Dear Rockdale County High School's Faculty and Staff,

I am a student at Rockdale County High School. I have been here since August 2012. Four of my older siblings have went here before me. Only one of my siblings has graduated from here. The other three dropped out from here. I have attended four other high schools previously, so making comparisons is not hard for me to do. I have a good amount of experience and plenty of room to judge.

I am not a child, nor am I an adult. I am a teenager. As a teen, rebellion and over thinking is only natural. While I have never been rebellious before, today it begins. I must put my foot down. Stomp it loudly as to make a sound and let the echoes ripple through the water and air.

So let me describe to you my reasons for writing and rebelling against you. Today, December 4th, 2012, I left my 8th period class and began my usual trek to my locker. I entered the entrance to the 500 hall, you know, where all the science classes reside. As I walk down the hall, I swerve out of the way of my peers.

Then suddenly, a young man grabs me from behind. His hair is very curly. It's either dark brown or black. I look him over curiously. "Is he one of my class mates?" I wonder as he looks far too young to be a teacher. But the dull golden name tag badge pinned to his light blue flannel shirt tells me otherwise.

"You can't go this way." He tells me.

"Why? I'm going to my locker." I inform him. My keys already nestled in my slightly raised right hand which is gesturing to my locker at the end of the hall. I'm very confused.

"You can't to your locker after the bell. He states.

"Why?" I question back. Why can't I go to my locker? I always do. How else will I get the books that I need for my homework? The clock is ticking as my bus will arrive outside soon. I don't have much time to waste, but I must know why.

The man kind of shrugs, at a loss for an answer. "It's the rule." He replies.

"Why is it a rule? It wasn't a rule before." I think to myself as I give him, "Are you serious?" look. I begin to wonder if he's even a teacher at all. He gestures for me to exit. I'm confused, I don't understand. When did this become a rule? Why is it a rule?

Soon, I hear this woman's voice. I look up to see a tall black woman come down the hall. She's telling us to leave. "You've all been told about the new rule." She states firmly.

I, being rushed towards the exit like some sort of confused sheep, am now adorn with an even more confused expression. "What do you mean?" I say aloud, but unheard due to the rush of people. "This is the first time I have heard of such a rule."

Obviously not getting an answer, I begin to walk toward where my bus should be. He is not there yet. As to be expected, he never is. I walk to the somewhat green grassy hill. It seems to be more reddish brown dirt though. I see a friend of mine. I walk up and ask my friend if she knows about this "rule" I was just informed of. She nods her head. I ask if she knows why.

"You know about that fight right?" She responds.

"What fight?" I ask. "I didn't even hear about it."

"There was a fight in the halls. I guess that's why they made it." She tells me.

I tilt my head. "That's stupid." I state instantly. For it really is illogical. "I need to get my books for my homework. How can they tell us to use our lockers and then not let us go to them? That's just stupid. They're not allowing me to get my materials so I can do my homework and sending me home with books I don't need."

I see my bus begin to pull up. I tell her by and follow the yellow wagon on the side walk until it stops before crossing. I step on the bus and that is where I began to write this letter. Barely two steps on, and I must voice my opinions.

I just want to know why. Really that is all I am asking of you. You are the school's ring leaders. But surely you must see how illogical this rule is. It doesn't make sense. I come from the annex with a French book every other day, the other day I have a literature. I usually don't need them for homework. So at the end of the day, I drop them off in my locker and grab my books that I need for my homework. I almost always have chemistry homework every single day. However, I have chemistry at the beginning of the day. So I leave the books in my locker until the end of the day so I don't hurt my back and I'm not slowed down by too many books.

You're keeping from doing that. You are prohibiting me from being able to get my books for homework. It is as if you're saying, "Hi! Welcome to Rockdale! Where even the teachers don't have common sense!" That is what I am getting. It is disgusting and disgraceful. You are putting out the wrong message about yourselves and the school you represent. I am proud to be here and I am proud to be from Conyers. But I am not proud of you. You are making me ashamed to be a student at Rockdale County High School. I am not happy. I am not pleased.

However, I am being civil, which we should be thankful for that. I am trying to handle this properly and logically like a responsible person. I want you to know and understand what you are doing to your students and what you are putting us through. I don't want you be upset and I do not intend to hurt your feelings. However, I have this personality trait about me. I do not feed around the bush. I stare you straight in the eye and I say it. I voice my problems. If you can not understand from that, then I will write them to you. I don't want my high school to be, "Hi! Welcome to Rockdale! Where even the teachers don't have common sense!" I just do not want that for my school. I want it to be, Hi! Welcome to Rockdale! Where both the teachers and students rock!" I understand that it is hard to change things. It is hard to make a difference. I am often run over by schools. Abused and misused. But I am drawing a line. I want to make this school better, not only for me, but for all of the students and teachers here and those who will be here. So let's be something better. Something great. Something we can all be proud of. Let's have a little common sense and understand each other.

With love and a hug,