Sonlen, November 15th 1066

My plan is working. I have successfully killed the fortune teller and kidnapped Gardia. I feel great, because my plan is actually working.

Now if only I could get Gardia to shut-up so I can concentrate on my next move. That move is going to alert the town of my arrival, the union will all die and all of Trauvosnia will crumble before my rule and . iron fists.

All of this is for my late girlfriend Xinthia. I must keep reminding me it isn't for me, I was the one blinded by love so much I followed her up the mountains, lived with her, and buried her husk. I f she wasn't murdered none of this would happen, but it all did and now, the whole land will cower before me, with all burned and defeated the land will be inhabited by travelers and they to shall be destroyed, I couldn't live in this land with happiness or comfort, so why should anybody else? The entire world will be swallowed by my power and I'll rebuild it just to tear it all down again just to satisfy myself.

The plan feels like one from one of those plays I saw when I was five years or so, they had a plan and they succeeded and the hero's all got slaughtered then they ended. Childhood memories, they ease lots of pain.

The final day for Trauvosnia is near.