I'm better now than I ever was with you.

To you,
I wasn't good enough,
I had to change,
Become what you wanted.
And I agreed.
I said 'okay'.
Not a day goes by I wish I hadn't.

You were mean to me,
But I chose not to see.
You could have been the death of me,
But I didn't care.
You made me feel cool,
Worth something beyond my brains.

A year away from you,
Not willing, of course,
Opened my eyes.
You were everything I never want to be.

As the days went by without you,
I never missed you.
In that year, I became much, much more.
I became confident,
I became open,
And friendly,
And outspoken where I had once been silent.

You asked to be friends again,
After a year of neglect.
I said no,
And I would do it again.