You gently take my hand

And you tell me that you love me.

You pull me into your strong arms

As you whisper into my ear that you're so sorry.

I tell you I don't know –

After all, you did hurt me.

How can I see past this?

How can I pretend you didn't make me cry more than just slightly?

You pull away, but only just a little.

Your blue eyes stare into the brown of mine.

You ask me what else you could do –

Build a time machine and go back in time?

I can't help it – I giggle.

You always did know how to make me smile.

I tell you that yes, I can find a way to forgive you

But be patient, because I know it could take a while.

You grin and hold me close.

Soon enough, you begin to lean in for a kiss.

Without hesitation, I lean in, too

Because for these past four weeks, this is what I've missed.

But stop! Freeze it right there –

Everything isn't as it seems.

The shrill of my alarm clock wakes me,

And I sigh – I guess it was only just a dream.