The union of five.

As we have said, this story was a true telling of what happened. What happened next, well Gardia and Xander had one kid, and they named her molly. Sonlen and Ravine got married and finally Noah brought travelers of a foreign land to the new world and they made that a new part of trauvosnia we call it the free lands in which there is no rules of to whom lives there.

We ourselves have had ourselves some fun, When the other four died it has been left to me, to write this, as I myself became ninety years old, I leave with hopes that the next union will finish the job and rule the land with the respect it deserves.

For my son: Xander. Signed: Cotill

Authors Note:

Thank you for reading my story, this entire story was just made for my somewhat overdue English project, and now the first semester is almost over so I now have to rush this. As I wrote this to you (the reader), I also wrote this for my English teacher Mr. bush. I'd like to give him special thanks as well simply put it's him to thank for me making this account. As the sun rises and sets, I myself write and write. I would appreciate the feedback. And I hope you much like the characters in this story live a happy as you can be. By GOD did I really just write that?...well I tried.