There's a difference between you and me

I joke, you're serious

I love, you hate

I'm complicated, you're easy to understand

I'm shy, you're outgoing

I never know, you always do

I laugh, you complain

I enjoy myself, you want to leave

I acknowledge everyone, you don't even see them

I always see you, you never see me

I want you to myself, you want to hang out with everyone but me

I freak out, you're calm as fuck

I stay still, you bounce around

Everyone seems to like me but you, no one but me really likes you

I'm unlucky, you get all the luck

I get things done early, you wait until last minute

I cry my eyes out, you show no remorse

I keep looking back, you always move forward

There's a difference between you and me

But I don't care

We balance each other out