This is just a little snippet from a story I'm in the process of writing. I know not everything will make sense, but feedback would be great!

She found him sitting under the willow tree, gazing out at the sun as it sank under the lake. Violet stood just outside the long, swaying branches of the tree, but she knew that he knew she was there. He probably heard her coming and sensed her presence behind him. It's what he had been trained to do since birth.

"Are you just going to stand there?" Parker said, in his usual sarcastic tone. Normally, this would irritate Violet, but given the circumstances, she let it slide.

She slowly walked up to where he sat, in the soft grass near the edge of the lake. Violet sank down next to Parker, taking him in as she did. His black hair was messy as ever, like he'd just gotten out of bed. Some stubborn pieces stuck out, while a few dark locks fell into his eyes. He didn't look at her as she sat down beside him.

Ever since that night, not only had they changed individually, but they had changed. She wasn't sure where their relationship stood, or if they even had one. Sure, Parker had kissed her that night, but neither had mentioned it since, and quite honestly, Violet didn't have the guts to bring it up, especially now.

For a long time, they sat in silence, staring out at the horizon. It wasn't an awkward silence, but more of a calming and peaceful one. Violet wasn't sure what she would say to Parker anyways. He wasn't a talkative person by nature, mush less the type of person who would just release all their feelings and thoughts to another person. Violet knew that he liked to keep that stuff to himself. Maybe he would have talked about it with Zayne, had he been here and not the reason for Parker's shut-out from the rest of the world. She didn't want to tell him how sorry she was or how she knew how he felt, because she didn't. Violet had no idea what it was like to have your own brother, someone you had trusted and looked up to your whole life, turn on you like that. She couldn't pretend to empathize with what he might be going through at this time. Zayne had been his only family and now he was gone.

Violet felt a small urge to reach over and take Parker's hand or just wrap her arms around him and hold him close to her. She wanted to be as close to him as possible, reassuring him of her presence and support, but also for her sake. Violet pushed down the voices in her head as the silence continued between them. The sun was almost down, its light reflecting off the lake. Violet couldn't help but think it looked breathtakingly beautiful. Even though their lives had taken a turn for the worst and it seemed like nothing was going right or ever would, Violet was reminded that the world kept turning.

"I'm sorry," Parker's voice jarred Violet out of her thoughts.

She turned her head to look at him. He was looking at her intensely, making Violet unnerved. Parker always looked at her like that. Like she was an open book that he could just read whenever he wanted. She hated the feeling but at the same time, had a strange love of it. Violet hated feeling like he knew exactly what she was feeling, but she also liked the feeling that he understood her. As different as they were, she felt like she could tell him anything, not that she would.

"For what?" Violet softly replied, like if she spoke too loudly, she would break the peaceful silence of the world around them. She turned away from his intense eyes, looking down at the ground as he spoke.

"For everything," Parker said. "For bringing you into this mess, for letting everyone down, for being weak when everyone was counting on me. I should have known. I knew Zayne had been acting strange. I should have asked Dave about it, I should have done something! And now look at me!"

His voice cracked as he finished, making Violet's head snap up as it did. Their eyes locked, and for the first time, Violet noticed how different his eyes were compared to Zayne's. At first glance, all Violet had seen were the same dark green eyes that the two brothers shared. But now she could see that Parker's were flecked with gold that reflected brightly in the setting sun. His were filled with a certain light that his brother's lacked. Before she could get lost in his swirling orbs, Violet spoke.

"It's not your fault, Parker. Everyone should have noticed something going on. Zayne chose his side, but you had nothing to do with it."

His eyes didn't waver from her's as he softly replied, "But I can't help but feel like every time someone looks at me, they see him. Everyone's just waiting for me to turn on them like he did. And as much as I want to hate him...I just can't." Parker looked at Violet with a vulnerability that she had never seen before. Again, she felt the urge to reach out and touch him, but restrained herself.

Instead Violet said, "I've spent my whole life thinking that what other people think of me actually matters. But I don't have to be defined by what others think of me and expect from me. As long as I have people behind me that believe in me and love me, I don't need anything else. Itrust you...completely." Violet wanted to say 'I love you' too, but forced the words down. She wasn't sure where they had came from. Violet had only known Parker for a few weeks. Was that even long enough for someone to fall in love. Violet knew she cared about him, a lot more than she was willing to admit.

Parker didn't say anything. The silence between them grew again, and Violet realized that this time, it was awkward. Something between them had happened. There was a fire between them and neither was willing to cross, in fear of getting burned. Violet quickly got up, walking back towards the ranch, letting a few tears fall from her eyes. She didn't look back.