You pull at the strings of my heart

Like a manipulator does a puppet –

You control my every move,

And predict my every step.

It's insane what you do to me –

In fact, it's boarder-line crazy, some would say.

How you mediate my emotions

And somehow make me feel this way.

Why is this fair?

Why should you be able to do this?

Is there a reason for this treatment?

A decision made that I seem to have missed.

You affect me in ways I do not understand.

There's so much that should be nothing to me –

So much that should be dismissed with a simple wave of the hand –

But I can't do that, can't you see?

I am blind to all of your evil ways.

Your strings have wrapped around me and covered my eyes.

You seem to have cast a spell on me –

I no longer can see through all your twisted lies.

It's self-destructive, that I do know.

I'm oh so attached to you –

I can't seem to let you go,

No matter what I do.

But, as masochistic as it seems,

I'll take what I can get.

Even if that only means

I have to be your marionette.