1066 union of five member

Before you read on, I have to tell you, all that has happened in this book is true. We, the union, did not write the entirety, it was built out of journal entries from three modern, ordinary people. Xander is one of them, there is also his then fiancé Gardia and finally there is our main villain, Sonlen is his name. We are the union of five; we are the government of travousnia. We are the gathering of the rulers of the five races in our graceful land, a human, an orc, a zombie, a vampire and an elf. It is also worth noting that the elf is also the father of Xander. Over the years we have ended wars and kept peace all throughout our lands. As the pixies fly the information we are giving you is important as the characters in this novel reference the works we've done as an entirety. Before we were created the five races had no contact of any kind, nobody even knew there were others here. Only the bravest explorers found each other and told of what they found. That is when the war broke out, the only ones safe were the explorers who knew the lands better than they knew how to make cheese (seeing as how everybody knew how to make cheese back then that was a pretty big accomplishment.) So they hid out in a cave until all five tribes declared their leaders as dead. That is when the war ended for, what nobody thought, ever. It was at that time the explorers took their knowledge of the land, added in all of their attributes and by their lords' power, they were all chosen to be the leaders and issued an order of peace. Then the leaders broke down the barriers and were dubbed the first union of five. Over the course of fifty-three years there were eight unions before we were chosen, and each one did remarkable things. The second group made a trading system over their reign; the third group issued a freedom permit allowing others to see the lands of other races and tribes; the fourth allowed interracial marriage and the fifth allowed Halflings (half one race and half the other) to be educated and treated as one. The sixth allowed the work of wizardry, voodoo and necromancy to be taught and used responsibly; the seventh created a better economy and created a new currency (each race and tribe had their own currency mind you) and the eighth were responsible for "the rule". "The rule" is a three rule code that the union must accept as the other seven unions haven't broken these rules. The rule claims that "the entirety must treat the land, its people and it systems with the most respect, dignity and honour it deserves and will stay in service until death." The rule states that we must stay in service until death and must treat the land, people and systems as one. We must also never ever break "the rule". Now you know about the union and why we are important in this story. We shall begin over a five day span each day something of importance happens to Gardia, Xander or Sonlen. We shall begin as polite gentlemen with Gardia's first update about her wedding. Sonlen has no connection with the wedding but he has a lot to do with the story. So again before you read on, please take in consideration that this actually happened. warning has taken place, please heed it.