Fingers combed through the tangled, unstyled white hair. "Tired?" Her voice was gentle and filled with amusement.

Izelle didn't even bother to open her eyes. The fingers combing through her hair felt too good, too relaxing. Her chest still heaved with heavy breaths. "No. Just worn out. I didn't expect it to rain so soon," she murmured.

"It did come down a little unexpectedly. I thought it would wait 'til the clouds covered the sky."

The stroking stopped. Izelle opened her eyes. They settled on the wet brown locks. Unlike the usual hairstyle of being pulled back into a ponytail, her hair was carefully braided back, thanks to Izelle's work earlier this morning. She gave a frown. "You should've covered yourself. You could have gotten sick," she scolded.

Natara laughed and stood. She removed her boots and begun taking off the leather armor soon after the sword was rested against the wall. She dropped every single piece on the chair in front of an old wooden desk. A few names were carved into the wood, but they were ignored. "Didn't know you were such a doting mother."

Izelle frowned and rolled her eyes. "Don't give me that crap... Zekaen always says 'yes, Mother'. Don't you start that, too."

"Yes, Mother."

The dragon rider shot up into a sitting position. She picked up one of the boots by the bed and chucked it at the other woman. It instead whizzed past her and hit the wall, earning a hearty laugh from the brunette.

"Missed me~!" she sung teasingly. She flashed a grin and continued to remove the leather armor until only a pair of tight tan leggings and a baggy long-sleeved shirt were all that was left. She ruffled the messy white hair and dropped down right next to Izelle on the bed. Thin, yet muscled legs folded themselves at the knees. Izelle turned her head away with a huff. "Come on, don't be angry at me. I was only teasing," Natara spoke as she reached forward. A single finger trailed along Izelle's jaw line and down to her chin. The fingertip pressed lightly against the chin and pulled it towards her. A smirk came to her lips. "Or do I have to use tickle torture to make you laugh again?"

Izelle wasn't even given any time to respond, only time to widen her eyes. Before she could even speak, Natara tackled her to the bed and straddled her. The older woman's hands reached down to her waist, her fingers dancing across the skin hidden by blue fabric. Amusement and playful teasing took over Natara's expression. The room burst out into laughter. Izelle tried to kick from below Natara, but her bare, calloused feet met only air. Her hands reached down to tug at the other's wrists, but alas, it did no good. Natara was stronger than Izelle by a great deal and thus, it was like a child trying to push over a muscle builder.

The laughter died down after a few moments, but had only died down to small little giggles and chuckles. Natara stared down at the elf below her, her lips twisted into amusement. "That's better. You're cuter when you laugh." Izelle's cheeks heated. The red tint, however, was hardly noticeable.

Once again, Izelle huffed. "I told you not to say that," she murmured. Her head turned to the side, her gaze focusing on the wall instead.

Natara hummed in thought. "No, you didn't. You said not to say anything around your brother or Thoronux. You never said anything about when we were alone."

"It still counts for the same time."

"No, I don't think it does. We're alone. Nobody else is here. So why should it matter if I show my affection, hm?" Natara leaned down and lightly nuzzled at the crook of Izelle's neck.

Laughter bubbled up from the younger elf. She lightly pushed back against the older woman, wriggling underneath her. "N-Natara, stop," she managed to let out. The other complied. She sighed softly. "I told you... Now's not the time..."

Natara pulled her head away and sat on the balls of her feet. She looked down at Izelle with sad eyes. "A year. It's been a year now since I started traveling with you guys. I told you about my feelings what? A month and a half ago? You accepted them a week later, under one condition; I would let neither Zekaen nor Thoronux know about it. We're alone. What's the big deal?" she spoke, her voice quiet.

Izelle focused her gaze back to the Natara. Her lips parted to speak, but there was no sound. She truthfully didn't know why she was pushing it away. There was no reason to. Perhaps it was just habit. She let out a gentle sigh and took up Natara's hand. She interlaced their fingers, her eyes locking with Natara's. She couldn't believe she was denying Natara of affection once again. She hadn't done so when they kissed a month ago, so why was she denying her of mere play? "I just don't like being called 'cute'. I'm twenty-one years old. I'm not 'cute'," she spoke.

"You can still be cute, no matter how old you are. Elves age slowly, hun. You're still very young for an elf, as am I. You're cute, whether you like it or not."

Izelle frowned and shook her head. "Fine. Whatever you want to believe," she muttered. Silence passed between them. No word even dared to escape from their lips. Izelle took this time to fully study the woman. Her eyes went from her soaked hair, down to her face, to her lips, to her neck, then to her shoulders. Then they reached her breasts. They seemed so much larger, she realized. But, as Natara had told her before, the leather corset she wore wasn't exactly the right size and therefore made her breasts look smaller, just as it did her waist. Now, she could see the breasts quite well. They were at least twice as large as her own, if not more. She found her cheeks heating up as she realized that she was staring long enough to notice the small shadows of nipples poking the fabric of the shirt. This time, it went noticed by Natara.

The older woman leaned down, supporting herself with her elbows this time. Her face came within mere inches of Izelle's, an amused smile played along her lips. "Are you admiring my body?" she questioned. She already knew the answer.

Izelle scoffed and turned her gaze away, focusing once again on the wall. Her hand came up and rested on the other's upper arm. "No. Why would I?" she retorted.

Natara let out a laugh. "Because I'm beautiful. Men would kill to have a woman like me."

"Any man would kill to have an Elven woman. What makes you any special?"

"My big breasts, perhaps?"

The reply was so quick that it caught her off guard. A heavy blush took its place on her cheeks. Her eyes locked with Natara's. "I- What? I didn't say anything about your breasts!"

Natara's amusement only grew tenfold. "You were looking at them."

"No, I wasn't. I saw some dirt on your shirt."

Natara rolled her eyes. "You're such a liar." She gave no opportunity for the other elf to answer. Instead, she cut her off before she could even start by leaning forward. Her lips pressed fully against Izelle's, her eyes sliding closed. She smirked at the quiet squeak of surprise that came from Izelle's throat.

After a few moments, the dragon rider's eyes slid closed. She allowed herself to just let go and melt into the kiss. It was warm and gentle, but firm. It wasn't so much as Natara's lips were warm, however. In contrast, they were quite cold and rather wet due to the rain that had run down her face. It was the feeling that was brought to her that made the kiss seem so warm. Her arms lifted from their place on the bed, gently wrapping around the sturdy waist of the warrior woman. She pressed herself more into the kiss just as she felt fingers combing through her hair, untangling the twisted strands. The other arm kept her from putting too much weight on the smaller elf, staying right where it was beside her head.

The colder lips parted, much to Izelle's surprise. She hadn't expected the kiss to go this far, especially considering it was only their second one. But she mentally shrugged it off. She allowed her body to do as it wished, let it lead the way. Her mind was only slightly hesitant about it, as she soon realize when her own lips parted at the feeling of a tongue flicking across them. There was no hesitation. Natara's tongue slipped right past the lips and into the awaiting mouth. It caressed Izelle's tenderly, careful not to go too fast or too deep just yet. She played with the tip of it, lightly flicking it and moving around it in a circular motion. This caused shivers to travel down Izelle's spine, a small moan slipping through her throat, surprising the both of them. Natara took that as an indication to continue. Her tongue dove deeper. The powerful muscle stroked up and down the sides of Izelle's tongue, testing different places and teasing certain spots with gentle strokes. It ran over the top of her tongue, under the bottom, and along the sides.

They were only a few moments into the kiss and already, Izelle's chest was working harder to deliver air to her lungs. Her nostrils flared to take in as much oxygen as they could. Whenever they parted, she would gasp in a deep breath of air before plunging in again. Her whole brain had just turned off completely, not allowing any rational thought to pierce through. Before they knew it, the kiss became more heated. The tongues dove deeper and deeper into the other mouth, stroking at the other muscle. Izelle could feel the wetness on her lips, feel them easily sliding against Natara's. Natara pushed harder and harder against the kiss, but was careful not to knock their teeth together. Izelle found her fingers twisting into the tan fabric of Natara's shirt, pulling her closer. Small moans from both partners echoed through the small room. Without her realizing it, her leg began to rise, bending at the knee. It continued to rise until the bottom of her foot rested against the covers and her thigh pressed between Natara's.

Natara let out a small moan at this and pushed her hips down against the leg. The dark blue cloth fell from the limb, gathering against the bed. They baggy, knee-length shorts bunched up around the base of her leg, fully exposing the flesh of Izelle's leg. Natara's hand withdrew from Izelle's hair. It trailed down her neck, causing the smaller elf to shiver, and across her collarbone. Her fingertips caressed the soft skin of the exposed shoulders and collarbone before it dipped lower. Her palm rested on the swell of a breast. A soft moan reached Natara's ears as she felt the younger one press more into the touch by arching her back. The motion caused the leg to rub against her, but only lightly, leading to Natara pushing her hips down once more. Her whole body trembled with anticipation, just as Izelle's did. Their breaths tickled their cheeks, labored and heavy. Natara's heartbeat pounded in her ears, as she was sure Izelle's did as well. She pressed more into the breast, which was greeted happily by pushing back against it. She began to move her hand in a circular motion, curling her fingers and uncurling them again to massage the swell of flesh.

Izelle's hand released itself from the fabric. It snaked down to the other woman's hips, lightly stroking at them. Then her fingertips met skin. She felt the woman shudder under her touch and pressed her leg more into her. Continuing the kiss, she slipped her hand underneath the fabric. Her hand drifted upwards from there, caressing the soft skin she could feel. She was surprised with how soft it was. She had always thought that it would be rougher due to the Elven woman being a warrior. But apparently not. She could, however, feel the muscles beneath her fingertips. She could feel them flex and relax with each breath and each shudder. It intrigued her, to actually feel someone moving beneath her fingertips. Her thoughts of this vanished, however, when she felt another squeeze to her breast. She let out a small moan at this, pressing more into it. Finally, her hands reached what she had been searching for; Natara's breasts. Her fingers ghosted over the soft lump, producing goosebumps that rose on the soft skin. They were definitely larger than they appeared. It was definitely a handful, if she were to press her palm against them. And that's exactly what she did.

Just as she did, Natara pushed into the feeling with a throaty moan. It excitedly Izelle. It excited her greatly. Her body tensed in anticipation. She once again pressed her palm against the swell of breast. This time, she didn't ease up on the pressure. She mimicked Natara's actions and massaged it. Unlike the older elf, however, she thought to do something different. She eased up on the pressure to make her fingertips ghost over the skin once more. Once they reached the hardened nipple, she pinched. Natara broke the kiss to let out a gasp, followed by a moan and shiver. Once again, that same wave of excitement overtook Izelle.

The kiss now broken, Natara moved her lips down to Izelle's jaw line, much to her surprise. But that wasn't what surprised her the most. Instead, it was the sharp nip just below the ear. She gasp in surprise, then grunted in disapproval, tilting her head to nip at the pointed tip of the other elf's ear. Satisfied that she had gotten the other back for her painful nip (which she had learned from, as she proved by then kissing the area), she began to lick up and down the outside of the ear, teasing it lightly with the tip of her tongue. Once she reached the earlobe, she pulled it in with her tongue and gently sucked on it, scraping her teeth against the skin and teasing the small hairs with her tongue. This earned another moan from the one hovering over her. She let go of the earlobe just as Natara began licking at her neck.

The tip of Natara's tongue gently trailed down the side of Izelle's neck until it reached the crook, where the younger one suddenly let out a louder moan. She paused. "Oh? Could this be a big turn-on spot for you?" she questioned with amusement lacing into her words. There was no answer. Determined to have the other girl answer her, she leaned down again and lightly nipped at the crook. The body below her trembled. The hand faulted. Another moan escaped from wet lips. She smirked. She was right. She would have to take care to make sure this spot was teased enough. Putting most of her weight on one leg and the arm holding herself up, she moved her leg over Izelle's, then between them. Her knee glided upwards until it hit flesh. A gasp and moan escaped from Izelle as her hips bucked forward, lightly rubbing herself against the newly placed leg. Natara was quite pleased with this reaction. It was a sure sign that Izelle wanted her just as much as she wanted Izelle.

Her hand fell away from the other's breast and worked its way behind Izelle's back. To help her in her quest, the smaller one arched her back to allow the hand to travel more effectively. She blindly grasped for the tied cloth behind her. Once she found it, she gave it a sharp tug. The bow fell loose. She tugged at it again, pulling it out from under the white-haired elf. The fabric followed easily and was tossed aside, landing on the wooden floorboards beside the bed. Her hand returned to Izelle, this time resting on her waist. It slipped underneath the soft fabric of the shirt and traveled up. At the same time, she made sure to nip and lick at the crook of the neck, moving on to the other one as she continued with her hand. She paused, however, as she felt more fabric. That's right... Most women wore strips of cloth around their breasts to bind them and keep them up. She had forgotten about that, for she hadn't worn one in years. Corsets were what she had always worn, especially after she had fled from her village. She pulled her hand back away from the cloth and instead focused on stroking the waist and the stomach, sometimes dipping down towards the hips. This seemed to do well for her, for the girl below her moaned at it as her body shivered at the touches.

Izelle finally took her hand away from the breast and trailed it down to the hip, her other hand resting on the opposite one. She took the edges of the long sleeve shirt and began to pull it up. Natara sat back as she did so and allowed for her to sit up and pull it off completely. It was added to the now-growing pile of clothing on the side of the bed. Natara was truly beautiful, as she came to realize. There, sitting before her, she could've sworn was a goddess. The woman had slightly tanned skin. The muscles were well-toned and clearly there, but they weren't overly so. The breasts were perfect as well; smooth and round, but large and sensitive. Then her eyes wandered down to the hips. What she noticed first wasn't the way the bones lightly jutted out, or how the hips weren't as large due to the broad waist. Instead, it was the scar that dipped down across the inside of Natara's right hip. Izelle's eyebrows furrowed together and tilted up in both confusion and worry. "What is this from?" she asked softly. It looked as though it was a terrible wound at one point. She gently traced her fingertips across it, gaining another shudder and a soft moan. The way the scar had healed, the flesh slightly raised, signified that it was pretty deep when it was made.

Natara's lips formed a thin line. She tried to shove away the pleasure that had just been given to her by Izelle touching the scar in such a way. She leaned forward and placed her hands at Izelle's waist. Pushing her hands underneath the fabric, she returned her lips to Izelle's neck. "If you really want to know, I'll tell you," she spoke softly. Izelle nodded. "I got it the day the village was attacked. One of the men cut me right there. A healer in the next town managed to fix me up, but it left me with this scar. It's a reminder of those who have wronged me and my people."

"Does it hurt?" Izelle's voice was soft, barely a whisper.

Natara chuckled. "No. It stopped hurting years ago. It's completely healed, don't worry," she murmured against the neck. She allowed for her breath to dance across the heated flesh, provoking goosebumps. She pulled her head away and smiled down at Izelle, her green eyes half-lidded. "Let's not think about this. It isn't something you should worry about. Right now, we have more important things." She didn't give Izelle time to respond. She pressed her lips against hers once more and continued the kiss right where they left off, lightly nipping and sucking at the other girl's bottom lip before plunging in with her tongue. As she kissed her, she lifted the shirt up. Her hands drifted upwards, following the curves of the hips, waist, and chest. Once they reached the fabric, she broke the kiss, held onto the shirt, and lifted it up and over Izelle's head. It, too, was tossed aside.

Just as she had expected, Izelle was wearing a binding piece of cloth. It was loosely wrapped around her breasts as to merely hold them up and hide them; not make them seem smaller than what they truly were. She traced her hands across it, continuing the kiss once more, until she found the edge of the fabric. She tugged it free and unwrapped it from Izelle's chest. The black fabric was tossed aside without a care. Izelle's breasts now hung free, exposed to the chill air of the room.

The kiss was broken again and it was Izelle's turn to act. Her hands ghosted over the skin of Natara's hips and waist, lightly teasing them. Natara moaned in approval, pressing her hips down against the leg still between her own pair. She leaned forward and gently kissed at the neck, careful to avoid the valuable black choker and jade pendant that hung around her neck. She knew just how important this piece of jewelry was to Natara and there was no way she would take part in ruining it. She, too, had something important to her that she would like to keep protected. It may not be the earrings she wore, but the cloak that she carried around with her. The ruby, hanging from a silver chain around her own neck, wasn't even as important as this cloak, or even as important as the jade necklace. She would do well to keep those two items under protection, no matter what.

Her hands traveled across the hips before her fingertips entered the top of the pants. They dipped down towards the inside of the hips before they stroked back up and out. This earned more moans from the beautiful woman before her. She could feel hands caressing her back, playing with her hair, and stroking her lower back. Every touch felt hot to her. It left tingles across her skin. Even after the fingers left the area, she still felt them there, as if a ghost was mimicking the movements just to tease her even more. But she knew it was only because of Natara. She didn't know how she knew of this, but she knew it was because of her affection towards Natara, her longing of her. There could have been a bit of magic that flowed between the two of them, considering the two were both of a magical species, but she was sure it was only because of Natara, not because of some outside force.

Izelle pressed her body forward and circled her hands to Natara's back. She pushed her forward until their bodies met, her mouth no longer teasing the soft, elegant neck. She enjoyed the feeling of the other elf's skin on her own. It felt invigorating to her. It filled her with more pleasure than she could possibly imagine, but it also filled her with excitement. She nearly moaned at just the feeling, just like Natara had. Her mouth, no longer preoccupied by the flesh of the neck, instead turned to what was right near her. Due to Natara being on her knees right above her, the breasts were now fully exposed to her. Izelle took this as a wonderful opportunity.

Natara let out a moan, a moan louder than any of the others she had given previously, as Izelle began to tease the breast. She traced the tip of her tongue lightly across the breast, starting with the lower swell and rounding the whole thing. She made sure not to touch the nipple, instead teasing the area around it. As she did this, she lifted her hand and teased the other breast, using gentle strokes and feather-light touches. She used only her fingertips and never allowed for her palm to dip down to touch the nipple. When she deemed it the right time, she finally moved her teasing to the nipple. At first, she just flicked it with her tongue. This earned a pleasing jolt from the older woman and a moan just as loud as when she had first touched the breast with her tongue. She flicked it only a few times, until the jolts weren't as drastic. When that happened, she parted her lips and took the nipple into her awaiting, warm mouth.

It was... interesting to have another's nipple within her mouth. Not that she had ever had her own in it, of course. That was physically impossible for her. She pulled it deeper in her mouth by sucking on it, earning yet another moan. She teased the nipple with her tongue, licking around it and slowly licking over it. She rounded the breast she had in her mouth before she released it. She could feel Natara pushing against her, her fingers slightly digging into her skin. She ignored it for now and continued her teasings with her mouth. Her lips ghosted over the nipple, the tongue sometimes joining it. Once again, she took the nipple into her mouth and lightly nipped at it. Another loud moan and jerk. She began to suck on it. This earned even more moans. Her fingers mimicking the motions on the other breast, her other hand gently stroked at the lower back and hips, adding more pleasure to it.

Natara gave more moans at this. Unlike before, she moaned even more at all the teasings Izelle did at once. She was surprised that she knew what to do like this. Was it just instincts? Or did someone who seem so innocent pleasure herself and therefore know what to do? Or did she read it in a book? She knew Izelle to be quite the bookworm, even back when they lived in the village. She had often seen the girl curled up underneath a tree with a book in her lap. Often, Izelle would just sit there for hours, from morning 'til evening. Only when it got dark or if she was called would she stop reading and leave. But how could she get her hands on such a book? She was 16 when the village burned down; much too young to have those kinds of books. And certainly the humans weren't the ones who allowed her to purchase such books. In human nature, it was looked down upon for a woman to read. It was considered almost a taboo to them. She would have to have one of the boys go out and buy it and, from her experience, Zekaen didn't know how to read and Thoronux would be much too shy to buy it on his own.

These thoughts vanished, however, at the nip that came to her already-teased nipple. She bit back another loud moan, having to purse her lips in order to not let it out. She could not allow herself to moan too loudly here, not with so many people in the tavern. She knew that it was okay to be a homosexual in Elven culture, but she wasn't quite sure about humans. They were so closed-minded that she just didn't know. So, to be on the safe side, she would make sure to be quiet. She just hoped that Izelle would do the same. (Though she didn't seem to be the kind of one to be loud, anyhow.) She pushed away from the other elf and lowered her hands to the tied cloth around her waist. She made quick work of the knot and allowed it to fall free. She pulled it away and added it to the ever-growing pile of clothes, revealing the usually hidden blue shorts underneath. She took in the sight of the slender legs, noting how they seemed almost a little too small. The girl would certainly have to eat more. Though, that wouldn't be as much of a problem anymore, with a professional hunter in the group. She would have to hunt down a deer one of these days.

The thoughts faded quickly. She spent no more time on them; she didn't allow herself to. She hooked her fingers around the edge of the shorts as Izelle sat back on her elbows, trembling in anticipation. She carefully tugged them from the wide hips and led them down the legs, tugging them past the feet and tossing them to the pile with everything else. To her relief, there were no more layers of clothing. Izelle now lay naked before her, save for a pair of earrings and a necklace around her neck. And my, was it a beautiful sight. The girl was petite, with slender shoulders, a slim waist, average-length torso, and small wrists and ankles. She was gorgeous, in Natara's eyes. But that was an elf for you; they were typically very beautiful women that all men - and even some women - craved.

Too much time had passed for Izelle's liking. Her hands lifted and rested on Natara's hips. She wanted those leggings off and she wanted them off now. She tugged at the, slipping them down to the knees. Natara gave a small chuckle, her expression turning into amusement. "Alright, alright. Hold on," she teased, causing the other's cheeks to flush. She took no time in teasing her about this, instead standing and slipping the leggings off of herself. She did the same with the panties she wore, something of which she had made herself in order to avoid any discomforts when wearing the leggings. She tossed both of them to the pile.

Natara stepped forward once more and traced her hands from Izelle's forehead, to her neck, down across her breasts, down to her hips, and finally down to her thighs. Izelle moaned and shivered at the feeling of fingers trailing up and down the insides of her thighs. Her fingers finally stroked farther and farther up the thigh until they reached the lips. Izelle gasped at the touch and bucked her hips towards it. To her surprise, they were already quite wet with juices. She shouldn't have been surprised, she silently told herself. She was sure that Izelle was still a virgin, though she may have pleasured herself before. Either way, she hadn't had pleasure in quite a while, Natara was absolutely sure of that.

Her fingertips traced along the lips, earning more moans and bucks. She trailed them up the lips, all the way up to the clit. She teased the clit, rubbing it around in circles with the pad of her middle finger. Izelle bit her cheek in order to keep herself from moaning loudly, her hips rotating in time with the motions. Her hands fisted themselves into the blankets. Natara couldn't help but to smirk at the sight before her. She never thought she would see the girl in such a state of pleasure, especially not with so many horrible events happening at once. It was quite pleasing to her. She hovered over the girl being pleasured, her free arm supporting her. She straddled the left leg, giving her right hand the range of motion she needed in order to successfully pleasure her. She was thankful that she kept her nails cut so short for safety during hunts and jobs. This way, she would minimize the chance of harming her loved one.

Her motions faltered as soon as she felt fingers teasing her own lips. She let out another moan, her whole body shuddering with pleasure. She pushed her hips into the feeling, the fingers wandering up towards the clit. The fingertips teased it, rubbing it and flicking it. She lowered her hand, running her finger between the two lips until it reached the wet entrance. She dipped her fingertip in, testing the size of it. It was definitely loose enough for at least one. She slipped one finger inside. The action caused the hand to stop and Izelle's eyes to close. She stopped. She dared not to move. Her eyes examined Izelle's expression carefully. After a moment, violet eyes reopened. A nod from the girl. "Go ahead," she whispered softly. Natara obliged and pulled her finger out until only a fingertip was inside. Then she thrust back in, careful to go slow and not harm anything inside. Another moan reached her ears. She slowly picked up her pace, her movements more fluid as she continued.

With each thrust, the girl moaned even more. Her hand fell away from Natara and though a small part of her despised it, another larger part of her fully understood. She picked up her pace and put more power to her thrusts. She knew how hard she could thrust if she really tried, but she would not thrust her hardest or fastest unless Izelle asked for it. She did not want to be the cause of pain for the white-haired elf. Her finger rubbed against the inner walls, massaging them as it passed. She made sure to keep her finger curved, pressing it against the top of the area. Then she hit it; that one spot where the most pleasure was felt. Izelle's hand flew up to her mouth as she moaned, loudly than she had this whole time. It was music to Natara's ears. "Don't be afraid to moan, Izelle. It's just me in here. No one else can hear you," she reassured. She focused solely on Izelle, ignoring the dull, highly muffled sounds of drunken chatter coming from the floorboards.

She sat back on her knees, freeing up her left hand. As she continued to thrust inside of Izelle, her other hand wandered down to where her other hand worked. Her thumb lightly brushed against the clit before she began to massage it. More moans erupted from Izelle's lips and throat. She kept one hand over her mouth to quiet them, to assure that no one else would hear her. Her eyebrows furrowed up in pleasure, though her features almost seemed as though they were twisted in pain. Natara knew this not to be the case; she knew it was pleasure that caused this kind of expression, not pain. When she looked closely, she could see tears pricking at Izelle's eyes. She was surprised to see this. Already, it felt so good that Izelle seemed as though she was about to cry.

"Another one. I... I want... another one..." Izelle murmured, her voice muffled.

Natara obliged and slowed her thrusts just so she could slip in a second finger. It was a bit tight at first, but after moving in and out slowly, it loosened up to where she could thrust at the earlier speed. She continued to massage the other's clit and thrust inside of her. Then she noticed it; the tightness forming around her and the growing volume and pitch of the moans. The hand at the covers tightened itself. Natara took this as her cue. She thrust faster and harder into the other elf. She used her strength to both pleasure Izelle and hold herself back at the same time, careful not to hurt her, but still give her as much pleasure as she needed. "Don't stop. Please, don't stop," Izelle begged through the fingers covering her lips. Natara whispered words of reassurance and granted the other elf's wish.

Izelle pushed out against Natara's fingers, to the point where it was hard to even thrust inside anymore. Her hand tightened. Her whole body shook. Her toes curled. Her nostrils flared and tried their hardest to take in as much air as they could before her breathing stopped completely. She began breathing again a moment later, her breaths rapid and labored. She could feel the pleasure building and building inside of her. She thought that she could hardly take it anymore. But then it happened. That release. She let out the loudest moan she had all night. At the same time, Natara could feel the rush of fluids coming to meet her fingers. Izelle's limbs went limp as Natara slowed her thrusts.

Natara removed her finger from the white-haired girl. Then she smirked. "Wow, you came quite a bit," she commented before she went to cleaning herself off. She then leaned down and ran her tongue between Izelle's lips, cleaning her off as well. When she was finished with that, she straightened and laid next to the panting girl. She reached forward and gently cradled the girl, pulling her to her. "So how'd that feel, huh?" she whispered.

Izelle's eyes were closed. She curled up against Natara's chest, her chest heaving with pants. "It... It felt g-good..." she murmured through gasps of air. She could feel the older elf's fingers running up and down her back, stroking it gently. "What about... you?"

A chuckle left Natara's lips and she gave a small squeeze. "Thanks, but no thanks. You're in no condition to pleasure me tonight. Perhaps some other night," she replied.

Izelle hummed. "Alright... If... If you say so." She paused. "Natara?"


"Thank you..."

Natara smiled and gave the girl another squeeze. She allowed her to press herself more against her naked body. "No problem, hun. I'd do anything for you," she whispered in reply. She quite loved the feeling of their skin pressing together, something she knew wouldn't be often. She didn't even care about sweat that glistened on Izelle's skin. In fact, it just made her glow even more. She swept some of the hair away from her face. She tilted her head down and lightly kissed the top of her head. "I love you, Izelle..."

"I... love... you too, Natara."

She couldn't help but to grin ear to ear with this. Not once had she heard the girl say that she loved her. She never even said that she liked her, though she had hinted to it. But now, she had. This filled her with pride and joy. She held Izelle closer to her and nuzzled into her hair. "I'm happy, then..." That night, she made a silent promise, to both herself and her love. She would always be there to please Izelle. Whether it was sexually or not, she would always be there. She would protect her and follow her 'til the ends of the earth. If Izelle went to Hell and back, then Natara was sure to follow. This girl in her arms... She was so much more precious than any other she could ever find. There was no way she was going to give that up, not for anything.