I think you are meant to confuse me

And to drive me oh so slowly insane.

I always stop, and I wonder:

What are you doing to my naïve little brain?

When I'm with you, I am happy

Oh so joyous I am when you are around.

In return, I hate when I'm without you.

It feels like someone came to my happy place and just pushed me down.

They say that you like me,

They say that it's very obvious, quite easy to tell

But either it must only be obvious to them,

Or that when you're near me, you hide your "feelings" way too well.

I want to believe you have those feelings

Because then I would finally admit to having the same.

But I am always reminded of your girlfriend

Each and every time someone mentions your name.

What is it that you want from me?

Are you meant to be just a friend, or are you supposed to be my lover?

Tell me now, and decide quickly,

So I can figure out whether I should wait for you, or find another.

You confuse me, you rattle me –

You've always had the upper hand.

Now you need to be honest with me.

It's time for you to act less like a coward, and more like a man.