Looks (hair and eyes can have atleast slight unnatural tint to it):

Powers (has to be elemental or shapeshifting):



History before zombies came:


Romance (anyone with a similar personality):

Anything else:

My character-

Name: Wolf

Looks: long blue-purple hair, blue-purple eyes, tan skin, 5'11", lean-built

Powers: fire (main), lightning (secondary)

Weapons: Desert Eagle, .357 Magnum, Satin Nickel, a Winchester Bowie knife, a Japanese long straight sword

Clothes: sleeveless dark blue coat, purple sleeveless shirt, purple pants, and a pair of blue boots

History before zombies came: Wolf was raised on the street, learning to survive until the age of 6 when he was adopted as a son to a military man that taught him how to shoot and use a knife until the man died in the early days when Wolf found out about his powers a month later.

Personality: Wolf doesn't care for the past of anyone, and protects anyone on the line if they can't fight. He is only loyal to anyone that has his trust. He also is lazy when not on a mission.

Romance (anyone with a similar personality): Yes

Anything else: He has a split personality that only wants to kill, regardless of injuries.