s all the people finally cross through the cave, the look of the last survivors told the fate of their friends that they left behind. But it was no time for mourning for anyone, it was daylight outside which meant no night walkers, so they rush to set up perimeter defenses. The wounded were taken to the medical area where they were still setting up and getting power to all the equipment. Once the power was one, the sensors and cameras were all checked to be sure that everything was working. The families all were busy setting up their dwelling places especially the ones with small children. No one spoke anything unnecessary, most were happy to be alive, but there was a sense of dread in the air. The question on everyone's mind was what would happen if the nightwalkers were to find them here tonight?

The captain had gone back to the cave entrance and triggered the cave-in with explosives. There could be no chance of any of the nightwalkers finding their way here through the caves. He also whispered a silent prayer for the lieutenant and his men that fought to the end to give them a chance. He knew the elder would want a report by 1300 hours about the status of their new base. Only a hand few knew of the backup settlement that they had been installing secretly for the past few months and only recently had become operational. As luck would have it, that was just in time. Now comes that hard part trying to reassure everyone that they would be safe, and there was still the task of going back to their destroy headquarters to be sure that there were no survivors. That job he was not looking forward to, but he knew that it had to be done before nightfall.

Eli was only eighteen but had already seen his share of battles with the nightwalkers, but he never imagined that they would lose their homes. The defenses with the lights and barricades he always thought would hold no matter what. Plus all the firepower that they had, but none of that mattered. He remembered hearing one of the older soldiers talking about another time when they had been overrun, and that it was only a matter of time before it happens again. Eli never believed that kind of talk, but now he was living it.

Eli marched with other young patrol members as they work to set up new defenses, and the look on the others around him told the story. They look like they had been punched in the gut, and no one was sure about what to do next. There were even rumors that some of the nightwalkers already knew about the base and that they would be attacked again tonight. No one knew what to believe anymore, the only thing that was sure was that we had no real defense against the nightwalkers, there were only delaying tactics. As they continue to talk the Captain had walked upon them un-noticed, and he stood back just listening to the conversations before he made himself known. He gathers all the young men together and spoke to them.

"Young men rumors are just rumors, just as the sun sets at night so are rumors from day to day. Let me tell you a truth, our friends, comrades, and family sacrifice their lives on last night so we could start anew again. We will not let their sacrifices be in vain. So the next time someone tells you that they fight for nothing, or that tonight we will be attacked again, or even if you hear that we cannot stand before the onslaught of the nightwalkers. I want you to stand tall looking them into the eyes and tell them because of last night's sacrifices we will be better; we will be stronger. We will not be detected this time by the nightwalkers. More importantly that we are ready to try out serum on a nightwalker, and if it works then we will have at long last have the means for defeated them once and for all. Don't give up, and we will never surrender."

The captain's speech was not just heard by the young patrol, but some of the survivors that were outside heard him as well and the word soon spread throughout the base, and then there were no more sad faces. But a new look of conviction could be seen as everyone started to work together to race against the sitting of the sun, to protect their new base. As the captain watch the work being done, he knew that he could not put off the trip that had to be made any longer. He calls three of his patrol team members as they left going back to their old base.

The captain had pick Terry, Todd, Sonny and Deon for the trip back to the old base. He chose them because as far as he could remember all of the young men families had made it out before the nightwalkers overtook their former headquarters. Despite his speech he gave before they left, the captain was quiet as the march toward their destination. The other three talked as if this was a regular trip they were taking. The captain had no idea of what they would find once they made it back, but he knew they would find plenty of dead bodies, and he was sure that he would know plenty of them. Knowing that they would have the burn the bodies of all the victims that they found to keep them from rising back up as the undead and attacking them.

It was almost one in the afternoon before they arrived back at their old base. The captain not wanting to take anything for granted, even in daylight told his young troops to spread out and to be readying for anything. They walk carefully and slow as they cross over the now crumble walls that had stood around their base. One of the young men pukes at the sight of two half-eaten corpses just on the over the side of the walls. There were other soldiers too, scattered around the courtyard. The captain held his hand up for everyone to stop walking. He surveyed the yard around them something did not feel right as he looks.

"There should have been more bodies lying out here."

"Captain maybe they took some of the bodies back to eat later?"

"No, something else is going on. Guns up let's go inside, and make sure that Sonny is covering our backs. I don't want anything sneaking up behind us once we are in."

As they walk in the are greeted with the smell of death as piles of bodies could be seen on the floors and smash against the walls. Something moves in the shadows, and it looked like an eel or a snake. The captain shine at light on it, and it was a greyish tentacle with eyes and teeth on the at the end of it. As they look on at it, it launches toward them.