In my creative writing club, we did this thing where we wrote a story with 6 words that could make some one cry. We modeled them after a famous author (I cannot remember who, if you know please tell me) who wrote his 'best piece' using only 6 words. (it was "For sale: Baby shoes, never used.") and then we expanded that into a short story with a happy ending. Here's mine, the 6 words are first. (If any one does this, they should tell me so I can read theirs)

"I'm very sorry, you have cancer."

She had been diagnosed with lung, throat and kidney cancer as a result of her compulsive smoking and drinking habits. It was not a surprise to her large family, 6 kids and a husband, who saw it coming from a long ways away.

She came home, crying. The news was a shock for her; she just didn't realize that being an alcoholic smoking addict was a recipe for death. The doctor said there was no way to get rid of the cancers, and she only had a month to live.

"Honey, I'm sorry. I won't be around much longer. You'll have to take care of the kids yourself." She told her husband.

"Um… I kind of already do. When you're not drinking or drunk, you're out doing God knows what, or who. I raised these kids by myself. I'm sorry you're dying but I don't really think a whole lot will change around here…." He was no longer afraid of her suing him or something; she wasn't going to live past Halloween! He could tell her how he really felt now.

"There's no need to be so rude! My God, it's like you don't even love me!" She was upset, and once again, shocked.

"I haven't loved you since kid #6 was born and you discovered the miracle of vodka. Honestly, it's been almost 10 years since you got addicted and you think I still love you? Are you drunk right now?"

The air had finally cleared between them, and she knew how her oh-so-loving husband felt now. She didn't really care though. She also didn't care about what the doctor told her, so she went out into the kitchen and grabbed another bottle and then left.

When the morning came and she still hadn't come home, the dad told his oldest son to go find her. The boy didn't take very long to get to her usual drinking spot, but when he got there nothing was usual. She had taken lots of prescription strength pain killers and then drank an entire bottle of vodka. She had poisoned her already dying kidney to the point of no return. She had died sometime in the night of an overdose.

As the weeks went by, people apologized to the family for their tragic loss but they didn't really feel any loss. They were actually happy that the burden of a drunken mother was gone, and overjoyed that the life insurance on her came through. Now they would have enough to send the oldest kids to college and to keep the family well-off for a long time. In truth, the loss of their mother made the children's lives a happier place.