Stop! Don't move –

I need you to stay right there.

If you move, the picture will be shattered.

I will have to go back and realize that you will never actually care.

It's so weird what is happening –

It feels like a dream.

My mind is too shocked to process.

I don't know what this means.

I got lost in your enticing words

And tangled in your careless lies.

Even so, staying in the charade that you love me

Is better than tearing away your guise.

In a place where reality is your enemy

And the illusions are your friends,

It is there where soon I'll see

You and me will never part again.

Wonderland is my escape from the pain of reality

So it's there that I've chosen to stay

Because here, in my dream, you'll hold me

And I'll breathe easy because I know you'll never go away.